Love With A Twist

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End of flourishment

When I got in, she was writing something in her notebook.

"Were you planning on living me a note in explanations to what is in here?" I asked her to raise the report for her to see.

She closed her notebook and walked towards her bed silently.

"I'm I talking to myself or you want me to repeat my words in French so you could understand better?" I asked and she still did not comment.

"Aviez-vous intention de me laisser un note pour expliquer ce qu'il y an ici?" I asked repeating my first question.

"Pourquoi me considérer come un étranger? (Why are you referring to me as a stranger?)" She asked

In French, we refer "Vous" to someone you do not know or a group of people you know/ do not know.

While "Tu" refers to an individual you know.

I referred to her that way to bring her attention since she was not responding.

"Now we could return to our formal way of discussion. Answer my question Bella" I said walking towards her.

"That's why I called you here. I planned on telling you earlier but, something came up." She said staring at me.

I stood there looking at her unbelievably.

"You have admitted Bella! There is nothing in picking up your phone and sending a text if you did not want to talk. Cela prend moins de 10 secondes pour faire Cela (It takes less than 10seconds to do that)" I said

"I know. Bien que tu exagères (Though you're exaggerating)" she said

I sigh then sat close to her.

"J'ai fait la recette que tu m'as demandée. Tu ne mangeras pas avant de parler? (I made the recipe you asked of me. Won't you eat before we talk?)" She asked

"Non, je n'ai pas faim (No. I'm not hungry)" I responded

"Could we match on to what you had to tell me first? That is more important right now" I said, and she nodded.

* Three minutes later *

After explaining and going details on the hint given in the report, the was complete silence in the room.

I was speechless and heartbroken.

"So, what have you decided?" I asked

"..." She did not know how to say it, but I knew what she was thinking.

"No no. I don't agree with that. If you want my suggestion, that's my answer." I said firmly

She was silent again for some time then responded


"What does that mean?" I asked

"I'm going in for its," she said

"Tu te moques de Moi? (Are you fucking kidding me?)" I asked

"No. I am telling you what I decided. You gave your suggestion; I understood and respect it. But I cannot abide by that. It is my life, and this is for the best. Those doctors who are going to be working on me are set to be specialists and professionals in that domain. Though we cannot say we trust them, they will be giving their all for this and I know it will end well" she said

"I wish I could believe that. Your life is mine too. So do not act selfishly with it. Do you have any idea what you've just said and how bad I'm hurt?" I asked

"I know--" she said stopped by me

"No, you don't," I said getting uprising from my seat and walking up and down the room in frustration, and my hands rubbing the back of my hair.

"peux-tu s'il te plait arrête de marcher de cette façon quand je suis encore en vie. Nous allons passer ça. Nous avons été ici. Mais pas dans ce cas présent (Could you please stop walking this way when I am still alive. We are going to pass this. We have been here. Though not in this present case)" she said

"Exactement! Pas dans ce cas présent! (Exactly! Not in this present case!)" I said and she flinched

I gave her a soft gaze, went towards her, and held her hands.

Kissing the back of it with all the hurt, I looked at her deeply and said.

"I'm not ready Belle (That's how I call her most times, which means "Beautiful" in English)" I said.

"Babe..." She said with pleading eyes.

I sigh then said

"If that is your decision, fine. I should get going now"

I rose from my seat to leave when she asked

"Où vas-tu? (Where are you heading to?)" She asked

" Ce n'est pas important pour le moment. Est-ce? (It is not important right now. Is it?)" I asked and she looked hurt.

"I need to clear my head Belle," I said then matched out.

Before heading to my car, I switched off my phone not to receive any calls.

I was so pissed off and hurt then. And the only place I could be now was me at my moms' place.

So, I drove in that direction at full speed.

I spent half of my day there and was intending to spend all.

After some time, I started missing Bella so bad. I felt so bad for walking away and being a jerk.

I turned on my phone to call her because I knew she tried reaching out to me.

When my phone came on, I received surplus voice messages from her.

It did not sound comforting since she was crying on phone.

My heart hurt the more. I dialed her number and called. She did not pick.

I thought she had kept it somewhere far since I switched my phone off.

So, I persisted. Yet, no response.

After a while, I stopped. I was so worried about her present state.

I was about to enter my car to drive back when I received a call from her number.

I knew she was the one so, I did not waste time. I breathe out a sigh of relief and answered the call.

<< On phone >>

"I'm so sorry--" I spoke but was cut by her dad

"Bella a été transportée à l'hôpital tout à l'heure (Bella has been rushed to the hospital just now.)"

"Oh, mon Dieu! je suis en route (Oh My God! I'm on my way)" I responded

"D'accord. Nous sommes tous ici au meilleur hôpital chirurgical (Ok. We're all here at the best surgical hospital)" her dad said

"c'est noté (Noted)" I responded, and he cut the call.

I rushed home to tell my mom about it before we drove to the hospital.

*End of Flashback*

The doctor came out of the surgical room with a pale face.

They all rose, and her parents inquired from him about the results. And this is what he said

"Je suis désolé ... nous l'avons perdue (I'm sorry. We lost her)"

<< And this is where my world became a Tragedy! >>

**End of Flashback**♥........♥

To be continued...

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