Love With A Twist

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I do not trust the cops

I stood up at once moving towards Naomi.

“We need to get those guys out now!” I ordered

She gave me a devastating look as I walked past her.

“W- Well he's not alone. He has company,” she said flowing me

I stopped walking and faced her

“I am certain Roy is in town. During the video call, he was at Sam’s burgers. I didn't get the chance to peek properly but I am certain of what I saw. So, we better get this done before he arrives here. I don't care how many people he brought along-”

I said my two last statements shuffling away as I continued my journey to the living room and I dropped dead my track when I saw that Dilan was not alone as Naomi said. He came along with Derick and a group of boys. Seven of them!

I gulped about to make a round turn when Derick stopped me

“Don't you think it's too late for that?”

I clenched my jaws and gently turned back with a faint smile.

Derick walked close to me while my girls looked terrified.

I tried to communicate with my eyes towards Amanda, and she gently brought out her phone.

Suddenly, she was caught, and her phone was seized from her by one of the guys who came along with the other girls. I looked around and didn't see any of them. So I brought back my gaze at those guys in wrath. How dare they use my friends as a medium to spy on me!

They set us up!

They collected my phone as well as Naomi's

“Where is your pet?” Dilan asked

“Which pet?”

“We didn't come here to waste time. Where the fuck is your sick head boyfriend?” Derick asked

“You can go to hell!” I responded firmly

Derick fucked his hand in his hair then ordered

“Guys go up there and get him out!”

“He's not here!!” I yelled yet they didn't stop.

Walking down to face Derick I confessed “Do you think Roy will hide in there like a chick waiting for his mom to cover him up? You have no idea what he is going to do to you if he finds you”

“I will recommend you shut the FUCK up!!” he scolded, and I shivered.

After they searched the entire house, they returned in disappointment.

Derick wiped his face frustratedly then said

“The urge to murder him is all I feel. I'm not leaving this place without his flesh bleeding in my palms. I will make him rush here as soon as possible."

He gave me a devilish look "Through your help”

I clenched my jaws in disgust at what is running through his mind.

He walked towards me with a mischievous grin fiddling on his lips.

“Don't near me” I warned with gritted teeth.

He played a dramatic expression before laughing along with his gang.

“You know… I never got the chance to penetrate you."

"I said don't near me!"

"Common, I don't see why you're don't you see that you are condemned and that there's no way you can heal?! You'll soon die Xena. So just give it up already and let me take care of you.”

He clenched my hand and Amanda yelled

“Let go of her! She's not your slave. And you would never match up to her standards! And thinking she cares about you? Oh common, you only wished. You are all just a bunch of ignorant fools!!”

“Yeah, that's right! And you'll soon be dead when Roy comes!” Naomi added

“Dilan, take care of them” Derick ordered, and Dilan did methodically

“Leave them alone! It's me you want! Do not lay a finger on my friends!!”

“Our Hereon has declared so I will give her this aorta of respect. But if they open their sparrow mouths again, I will proceed with my work, and trust me, it's not going to be good” Derick declared and Dilan held back.

Feeling relieved as though it were over, he cupped my face and gave me an irritating peck on my cheek then down to my neck.

I formed my hand in a fist looking around for something to hit him and, Amanda directed with her eyes to my side.

The was a glass medal next to me. I drifted my hand to the side and struggle to have a hold of it. Unluckily for me, one of the boys saw my effort and yelled.

"She's heading for something man"

However, his words didn't stop me from achieving my goal. I held it quickly aiming for his head, but he slapped me hard with the back of his hand and I fell to the ground.

My heart stopped instantly due to shock.

I wasn't conscious to see what went on but all I heard was Roy’s voice.

My vision became cloudy, and I clutched my chest in pain trying to breathe.

“Hmm…” I hummed as tears filled my blurred eyes.

Suddenly, everywhere became dark and I felt Roy’s touch on me.


Roy Wilbur POV

When I saw Xena on the ground, I rushed towards her.

"Hey" I called and she wasn't responding

"Xena...wake up" I tapped her cheek then touched her pulse and she barely responded. My eyes became dark as I told her friends who rushed next to me to keep their eyes on her. I had uncompleted business to rectify.

James, J.J, and Spark, held Derick while his playmates surrendered to the ground.

With all the pain, anger, and detest I felt, I faced Derick then held his head in-between my palm, and headed him.

"Argh!" He groaned, with blood oozing out of his nose. I could see the rate at which blood rushed through his veins. I wanted him down on his knees begging for mercy. And the fact that he was still breathing created eagerness in me.

I fisted my hands and smirked at the thought of what I was about doing to him. I smashed him as my punching bag until he fell on his knees. I ordered for the rode I prepared for him on my way. Rex handed it to me and I tour his shirt with my hands. I rounded to his back and gave him two lashes of it which came out as an X.

"Arrrgh!!" He cried and I came back to his face and gave him two more lashes on his arbs that left another X.

He bemoaned in pain "Please-man"

I didn't want to have any form of a talk with him because if I did, I would have killed him.

He laid on the ground helplessly while his colleagues peeked at me in bewilder. He strived in his agony to plead for his release.

I fell my eyes on Xena’s motionless body, which built up a flame in me. Nothing could quench that feeling. However, the only way I could cool it down was by giving Derick one last punch that came out broadly.

And he passed out, then, I felt better. I went towards Xena and carried her into my car then drove to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and they delayed paying attention to her giving some silly excuses.

