Love With A Twist

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A spank

She was silent for a second before continuing… “Why did you beat Sammy?”

This was the worse question above questions she wasn’t supposed to ask. And of course, he didn’t respond.

“I can’t believe you sometimes. He was just a friend, trying to be nice and though he knew we shared something, he never came in-between. He didn’t try to force or harass me into anything. So, why did you do that to him?”

“I need an answer right now!”

What was worse is that he had nothing to do with what happened to Sammy. However, he was the reason Sammy was beating since Sammy directed Rex to Mr. Donaldson.

Rex shut his eyes trying to control his breath “I guess that is why you didn't show up at school. Because of your unreasonable actions. I think you’re overreacting Rex and that should stop-”

“Enough!!” he roared bulging from bed

“Just s.h.u.t up…” he ordered standing inches away from her.

She stood fearfully at first but later on gathered the courage to respond “I hate you”

He clenched his jaws staring into her eyes bitterly then grip her neck rapidly and pulled her into a breathtaking kiss.

She tried pulling back however, he held her waist tighter. She slammed his chest severally in other to break free yet, that was a waste of time. As soon as she dived in, he bit her lower lip hard so much so that it started oozing blood before he let go of her.

She froze in her spot, touched her lip with her palm, and saw blood on it. She gulped raising her head to meet his gaze.

Without having second thoughts, she raised her hand and gave him a spank on his cheek. He rolled his head to face her and she repeated her action on the other cheek. He kept his eyes shut for a while then gradually opened it but she was already out of his sight.


Roy Wilbur POV

From the day my mom announced her relationship with Mr. Xenda, my acuity generated and I evolved into the man my dad was. I dug into the past of all the things going on around me. I'm still left with fragments and need to puzzle a complete memory.

I created a machine-

The sound of a knock pulls me to earth. I eject from my seat and opened my door. Xena was standing at my door with a pale face.

I won't dig in on what has been transpiring between Xena and me. She walked into my room and x-rayed my unkept worth drop, bed with my computer on it instead of being on my table. She signed as I settled on the couch opposite my room while she launched on my bed.

She stared at me slightly confused and I did the same silently.

"Finally, today, I hope you hacken to me..."

I knew she had something to say. However, for days now, I kept diverting her whenever she tried to speak because I was aware of what she wanted to say. I didn't want to hear it from her because that will only nurse the beast in me.

Nonetheless, here she goes again with it. I thought she read me enough by now to know that I knew almost everything.

"Derick told me to warn you about his gang and that, they will come for you if you dare to touch any of their members."

You do not play games with the devil because he will always win. You just create your own game and they fall into it so quickly. And that's what I did. Seated here, she is ignorant about the fact that I dealt with Derick already. And I am very welcoming to whatsoever it is they plan on doing to me. Derick and whatever friends he works with are not here to attack me because of her. I know what they want and who leads them. However, she feels everything they do is about her. And I can't talk her into what is going on. I don't think she'll understand what has been happening in my family.

I didn't respond to her as I rose to collect my Laptop that has been seeking my attention with a red signal.

She frowned at her effort as I clicked on the location. It was Mr. Rodger. I needed to find out what he is up to because he kept trespassing my lane. I hurriedly put away my prespresentthes and changed into a long-sleeve gray shirt and dark battalion geans.

"Where are you going?"

"I'll be right back" I responded shutting the door behind her. However, I felt her follow from behind. As I walked to my car on the driveway, she yelled

"Please don't anything stupid"

I shrugged with my hand holding the handle of the car then let go of it and turned around. I came very close to her and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. She exhaled gently with her eyes close and I spoke with my lips brushing against hers "I said I'll be back soon." My voice was nearly unheard. She nodded and I pecked the crown of her head before driving out of the street.

I was waiting for Mr. Rodger in his house because I wanted him to know what I was capable of. I knew Amanda was not home so I took a quick tour of the house. I got into almost all the rooms until I found a door that was locked. I felt it could be Mr. Rodger private's room because the access to it was technological. I tried to access it yet, to no avail. I tried another means and it worked. As soon as I walked in, my eyes fell on a large screen. It showed different cameras positioned on different angles of his house, streets, and others which I didn't recognize except-my house?! I moved closer to take an apparent look and I saw my room.

How the fuck did he do that?! All this time he has been-SHIT!!

I rubbed my face and clenched my jaws when my eyes fell on another dark screen. I promptly went closer and turned it on. However, I saw nothing but suddenly a sound echoed from the screen and once I saw the face, I stared in disbelief- and froze hearing footsteps from downstairs. I rapidly turned it off and left the room. I don't know if that was life or just a video but it looked so real.

Before he could head for the stairs, I appeared behind him.

He must have felt my presence as he gently turned around and faced me.

He gave me a bewildered look but rapidly replaced it with a smirk. He looked past me and unto his private office then back at me.

