Love With A Twist

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She's safer around you

“Mom, please. This isn't the end of the world. And you had no right to say that in front of him when you knew he knows nothing about my health!”

“You are hurting him. You should let him know rather than using a silly excuse to cover up your mistakes” she suggested

“Well guess what? Now is too late. Do not interfere in our relationship. Because you have no idea what he went through and how frustrating and tormenting this news will make him feel. I'm not ready to lose him. I won't bare it this time around”

“Whatever you went through should not make you take regretful decisions. Derick had his flaws which needed proper settlement, and you were younger and knew nothing about love” her mom continued

“This is exactly the shit I hate to hear! Either love or not, the was a connection between us. And that broke me into pieces because I could not tolerate rejection. Due to that, he made me end up like the crazy bitch I am. My life has never been the same till I met Roy. So, don't preach to me about love for you know absolutely nothing about it! You have no idea what I feel, and you have no idea what we share!!” Xena exited towards her room.


"I instructed you to shit eyes on her and not to fall in love with her you fucking son of a bitch!" A man in black pants and suit roared.

Sammy was silent as a culture when their leader speaks.

"And Derick, your dad will be so disappointed if you let this slip your hands. You all are honorable youngsters. This guy is your enemy. So many of you lost your family because of your dad. So get him, or get what can get him. You must WAKE UP!"

"What about Rex? He always stands on our way!" Dilan complained and they all nodded.

"Aren't you all ashamed that a single guy is more than you to handle?!"

"Nevertheless, his dad has a better plan" The man answered his question jamming his hands in his pants.


Roy peeped his mom conversing with her manager through the rare mirror. The second time he drops her home. He waited for Mr. Xenda to leave before he walked into his house, he caught his mom grinning exaggeratedly. He smirked then walked towards her.

“Am I missing something here?” he playfully questioned.

“What were you expecting?” she redirected

“That is what I am about to find out. If I recall clearly, my mom has never driven home with a man other than me…” she gave him a side look

“Moreover, she smiles broadly. I must say, congrats.”

“Je ne peux pas croire que tu etes le Roy que j’ai soigne et choyé. Tu es tellement grandi et gâté (I cannot believe you are the Roy I nursed and pampered. You are so grown up and spoiled)” she responds and he laughs.

“I inherited it from you remember”

“Excuse me! You did not! Maybe from your dad”, she added

“Do you miss Dad mom?” he questioned, and she stopped what she was doing

Looking at him she said

“You know I do”

Roy signed then moved near her

“That will be a problem if you've decided to move on” he let out and she became speechless

“I'm upstairs if you need me” he kissed the crown of her head before strolling away.

Still thinking of what her son just said, she packed aside everything she was doing and headed to her room.

*At Rex’s house*

Rex's dad has been so persistent about him proving his innocence. However, he has started having the feeling that this issue isn't about the police discovering who he is but about his dad trying to dig in something. What if his dad is very aware of his gang?

“You’re so calm these days…sure you’re ok?” Rex’s nanny interrogated him cleaning his room.

He just sighed looking through the window

“Is this about of her?” she questioned again

Immediately, his heart threatened to break through his ribcage as he started recalling how she laid in his bed. However, he diverted her question…

“What do you suggest I should do concerning what dad said?”

“Nothing much than talking to her”

“That has nothing related to what I asked,” he said facing her

“That’s my response”

“Could we not talk about her for a moment”

“She’s the main reason you look messy. You miss her. So why don’t you want to take a step? I don’t know why boys stay stubborn in cases like this. Can you please kill your pride for once?”

“This has nothing to do with my pride. This is more about her safety. Like common we talked about this. If I get close to her, It will make me look selfish-”

“No. You staying away and denying her to get close to you is what makes you selfish. Just accept you’re in love with her” she mentioned cutting his words

“Ok, that’s too far.”

“Not at all. That’s a plain truth. You may not notice it now but the evidence is clear. I won’t stop saying this… from the moment you brought her to this house and into your room putting aside whatever reasons, I knew you had feelings for her. The main reason you brought her here was not that you were wounded but because you were scared she won’t be safe with her dad. You wanted to be the one guarding her. She was safe with you but then you left her on her own… how safe is that to you?”

“You better think twice son. You know your dad is nothing for you to handle. But what you can’t handle is being away from her and that is what you need to deal with” she finished proceeding with her choices while Rex stood motionless.


Lately, Roy’s mom has gotten so into Mr. Xenda, and the feelings are mutual.

