Love With A Twist

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You have no idea what you do to me

Back in the dining room

“What proposal?” Roy questioned

“We are-”

“No, let him respond. I just hope he answers all my questions?” Roy cuts her words

“All your questions!?” his mom exclaimed

“Yes, all my questions. Mr. Xenda, you can proceed”

“Alright. Your mum and I got engaged. If you didn't notice, she has a ring on” he plays along

“I noticed. And It amazes me how swift she accepted such an awkward proposal. This is a clear sign you bought her with your money. Do you have any idea what that means mom?” he turns his head looking at his mom and back at the man

“I guess she doesn't know. But you know. You know exactly what that means”

“What are you talking about Boy?” his mom interrogated

“That's ok Diana. We will get to know each other. He's just being protective” Mr. Xenda calms her.

Roy chuckles then sip his wine. Replacing his glass, he uttered

“Mom I suggest you visit a psychiatrist”

“You don't talk to me that way Boy! You should be supporting me. I understand what you feel, however, looking positively, you won't be misunderstanding this whole thing. You don't even know him, for my sake, bear with me. This is my life and my decision so, please do not ruin it”

His heart sank hearing that from his mom, however, because Mr. Xenda was the reason behind those words.

Xena didn't stop looking at Roy hoping he calms down, but he didn't look like someone who has the mind of calming down.

“I was saying earlier that I have questions for you. Let me head straight to the point. How long have you been working for the UN?” Roy inquired and Mr. Xenda registered the alarm.

“What in the world is wrong with you Roy?”

“Mum please, can you just let him answer this question before you start retaliating?”

“Enough!! This has gone too far. If you didn't want to be here with us, you can as well live!” his mom yelled.

He narrowed his eyes at her before letting out.

“Alright… I will live. But I have to say this. I know every person you have ever worked for, and all the businesses you run presently. I got my eyes on you. You better watch your back-”

“Roy” Xena finally spoke

He rolled his head towards her and he slowed his breath solemnly before rising and strolling away.

“Excuse me,” Xena said and they nodded approvingly

Diana apologized “I am so sorry for that.”

Mr. Xenda smiled silently thanking her for saving him from Roy's wiles.

While Diana was confused and disturbed knowing Roy’s question made no sense, yet she felt he knew something.

This made her scared. What if he knew who his dad was and what happened to him? Maybe that has made him obsessed hence the reason for his behavior.

She didn't know why but she wasn't having the same confidence she had been around this man after hearing what Roy said. Moreover, she knows her son is extremely sensitive and has never spoken something out of hatred nor hypocrisy.

Meaning, Mr. Xenda has something to hide and that he is here for a purpose.

She has never told Roy about his dad and now she feels the need to explain everything to him before it becomes too late. She's feeling insecure about their environment. Is also the main reason she decided to be single.


Amanda Kimbeth POV

After dinner, I decided to help Rex investigate and bring out a proof for the misunderstanding his dad has about him.

I've been wondering what secret Roy talked about. This night was my chance for investigation. I waited for dad to exit the dining and into his office before sneaking out.

Xena assisted me some days back, in questioning Roy about the gang and he gave her a hint. Of course, he didn’t know I was the one asking. The location she gave me, was not difficult to access. I had my phone's VPN to do the tracking.

I planned to take pictures of these bad guys and if possible make a short video of whatsoever they were doing.

And when I’m done, I will call the cops and tell them about it. Then take off.

They must be doing something illegal at the moment.

I packed my car far from the supposed settlement then trekked further.

I heard a noise from the building as I was evaluating how to get in. Suddenly, someone pulled me into a darker side and hooked me against the wall covering my mouth.

It was so dark that I couldn't his face. All I noticed was the dark cap and dark coating he wore. I was stocked just looking at him with wide eyes.

Yet, his scent was familiar and so was his touch. I tried talking and moving my hands from his grip but his strength was unbelievable.

Just when these thoughts were running in my mind, a group of guys ran out of the settlement. They looked around for a while, then pivoted back into the building.

When that happened, the guy holding me got rid of his grip and stared into my eyes furiously. It was then I knew he was Rex.

“What in God’s name are you doing here?”

“Derive proofs” I responded

He looked at me like crazy before responding “Are you crazy? Do you have any idea where we are right now?”

