Love With A Twist

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So many secrets

Roy Wilbur

I later received a voice message from my mom

“Baby she has been transferred to Doctor Lewis surgical hospital for an urgent heart transfer. I don't want you to freak out, but she needs you now. And one more thing… I better not tell you. Drive safely dear”

This freak the fuck out of me! I accelerated and didn't respect any traffic light.

I was spotted by the police. But I didn't give a fuck!

When I arrived at the hospital, the officers were coming behind me. I was welcomed by the most disgusting face I didn't want to see. Mr. Xenda. What is he doing here!?

As I stepped towards my mom, she rushed at me with Mr. Xenda by her side.

“What is he doing here mom? I thought you know I don't want to see him"

“Please baby now is not the time for this! He is here to help”

“Really! So now you cooperate with him” I responded

She kept quiet and I felt something fishy. I brought my gaze at Mr. Xenda, and he looked satisfied.

“So, this is what you wanted to tell me. Congrats because it worked. I rushed all the way here to get fucking humiliated!"

“I wish that is what I wanted to tell you…” she replied, and I evaluated what could make me more furious than this.

“Before she tells you, I want to inform you that you are in serious trouble. The guy you used as a punching bag was rushed to the hospital and died some minutes ago. His family is heavily against you and there is no way you can escape this-” Mr. Xenda proceeded

“What are you talking about? He can't be dead!!” I said and the police vehicle landed behind me

“Can you just let me finish before making any procrastinations? Like your mom said, I'm trying to help you. So, you better collaborate. We have an issue at hand, and you made things worse- " he didn't finish his statements when two policemen stood by me trying to bust me.

“He's with me,” Mr. Xenda said raising a batch showing he works for the FBI

“We're sorry Sir, but he needs to be interrogated at the police station right now” one of the police officers denied his alliance.

“Give me a second,” he said then followed the officers privately.

“Mom, did you know about this?! He works for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)!” I exclaimed

She signed and stayed silent.

“What is he doing to you mom?”

“Roy, we can't have this discussion now”

“I'm not happy with you. How could you beat someone’s kid like that!? What were you thinking? That you would go free after dealing with the son of a powerful man”

“Mom I don't give a damn about him! He dealt with the wrong dude! And I don't care if people think I murdered him, but I know I didn't. Yes, he was unconscious when I left. If I wanted to get rude to him, I won't leave behind such a mess. Xena is battling with her life because of his stupid ass! If something happens to her more than this, I'm certainly going to finish him up in his afterlife.” I concluded and Mr. Xena returned

“That was solved for now. I will be looking forward to conversing with you after we are done here” Mr. Xenda said, and I frowned.

“Roy… before you get in, I have to say this…”

I gave her all my attention while Mr. Xenda excused himself and left us alone.

“What now?” I questioned impatiently

“Xena…was pregnant” she let out.

I froze for a moment then took in a long breath brushing my hair over.

She gave me a soft gaze while I was still processing her words.

Was?! She lost our baby?!

Did she hide that from me too?! No no no no... This can't be happening.

The beating I gave that son of a bitch was not enough!

My mom rubbed my shoulder gently, trying to comfort me.

After some time, we spent in the hospital, I noticed different sets of 'Doctors' getting into Xena’s surgical room.

Her parents finally met us at the hospital just when Rex messaged me. I went through the messages because they were important.

*We cleared everything up. However, something is wrong. They came for you...and Amanda*

I pause after reading that, then took a quick look at my surrounding before staying my gaze on my phone.

*It was a trap. They work for someone who wants you dead. He eliminated Derick and will soon come for the rest.*

My mind was filled with so much information my brain could not boost. I looked at Xena's parents and they looked strangely calm.

Amanda POV

“I can’t believe I fell for the devil all this time” I whispered to myself

My eyes stank with tears threatening to break free. And in no time, it ran down my cheeks.

I jumped out of the car and he followed


“Amanda” he called again then stood before me

“It’s late and dangerous for you to walk out here alone”

“I don’t care,” I said trying to walk past him

“No! get in the car!”

“Are you commanding me right now?”

“Whatever it is you think it is, just gets in the car and we’ll talk about it”

“You don’t have to tell me what to do or not to! Now give way” I ordered

“Amanda please…we’re not on a good foot. This place is super dangerous” he pleaded

“Now I get why those guys held me back. Because of you! You were the reason they didn’t let me go. Who knows what they planned on doing to me! And look at what they did to Xena…”

“I’m sorry…I should have told you earlier but I just couldn’t”

“Why not!?”

“Because I didn’t want to get you involved” he replied

“That’s the silliest excuse I’ve ever heard”

“I-I trusted you, Rex…with my life,” I said tears rolling down my cheek

He gave me a soft gaze “Amanda…” he tried to hold me

“Don’t…touch me”

“I tried letting you out of my world…yet, you persisted to be with me. And I wanted that too. Now you know why I avoided you. If you don't trust me anymore…that’s fine. But know that I love you and I want to protect you.”

He cupped my face then looked into my eyes “I love you-Amanda. This is not my imagination…it’s real. Something I’ve never felt for anyone”

I was speechless. I waited for this day and here we go however I couldn’t say anything.

He wiped my tears off and I leaned into his touch.

Suddenly, I saw someone in dark clothes pointing a gun at Rex. I normally don't see far due to my shortsightedness. But this was so clear.

I immediately rushed to cover Rex up but he rapidly pulled me back facing the gun and the next thing I heard was two guns shorts.