She didn't inform Roy about this great plan so, she is hooked up. However, she wants to get everything done before she officially informs him. Moreover, she wants it to be a surprise.

“Do I get to treat you for dinner for this fabulous support?” Roy’s mom questioned staring at their completed project.

“That is a tempting proposal, but I must decline. Men treat women and not the reverse” he replied

“Men always want to show their potentials, however, I suggest you taste that of women” she challenged, and he sighted her in amusement.

“So, where is this potential lady going to lead us to?”

“Home” she responded, and he frowned. She repeated

“Home is where we gather and have dinner peacefully. Secondly, it will be a fantastic opportunity to tell my son about our plan and, introduce you to him”

“I just can't wait to taste your delicious recipes. It will taste better than that in restaurants.”

“Thanks. This is a lot from you. I'm flattered” she let out and they all laughed

*In the dining room*

Xena and Roy were awkwardly silent. While Mr. Xenda and Diana kept discussing and laughing at their silly jokes.

They suddenly noticed the silence between the kids so they decided to bring up something.

Roy’s mom clicks her glass of wine bringing everyone’s attention.

“I have an announcement”

She looked at Mr. Xenda, and he nodded encouragingly.

She rolled her head towards the children and gave them a faint smile.

“I will begin with the good one”

Roy was waiting for the bad instead.

“I uhh…I will just cut it short. Mr. Xenda and I have been working on a project to open a Bakery and today, the project was completed. So, I want to announce that I presently own a bakery named after my late husband. Also, I want to use this opportunity to thank Mr. Xenda for his support. I am appreciating the utmost respect this man had for me when he picked me out of a vast number of potentials at Pitchoun. We need people like him to depress the vice of humanity. And now I realize nothing is too small to start with. My gratitude once more Mr. Xenda”

“It was a pleasure Diana” he responded

Roy was silent and Xena became nervous that the unwelcome news has not been announced yet and Roy is already very cold!

Diana guessed her son did not correctly digest what she said, or he just didn't want to fall in because he knows nothing about Mr. Xenda. Roy has been and is still very possessive. He doesn't get to the conclusion of just anything.

There was a time he bit up a man who was stalking his mom when he found out the man was a womanizer.

It's still a shock for her to date.

She once questioned him about it and he said, "You will know when the time comes"

She wonders how he can be so weird sometimes and normal other times. He is her son yet; she barely knows him.

“I'm so happy for you, mom” Xena congratulated

“Thanks, my dear”

She didn't intend to wait for Roy’s feedback because she knew he won't say a word.

When Roy is silent or jokes around about something he is not supposed to be silent about or most time just jokes and teases someone, then there is something riding in his mind which is never comforting to think about.

He is overly sensitive and hard to deal with.

Diana has been studying him since they arrived in California and she has not been able to clinch anything suspicious, however, she realizes whenever he is moody, he uncovers a side of him that fears all creation.

She decided to choose her words wisely from then.

“Well, the unwelcome news is…We have a connection towards each other-” she doesn't complete her word when Roy interrupts

“Go straight to the point”

Xena brought her attention to him. she didn't dare make a sound because they fought.

She just silently prayed he doesn't do anything stupid.

“Roy…” she said and Mr. Xenda completed

“We've been together for three weeks now after she accepted my proposal”

Ok. This was not going well. Firstly, he replied to his mom's question. Roy is over-reactive in situations like this. Mr. Xenda was not supposed to interrupt her.

Roy felt as though he was being challenged and that Mr. Xenda was bossy in his mom’s house.

He clenched his jaw trying to calm himself from being furious.


Mr. Rodger has been searching through unfamiliar pictures and documents for an hour now. He jams a fist against the wall in frustration.

"Did you see anything?" A man speaks through from the screen.

"Nothing yet"

"I swear I saw it before" Mr. Rodger adds

"Shit! This was our only chance to know what they're planning" the man curses

"Just keep on investigating" he adds and Mr. Rodger walks towards the screen then nods.

"Dad" Amanda called behind the closed door.

The expression of the man on the screen softens instantly at the sound of her voice.

"I'm coming in" she adds encircling her hand over the bold but is stopped by Mr. Rodger who shows up just in time.

She frowns at his efforts and crosses her arms.

"What are you hiding?"

"This is daddy's private office. So no entry."

"Okayyy...can you please hurry up. I'm starving" she adds then jots down the stairs.

He blows his cheeks locking the door behind him before joining her.

To be continued…

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