I couldn’t reply to such a question so, I stayed silent “This is a gang freeway. And you’re just a little kittle in their eyes to play with. So, I’m taking you home now!” he started pulling me and I resisted

“Let go!” I yelled and he warned

“You better shut the fuck up if you want to come out here alive or else I will kill you before they do!”

I automatically became a dump as he pulled me towards his car along the street. We got in and there was an awkward silence between us.

“I had everything planned before arriving here. You didn’t have to spoil everything. I was ready to prove your innocence. I was with you the day you got shot. There's no way I will let you go through this alone when I was the reason behind your pain.”

“I don’t need your help. I’ve told you to stay away from me”

“Well guess what, you’re the one who came to me. If only you let me do my job”

“This is not your job! I didn’t ask for your help. What if you got yourself killed or raped…?”

“It’s not as if you care. So stop acting as though you do!” I yelled

He clenched his jaws and bit his lips hard as though he was holding something back.

“Don't you ever make that statement again! I mean it” he said with gritted teeth then looked at me.

I looked away from sharp gaze before hearing this

“Get over me”

Furrowing my brows, I rolled my head towards him

“Now!” he commanded

Just when I was about to respond, he captured my lips in a passionate kiss. Before I knew it he lifted and positioned me on his laps still not breaking our kiss.

I spotted my hands on his shoulders deepening the kiss while his hands robed my tights.

We became heated up in no space of time. He swiftly inserted his tongue in my mouth and I hummed in response, tightening my grip on his shirt. I started massaging his scalp.

He pulled me closer to him and tightened his grip on me tight due to that his groin bulged in-between my legs.

I moaned in his mouth as my entrance became soaked that I started riding on him. He groaned holding my butt firm then nipped my lower lip.

It brought a pause between us as we breathe heavily, weakly staring into each other’s eyes. After a moment of silence, he asked

“Are they gone?”

I frowned at his question

“Can you see anyone?” he asked again and I looked around and saw no one. So I brought back my gaze to him shaking my head.

I was silently reflecting on why he told me to get over him as we searched into one another's eyes. This got me so weak. But then, I felt his groin push against my core one more time.

A slight moan left my lips and I closed my eyes leaning my forehead against his.

“Rex…” I moaned again feeling it harden.

“You have no idea what you do to me” he let out and I slowly opened my eyes…

He robed his nose against mine with his hands still rubbing my tights. This feeling was so hysterical. I just couldn’t get enough. His hands drifted into my blouse.

He unclasps my bra then gently brought his hands forward to my excited nipple. He slowly swirled and nipped both of them.

I bit my bottom lip breathing battadly

“Look at me” he whispered

I snapped my eyes open trying to control the feelings generating throughout my body to my clit. When my gaze was steady on his, his hands left my buds to my hips then ass, griping it and pressing against his groin.

“Ahh,” I moaned and he pressed his lips on my shift then drilled his tongue over my neck, nipping and soaking every portion of it.

I one-sided my head giving him complete access. Soon his hands went back to my breast. He squeezed gently regaining his lips on mine and kissing me almost forever…


Mr. Xenda left after an awful evening. He got into his car and called...

He sighed "This boy is something else"

"That's why I chose you for this" A woman spoke from his ear pore

"You don't get it. He knows almost everything"

"I have everything planned. He needs to know in other to trust you. So relax"

"What's our next step?"

"Wait" she responded and he knitted his fonts

"We will wait for the exact time. Until then, we do nothing"

"Got it" he responded then dropped the call.


Sammy left a store walking towards his car. When he got in, Rex pointed a gun at the back of his head from the back seat.


Sammy smirked "And if I don't"

Rex short at his ear "FUCK!" he cursed breathing heavily.

Rex didn't have to repeat his words, as he placed his shaky hands on his steering and did as told. During his drive, he touched his ear which oozed blood.

"What do you want?"

"Take me to your leader"

He chuckled staring at Rex through the rare view "Are you crazy?"

Rex brought his gaze to him "You'll soon know when I'm done with you"

Sammy swallows hard keeping his eyes on the highway.

"You're no fit for her Rex. And you know that"

Rex knitted his brows and blinked away guiltily.

"Just let her be"

"Shut the fuck up! If you say one more word I'd make sure the blow your head off"

He Trembles at his voice and didn't say anything else until they arrived at their destination.