I yelled and threatened that, if anything happens to her, I will make them pay with their lives!

Without hesitation, they lifted her to their emergency room and started performing their magic.

Xena and Naomi came later on as we waiting patiently. Amanda sat next to me and I said

"This is all my fault!"

She gave me a soft gaze "No it's not"

I sigh resting my face in my palms and I felt her warm hands on my shoulder.

I gave her a side look and she smiled faintly taking off her hands. I didn't mean to scare her however, I couldn't blame myself. Because anger was evident on my face.

"I think you should inform her parents," she said breaking the silence. I nodded and gave her my phone to do it. I wasn't in the mood to talk.

She received it and announced the news, and did the same to my mom.

Since my mom was in town, she came as soon as she got the news. My mom was so worried about me which I did not give in to.

"Oh baby," she said rubbing my back.

I started being nervous as though something tragic was going to happen. It was a very weird feeling.

Some minutes later, the doctor walked in saying she's in a coma and is presently breathing artificially.

I became confused as panic arose. I didn't understand what was going on. I wanted to know a full version of the story.

“Why exactly? Is it just her immune system being a week or what?”

The doctor looked at me in awe for some time then said.

“Aren't you her family?”

“Not actually… her parents were out of town. So, we had to bring her ourselves-”

“She is my girlfriend. Isn't that more than a family to you? If the is something you are not telling us, you better let us know now!” I responded

“Well, she has been suffering from heart failure for a long time now. We went through our report and her name appeared on the register as one of our patients. Based on our research, it seemed she stopped taking her medication. We saw bruises on her face. Can you explain to me what happened?” the doctor asked, and Roy was speechless. None of them could tell what truly happened. Of course, we know why. Amanda just gave a brief explanation and...

“Oh! I see… that gave her a great shock. I'm sorry that right now she is battling with her life. Her doctor will be here soon. And we will decide on what to do. However, a heart transplant needs to be performed immediately, once she is transferred to a bigger hospital that specializes in that. If not, we are going to lose her” he said and my mom barely nodded before he strolled away.

“Why? Why didn't she tell me!?” I mumbled with tears gradually feeling my eyes.

“She will be fine” my mom condoled

“Yeah, she would. She's a fighter remember” Amanda said, and Naomi nodded

As much as I wanted to stay, I couldn't. I had to leave the hospital to cool my head and scream to the top of my voice.

I get why I was feeling weird earlier.

It's been months since I lost Bella and now Xena is on the brick of death!

This is more than just a torment. Why does the past hunt me!?

Amanda followed me as I speedingly left the hospital.

"Roy wait"

"Just leave me alone Amanda" I walked to my car

"Please listen to me" I stopped, turned around, and yelled, "And why should I?!"

She grew pale then responded "She needs you"

I was silent staring into her hazel eyes then I uttered softly "I'm sorry I need some time alone"

I jumped into my car and accelerated to my favorite spot. Where Xena and I used to go spend time. The same place she introduced me to the first time we went on tour.

Arriving at the hill, I helplessly walked to the tip and stood there staring at the light of the city with a broken heart.

I closed my eyes and gathered all the air my lungs could hold, then roared at the top of my voice till I heard my echoes came back to me.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I let it all out. I didn't weep this way after Bella’s death. This indeed hurt me so badly.

After a while of sobs, I recalled the mistake I made before Bella was announced dead and I realized it was the same mistake I just did.

I'm supposed to be there for her.

"She needs you" Amanda's words reflected into my ears. And registered in my brain. I can't change the past, but I can amend the future.

I hurriedly walked towards my car and drove off with speed. On my way, my mom called. I didn't respond because I was so concentrated on the wheel.

Amanda POV

When Roy rushed towards Xena, that was the moment I realized she was on the ground. Naomi and I ran towards her to help her out but she was getting cold and steady. Her heartbeat was slowing down.

When everything was going on, until the moment he carried her to his car and rushed her to the hospital, my gaze didn’t leave Rex's.

Though I was so worried about Xena, I couldn’t help the hurt I felt knowing Rex is the leader of the hidden gang. All this time I’ve been leaving with the chief and organizer of it!

We didn’t have time to talk at the moment and more to that, they couldn’t follow us to the hospital if not they’ll be caught up by the police.

Naomi and I walked to my car and I told her to drive because my hands were shaking.

After Roy left the hospital, Xena was transferred to another hospital. It was pretty late and though we wanted to be there, we had to be interrogated at the station about the incident.

We said what we could say, making sure we don’t disclose the hidden gang but as it says, the cops have their ways to carry out investigations. So, whatever has to happen, will happen.

We left the station and I found Rex sitting on the driver seat in my car.

Naomi was heading in a different direction, so she insisted on taking a cab. I guess she did that on purpose to give us privacy.

I had no choice… that was the only means I had to head home.

I moved to the other side of the car and hooped in silently. He started the car then drove off.

The was complete silence for a long time before I broke it “What did you do to Sammy…and the other guys?”

“Are you still covering up for him?”

I rolled my head towards him and he was already looking at me through the rare view mirror.

“This isn’t about me covering for him. It’s about you letting the cops do their job” I responded

“I don’t trust the cops” he let out

“Do you think they’ll trust you when they find out about your gang?” I questioned

“I don’t care” he responded shortly

I nodded then looked ahead before mumbling under my breath “Yeah…just as you care less for anyone but yourself”

He stopped the car…

To be continued…

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