Love With A Twist

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The bad gangs

Amanda Kimbeth POV

Rex and I for once haven't fought within a week. It was a great celebration for me. Bridget had gone out of town to visit her family but I stayed with Xena and Naomi. Naomi is a friend of Xena who schooled in the same high school as her.

She, I, and two other friends of Xena will be spending a night at Xena’s house. This was the weekend and we needed to chill. Rex has strangely been busy these days that he hardly calls me.

I won’t question him about it. I'm better off with our 'no argument celebration'

I’ve been thinking of a name for our relationship… And something recalled me about what Rex said months ago when we were at a party.

"I'm addicted to you"

It was surprisingly true that I and Rex are addicted to each other. But what binds this addiction?

I know, a guy will never be with a girl without asking for sex, and… the fact that we sometimes get into intimate moments, yet, he never for once tried to sleep with me, shows he likes me.

However, he has mentioned his feelings towards me in different ways but he has never spoken of the word LOVE. Well, I won’t say I love him because I don’t know what love is. But I will say, I am tremendously attracted to him more than any force of attraction on earth.

I like him so much and I feel as though I am falling for him completely. I don't know if I can say, I love him or I am in love with him. And yes there is a difference between the first and the second statement. The first is a continuous process that takes place with time, while the second is a fact of what has already taken place.

I don’t want anything spoiling my precious night over so, I didn’t inform Rex. Xena has been into so much torment with Roy so she’s taking a break with us which I think is a good idea.

I came earlier and we discussed for a little before Naomi joined us with some ladies and dudes.

I wasn’t decorative with my sight because it was a girls’ night. However, Xena wanted to spend time with her friends. So I couldn't do anything about it then. Though the guys in question are not from our school which wasn't a good sign.

I had sympathy for Xena because Roy will go down to hell just to get these guys out if he finds out they are here. Thus, it will be a major problem for their relationship. I just hope he doesn’t call her tonight.

We stayed in the living room charting and having fun while Amanda was upstairs. I guess she had things to pack up. The girls were chatting with the guys. But I was focused on the music playing and taking in my popcorn.

Suddenly Sammy called on the phone. I answered hesitantly

"I want to see you." He said

I told him I was at Xena’s house and that we can't meet.

He continued by saying, "I'm outside." “What?!” I exclaimed and he giggled over the phone saying

"Xena told me about the all night so I thought of spicing the moments with a guy’s time."

I asked him "How come you still want to get close to me after what Rex did to you?"

He was silent for a moment then asked: “Will you keep me out here for the entire night? Why not just let me in so we could talk better” …

“Uhh…Sure” I responded still confused.

I went towards the door and peeked through the narrow hole. Nevertheless, it was bizarrely dark and a waste of time to look through.

I don't get it, why can't I see anything though the security lights are on?

As soon as I slide open the bolds and the log, I was pushed backward by a force that almost landed me on the ground.

I got myself balance, and was shocked to see Sammy’s face amongst some terrible guys. I can't believe he played me all this time. Could this be the reason why Rex got him lashed?

Amongst these guys was a dude who was dealt with by Roy a week ago and another I was told is Xena’s ex. T.h.i.s is not good!

Without wasting time, they searched around for Xena and ordered the girls to leave. I had no plans of leaving my friend here but I had to escape so I could ask for rescue. But just as I was about bulging away, one of the guys held me.

Why the hell are they keeping me? Strange!

When they left, the door was shut, so, I was left alone with the bad guys and Naomi who went upstairs to get something. This was a nightmare for me!

Since Sammy walked in, he didn't look at me. “Where is Xena?” Derick questioned

I didn’t respond because I wasn't sure who exactly he was citing. When he turned to face me, I shivered.

“I’m talking to you!” he roared

“I-I don’t know. I mean- she’s-”


I tried to tidy up my stuff before turning on the chart.

Unfortunately, after I was done, and turned on the video chat, my friend’s voice echoed from the door.

“Dilan is here”

I shrugged and Roy showed his most disgusted look.

“What the FUCK!!” he cursed instantly turning off the video chart.

Ok, guys let me get this straight… Dilan is Roy’s full-time enemy. Dilan is part of the reason, we have been into several fights so he warned me, to stay away from him.

Dilan is a friend from my high school and we lived opposite one another. Due to his parents' transfer, we have not been able to see each other for a long time.

And you know what else, he is a close friend to Derick. Derick is my ex. He…left me for some girl when he knew my health dilemma.

I guess this is why I removed the idea of telling Roy what I am diagnosed with. And also because Roy has a tormenting past which I don't want to bring anew.

I know I can't hide this forever. Nonetheless, I keep waiting for a suitable time.

The main problem here is that Dilan is into me. Since he returned to town, he has been stalking me.

He is not a student at my college, but he always comes to see me.

When Roy found out, he warned Dilan to keep away. But he did not listen. So, Roy got him well bitten.

Dilan was admitted to the hospital and the news didn't miss my hearing.

No one except Dilan and I knew Roy was the expert mind behind his condition.

Henceforth, I became scared of Roy and how he acts periodically. I have never seen someone so possessive and ready to do anything to protect his territory.

I instantly blocked Dilan on social media after nicely telling him my reasons.

That was not the end of it! Derick my ex came to my house and warned me to instruct Roy to watch his footsteps. If not he will mercilessly deal with him. All because of what Roy did to Dilan.

This got me so frightened. Each time I tried to pass out the information to Roy, he made sure he came up with something pertinent just so I forget. I supposed he knew I was driving into what he did to Dilan but that wasn't the case. It was worse.

Here in California, if a union from another institute, attacks a student from a different institute either belonging to a gang or not, the will be trouble.

I'm not so sure, but this is extremely dangerous.

Rex is known for his wealth only so, people are blind to how influential he is on very hazardous aspects. This same character lies in Roy.

I don't get it but they act like brothers from the same womb. He got so attached to Rex and though I know he is not part of the gang, It feels to me like he already is.

I finally told Roy about Derick's treat and he didn't say a word. However, I felt he was up to something. Trust me later on, I found out, he cut off Derick’s thumb.

This was spread to all institutes because Derick is a super-rich kid. He is so popular that all girls would torture themselves for him.

This let Roy and I into a profoundly serious fight which caused me to stop talking to him for two days. I got sick within this boundary.

In those moments, I knew what it felt like to miss someone. We needed each other so badly. However, no one made a move till we had a party.

Our re-unite was the interval that brought our sexual organs together.

End of storytelling, Roy is surely on his way by now. And I must tell those guys to leave or else, there will be war!

To be continued…

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