"May I know why you-robe my house"

I opened my arms wide "If you see anything that belongs to you, you can as well have it back"

"I'm not talking about the biological robe," he said moving towards his kitchen

"That's what happens when you try to pry of me"

"And that's what happens when you're one of them"

I shut my mouth realizing his words are true.

"If you think your uninvited presence will stop me from looking after you, then have the door"

I frown then chuckled following beside him "Looking after me! You call that looking after me?! As for who?"

"Buddy you don't wanna know. By the way, I saw the gift you gave my daughter" he stopped after resting a package of fruit on the kitchen island.

"About that, do you think keeping the truth from her will make things better?"

I froze then faced me "What are you talking about boy?"

"I know everything"

He was silent then said "You think you know everything but you do not"

I sighed heavily looking away then back at him "So tell me...what I do not know"

"What you do not know is being careful and staying away from trouble"

I narrowed my eyes at him "Trouble comes. I don't look for it"

"Exactly! What do you do when it comes? Do you fall for it or stay away from it"

"I face it" I responded

"That's where the problem lies. Sometimes you don't have to act bossy but stay staying away from trouble"

I was once again speechless "You better leave before she returns," he said then moved towards the stairs

"I don't get it. Why me though?"

"Because that's what your dad will want for you"

I shook my head "That's not what he wanted for me. He left me stranded and helpless and left my mom for some damn alien who pretends to want to help her! Our lives have never been the same since I stepped my feet here."

He turned and faced me "He doesn't want you to end up like him! You do not have to fight back. Just stay put and let us do the work!"

"So that what?! So I get to be the chains man in Spartans?!"

"Yes! He was the wisest man. No one looked at him because they knew he knows nothing. Don't you get it?! They are coming for you! All of you! You can't fight them. They have great influences in the nation"

"Who exactly was my dad?"

"All you need to know is that your dad was-not an ordinary man"

Amanda walked in and stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of us.

Her eyes were red and her cheeks were stained with a pool of tears.

She blinked her eyes rapidly moving past us towards the stairs and I notice the stain of blood on her lips.

"That son of a bitch!" Mr. Rodger cursed in gritted while I stood there with mixed feelings. I guess he saw that too.

"You see what you fellas are good at"

I understood what he meant but didn't express any emotion other than that which I had before she walked in.

"And now I have to deal with this too" He ended leaving me frozen as I blinked my eyes on his empty spot.


When the night came, Rex took his phone and called Amanda, however, it left him on the answering machine. He tried several times and had the same results.

He just left her several voice messages apologizing for what he did while she laid in bed listening to all of them with tears rolling down her cheeks until she fell asleep.


The following day, she left her schools' headquarter when Rex called "Amanda!" from behind.

She didn’t look back as her footsteps increased.

Suddenly she felt a hand grip hers. She turned around to scold him however before she did, he pinned her against the wall and gently sucked her lips. She didn’t realize when she gave in to the kiss.

This happened in public but they didn’t care. He gently fastened his grip on her waist, yanking her closer to him.

“Hmm” she hummed robing her hands on his crate. Shortly after, he withdrew peering into her weak eyes.

“I’m sorry my heroin”

She blushed but quickly erased it. He smirked at her efforts

“Dinner tonight?” she rolled her eyes

“I prepared something special for you”

She pretended not to care so, he shifted his hands into her blouse. She jerked at the feeling of his warmth and bulge her eyes.

He laughed “I saw that you weren’t triggered by my words. So, I thought trying with my touch will do”

She gave him a naughty look and pushed him back strolling away. “I know you loved it” he yelled while she straddled via unfamiliar faces.

She felt embarrassed by that statement due to the crowd watching her. She wanted to stroll back and beat the hell out of him. when she hacked into her car, she chews her lip thinking of what transpired then drove off soon after.


Another evening came but then, it was the most peaceful moment of their lives. Let's reflect... of course, I'm talking about Amanda and Rex who had dinner at home, played, and teased one another until the middle of the night.

They just plopped next to one another leaning against his head bed and staring into each other's eyes for a very long time.

"How did we meet again?" He asked as though they had been talking about their first encounter.

She laughed "You don't remember?"

He shook his head "So you want me to remind you"

He nodded like a kid and she laughed again. "I...lost a portion of my brain cells trying to recall" she muttered shortly after

"That's not fair," he said smiling and she returned it showcasing her thick dimples.

He studied her features, including her hazel eyes, which he didn't stop looking into. His gaze turned into a serious luster of lust. And he drifted his sights to her full lips. She followed his gaze and did the same on his. Before they knew it, their noses brushed one another's and he pecked her lips then paused. He did again then paused and she gripped the collar of his shirt and positioned her tights on either side of him.

“Do you know where you're settling is dangerous?”

She smiled nodding "At least you can stop teasing me"

He smiled dangerously and started caressing her midriff and she shut her eyes taking her head back in pleasure.

He brought his head forward, kissing and nipping her neck and residing love marks everywhere his lips landed.