"This is where we meet"

Rex took a quick look at the place then ordered "Get out!"

Sammy blinked "Please, he mustn't know I led you here"

Rex gave him a dark gaze and he jumped out of the car while he followed.

They walked towards a skyscraper of more than 46 levels. Rex hid his gun and calmly followed him into the crane. At the last level of the building, they walked out of the crane towards a large door.

"He's right in," Sammy said

"Lead the way" Rex motioned and Sammy was a little hesitant.

He identified himself before matching in. When his leader saw Rex coming behind him, he smiled broadly.

"I see that same bravery from your dad"

Rex squinted after hearing his compliment.

"Well, I should be lucky having... a brave dad. Isn't that the benefit of genetics?"

Sammy froze in his spot as his leader threw daggers at him.

"I heard you stop a lot of things," their leader said rounding his glass furniture to his seat.

"And I heard you do a lot of things"

He chuckled leaning against his seat with his hand rubbing his chin.

"Why don't you just have a seat"

Rex looks at the spare seat in front of him diligently before meeting back his gaze.

Their leader, Mr. Donaldson is a well-known businessman who runs several companies worldwide. He is also a good friend to his dad.

"It was nice having you here Sir" A familiar voice echoed from a sliding glass door and he rolled his head towards that direction.

When his eyes met with his brother's, he clamped his lips into a thin line and shook his head disappointedly.

The assumed businessman he was talking to left before he walked towards Rex "You didn't tell me you had company" Jeremy said to Mr. Donaldson, however, his eyes positioned on his kid brother.

"I wasn't told too" Mr. Donaldson swirling on his chair.

Jeremy faces Rex with his hands in his pockets "Why don't we just make a good deal and get him out of here?" He spoke to Mr. Donaldson still looking at Rex. Mr. Donaldson relaxed chortling at the scene before his eyes.

Rex stared into his eyes with a slow smirk "How come you decide here?"

Jeremy laughs mockingly "Didn't he tell you? Of course, he didn't. He's my new partner. And in no time, I'll be touching millions of dollars"

Rex chuckled "I can't believe you bought my idiotic brother into your-fairy tale world" he responded to Mr. Donaldson looking at Jeremy.

"I can't blame you. You're still-a young bird-breaking out of its yolk" Jeremy replied walking towards a water filter.

"I'm not surprised. Both of you are fit together. However, you will regret working with my brother." He muttered the last phrase under his breath. Jeremy just grinned drinking a glass of water. They waited awkwardly for Jeremy to leave but he didn't.

"Am I the reason for this pause?"

"I guess you just spoke my mind," they said in unison and Jeremy marveled "I just hope this has nothing to do with me"

Rex chuckled "It's not always about you Jeremy"

"Whatever bro. Just stop sticking your ass around" Jeremy uttered exiting the room while Mr. Donaldson laughed at the back of him.

Rex twisted his mouth "You see...why I love your brother a lot. Because he's just a donkey"

"I know right. Just like you"

Mr. Donaldson cleared his throat sitting upright.

"I want you to tell your boys to stay away from my friends. Including the chicken behind me" Rex specified of Sammy.

Mr. Donaldson gave him another awl gaze then smiled faintly at Rex.

"Why will you think I'll do that?

"Because you hate your life more than anything" He parabolically stated and Mr. Donaldson sarcastically flashed him a Horrific gaze

"Standing in my office and reciting to me how awful dead feels! Really?! Don't you think I've gone through worse. "

Rex smiled then took out a sealed letter and slammed it on his classic furniture.

"I want you to know that the only reason I brought Sammy with me, is for him to witness the evidence I have against your group. So if you think you can cross my lane, just like you said, I know just how to stop you" he settled then left his office.

Mr. Donaldson speedingly opened the letter and grew pale to what he saw.

"Damn it!" He roared breathing heavily. While Sammy just stood there blankly.


Since then, Rex stopped keeping his distance from me. I come to spend time at his house and got used to playing video games.

However, none of these ended our fights. Sammy has been getting so close to me lately for some odd reasons.

The more I try to avoid him, the more he keeps coming. After lectures, he’s always there before I leave my department. But suddenly, I heard he was mercilessly beating. I knew who did it and didn't have to follow up on the school's gossip. This got me mad. Sammy has never crossed his boundaries towards me and though I knew he was attracted to me, I never saw him use a forceful approach or insist on anything towards me…like NEVER!