She angled her head giving him complete access. His hands left her waist to her butt. He pressed it against his groin and she gasped at the feeling of his groin.

His lips broke off her neck to her lips, kissing her gently at first then passionately and hungrily afterward.

His tongue slid into her mouth and explored the four corners of her walls. He drifted his hands into her ebony rope and placed his palms on her bare butt massaging and pressing her core against his hard length.

She hummed in his minted mouth which kissed her as though its life depended on her. They became heated up, and, he swiftly found his way into her panties and touched her clit with his middle finger.

“Rex” a slight moan left her lips while he rubbed her clit.

“Rex…” she moaned again loader this time.

His fingers explore her entrance as he moved in a longitudinal and circular motion then took his hands off. He pulled her rope over her head and professionally unclasped her bra and she did the same for his shirt.

Bringing their lips together once again, he brushed the tips of her tangible buds.

“You’re so soft” he whispered.

“Ahh…” she muttered leaning her forehead against his, while her hands found their way to his arbs then his pants.

He took her hands off when at once. She cried her fonts, and his lips met hers again. He kissed her passionately, and his groin began to swell. He presses against her moisturized entry.

She couldn’t resist anymore hence, started riding on him and he groaned in response.

She thrust her core unto his groin as she gave in to the feelings completely. Her sudden effort provoked his hands to leave her nipples to her butt, and he pressed it unto himself.

“Hmmm…Rex” she moaned at the feeling of her cum.

His lips left hers and he ordered “I want to see you whimpering against me”

She barely opened her eyes, then gripped his arms tight, moving her hands all over his body.

“Ahh…” she frowned.

“Fuck!” he cursed falling his head back.

Her passage became so wet that she felt as though their organs united. Her ride accelerated and his length solidified like an ice pack. That made the walls of her vagina warm and overwhelming as it started contracting.

"Don't stop" he lamented.

She looked down at their join bodies to see if they have clothes on. Then fell her eyes at Rex who seemed to be in a different world. Suddenly, she felt it. The feeling of rising to her pic. She shut her eyes and fastened her hold on his arm. Shortly, her breath boosted to a loud moan as she came over him. And he followed with a throaty howl.

They respired heavily and Rex repositioned his head only to find her skull rested against his shoulder. He smiled rubbing her back and she gently brought her head up. He captured her lips into a very devoted kiss. His hair was so messy but who cared?

He smiled at her and she did the same with sleepy eyes. He raised her and laid her in bed. Abruptly his eyes feel on his wet pants.

He pecked her lips, and he rushed to the bathroom. On returning, she was fast asleep so he strolled and tugged her into his arms.

Xena Green POV

Roy and I have fought for some days now and I started wondering if I knew him.

I should be scared because I've been keeping a ridiculously huge secret from him, however, I feel there are things, he's not telling me about himself.

Though I can't expect much in return, I can't help the feeling that there is something unique and vital about him the world does not know including his mom.

My friends came to my place at sundown, as usual, they'll be sleeping over.

But there is a problem. Some brought along their boys.

Roy went out of town to collect something and he told me he will be back tomorrow. If he finds out I have an all-night with other guys in my house, trust me he will drive all the way here.

He called and I didn't pick so he decided to send very scary messages which I doubted he wrote that.

I had to go upstairs, lock my door room, and turn any music on just to kill the noise downstairs.

When I called, he at once responded.

*On Phone*

“What the heck took you so long to respond?” he disputed

I didn't dare to stammer because he will get me for sure.

“I left a pot on the fire and I had to look after it. There was no way I could let the house burn because of a call. However, right now, I am done cooking” I lied

He became silent for a while, and I started being nervous he was cooking something in his head.

“Ok” he responded shortly

“I hope you won't get distracted because we are watching a movie tonight” he added, and my heart rolled on the floor.

How am I supposed to watch a movie with you when my girls are downstairs? What am I going to tell them?


No one may understand why I'm so suffocated right now until they live with Roy. He is damn crazy!! Like crazier than I am.

“Why are you silent? And why is your music so loud?”

“I was listening to music before you called. However, I can just turn it off if you want. For your second question, I'm just surprised you're not madder at me” I lied again

“You know I can't get mad at you for a long no matter how many times we fight. Though you are too stubborn. Connect to your computer. I want to video chat with you” he added.

I forgot we always do video calls. Shit!!!

Ok. Calm down, Xena. You got this…

He knows my girls are here, but he is being so selfish now not to let me spend time with them for once.

“Uhh… I have a girl’s night right now. Remember I told you two days ago”

“Yeah, you did. You tell them about our routine. Maybe later you can rejoin”

Damn it! Why is he so difficult? He is doing this on purpose. But it can't be. Does he feel something wrong? Why will he not let me spend time with my girls? what if he knew the boys were here as well? That will be a disaster!

“What are you waiting for? Turn it on already” he instructed.

“Alright… I'm on it”

To be continued…

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