Why the hell will Rex do that!? I just can’t keep this to myself. I must approach him…

I left school and went to Rex’s. He didn’t show up at school today certainly because of the mess he got himself into.

Arriving there, I came across his mum for the first time.

“Have we met before?” she asked and I stopped dying my track.


“What’s your name?”

“Amanda… Amanda Kimbeth”

Rex's mum became lost in her thoughts as she stared at me.

“Are you ok ma’am?” I questioned worriedly and she snapped out of her intuitions.

“I'm just really surprised…you’re here for Rex…right?”

“Yeah…I’m here for him” I responded praying she soon librates me to see Rex.

“Are you and…my Son…”

“It’s complicated…”

“Oh! Ok…I get it” she nodded

I gave her a faint smile about to continue my walk when she mentioned something confusing

“My condolences about your dad?”

I froze making 180° to face her

“Excuse me…” I thought I didn’t hear correctly

“Nothing…never mind” she responded walking away.

I waited for seconds trying to comprehend what just happened but I couldn’t. I blinked it off and proceeded with my journey. My mind was fixed on one thing and no one could chat me out of it.

Unfortunately for me, before I could walk into his room, his nanny called me. I twisted my mouth trying to control myself. I was running out of patients.

She walked closer to me and said the last thing I wanted to hear from anyone “Rex left a few minutes ago…I’m certain you must have bypassed him on your way”

I closed my eyes then breath out frustratedly. Have you ever wanted to tell someone something so urgently important?

That’s the worse feeling ever! Frustration is nothing compared to what I felt at the moment.

“You seem stressed out…is something wrong-”

“Yeah, I’m so stressed! I’m fucking stressed out!” I let out in the brick of tears

“oh, dear…come sit” she pampered.

“I don’t want to sit. I want to see Rex”

She gave me a soft gaze… “That’s ok…he’ll be back soon”

“You should take rest while waiting for him…this tone is not conducive for both of you” she suggested

I took a long breath “Ok” I responded shortly and walked into his room.


Rex has been spying on Amanda’s dad. He doesn’t like people tress passing his territory. Since the day her dad told him he knew about his gang, he tried to know what Mr. Rodger has been up to and how he got that information.

During his research, he found something vital and disturbing to his mind. It was a piece of information explaining why Mr. Rodger dislikes him and doesn’t want him near Amanda.

He found out Mr. Rodger has been investigating his dad. That was the moment he knew who his dad was.

For thirty minutes now, Rex has been waiting to see why Mr. Rodger keeps coming to this neighborhood. Suddenly, he saw his dad leaving the building with some renounced personalities including Mr. Donaldson.

They diverted into separate cars and drove off while his dad was driven towards his direction by his driver.

He was about living when he saw the regional Senator coming out of the same building with the leader of the most popular gang in California. Leo Argo! He exclaimed in his mind.

He knew this guy so well and knows his members.

What the Fuck!

All these gangsters are sponsored by high forces. Thus, the reason why killing, brutality, rape, and drugs will never stop.

He fisted his hands studying the area with dark eyes.

This was going to be a difficult journey for Rex as a leader of his union and a son to a dangerous man. This was a war against his dad!


So many questions were running in his mind as he drove home. How did Mr. Roger discover this place and why is he investigating his dad?

He jacked to his room with all the mental torment, not knowing something worse is awaiting him.


“He’s here” his nanny informed Amanda who was still waiting with full eyes.

Immediately his nanny left his room, he matched in, and boom! His look was not welcoming.

His nanny knew things won’t go well.

Amanda rose from her seat and walked towards him while he lifted his hoody over his head and flunked it in bed before facing her. He was half-naked with his bare chest and well-carved arbs. Her eyes fell on them for a seconds after which she gulped looking away.

“Whatever you want to say, should wait for at least 3hrs before you approach me… it’s for your good” he informed at once due to the look she was putting on and he knew he won’t be able to tolerate anything at the moment.

“I can’t. I've waited for too long” she revoked instantly

He blew his cheeks in frustration then marched past her to his bed.

“Why did-” he turned around and gave her a daring look and she stopped

“I won’t repeat myself and you know that perfectly well” another warning.

He walked towards his bed and settled.

To be continued…

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