I thought the bullet took me so closed my eyes but when I slowly opened my eyes, I felt nothing. However, Rex was...bleeding!

Suddenly, Rex pulled out a gun and short at the stranger while drifting me backward into the car.

I took the driver’s seat of course and started dispersing from there with speed. My hands were shaky and sleepy but I didn't care.

“Don’t you fucking do that again! Arrh” he warned.

“Stop talking you’re losing a lot of blood” my voice was as shaky as a mother fucking choked popcorn.

I couldn't take him to the hospital. Because I knew whoever did that will come after him.

I was supposed to take him home but he pleaded I took him to my house so I did.

Arriving there, I help him out and we went to the couch in the living room. My dad was there so I got scared of how he could react.

However, when he came downstairs and saw Rex, he promptly helped to take him upstairs and turn off the lights downstairs.

I was still in panic and tears stopped flowing. My dad took out the bullets so easily and after a while, Rex passed out.


Roy Wilbur POV

Xena's parents left to God knows where while I prayed to myself

Oh God please… not this time! Suddenly, two doctors strolled towards our direction and my mom and I rushed at them…

"She couldn't make it before the transplant. We're deeply sorry" One of them said just when Xena's parents returned.

My world crumbled. Her parents became skeptically silent.

I wondered if she was their daughter or someone else’

I felt something strange. Something fitchy. I was so confused about this feeling and blasted the wall which gave me a crack.

My mom rushed and held me and I released myself breathing heavily. Then I ordered, “I want to see her!!”

They stared at me blankly as though I was absurd.

“Didn't you all get me!? I want to see her!!” I yelled and her parents looked at each other knowingly.

Suddenly Mr. Xenda walked towards us, then gripped me to the side. I resisted letting go of his grip.

“Don't you ever touch me! I'm not your son!” I warned and he clipped his lips.

“You can't see her. She has been taking away as ordered by her parents” Mr. Xenda reported and I turned my gaze to her parents then back to Mr. Xenda before shaking my head,

“This is crazy! I don't trust any of you!!”

My mom was shocked as she looked at her parents and there was a moment of silence,

I matched towards her parents "What have you done to Xena?"

The horrifically bulge their eyes at me "Son you need to calm down" My mom held my arm.

"Answer me! What did you do to your daughter?! I know you all have something to hide"

"Roy Stop! You can't talk to them like that. She is their daughter and they feel the same way you feel" My mom stood in front of me and I shook my head trying not to look at her while so many eyes were peering into our business.

I didn't want to see how hurt and embarrassed she was because of my fury.

"Look at me!" She commanded and I did. She shook her head with tears in her eyes.

"Please...she's gone. And there's nothing you can do about it"

"Mom-I don't believe it"

“We can direct you to her if you insist,” her mom said firmly

I looked at her with uncertainty. Why will she suddenly decide to show Xena to us?

I didn't respond. Rather, I kept staring at them narrowing my eyes. They went ahead and I followed behind. When we arrived in her room, they lead me in and she laid lifeless in bed.

I looked at all of them for a second then slowly walked towards her. I extended my hands on her skin and she was so cold and stiff.

I blinked my eyes at the complete nightmare as I stared at her for some time. Tears threatened to fill my eyes, however, I could not control them from shading my view no matter how hard I tried flashing it away.

“Tell me this is a dream. Because I am fucking faded!” I uttered and was rebuked by one of her doctors,

“Language please”

I didn't look at him as I consoled myself hoping this weird dream ends.

Her mom stood close to me and said

“Now you know she's gone. I didn't want people looking at my daughter this way, that's why I denied entry”

I just stared at Xena one last time then wiped my tears and moved backward before exiting the room.

My mom didn't pursue me. Certainly, she knew I needed space.


I calmly stood at the top of the building looking at the moonlight eliminating into the entire city of Los Angeles, when my mom came forward with Mr. Xenda.

“Mr. Xenda need to tell you something ” my mom stated

I didn't look at them nor attended to what they had to say. For fucking's sake, aint they tired of the announcements?!

“We have to leave town for good”

I rapidly gave him a side look with my forehead folding.

“That's right! It's for your safety Roy… so please don't make this complicated” my mom added

I completely faced them questioningly

“Are you fucking serious right now!? We barely know him. And you stand here and tell me it is for my safety! You should reconsider your thoughts mom”

“Manners young man. Did you even listen to what we said? The family of the young man you beat up is setting forth a strong allegation against you and it's nothing like being locked up or whatsoever. They will judge you themselves and murder you in silence. So, if you do not run, be ready to face your death!!” she said stressing out the last word.

I was voiceless and disturbed. I didn't trust this man. Not talking of fleeing with him.

Why does my mom stand by every word this man says?

“Trust me, son. You do not want to know the lives at risk because of you. When we get home, you're going to take your thing and we live”

I looked at her in disbelief then back to Mr. Xenda. What more is my mom keeping from me?

Earlier that day

“Inject this in her” a man in dark glasses ordered

The doctors hesitated but due to his personality, they had to do it.

He turned to Mr. Xenda and said

“Hope everything is set”

“Everything is right intact”

“What about the boy?”

“I have him covered” Mr. Xenda responded


“She will be of appropriate use to us” the man confirmed staring at the mindless Xena.

Amanda POV

I had to wait for Rex to wake up before blinking an eye. I couldn’t sleep and my eyes started swelling. They were very horrible. After some time, I received a call from Xena's mom.

"Xena is dead"

I covered my mouth with my right hand and the phone fell from my left hand. I started sobbing… when my dad asked what was wrong, I told him everything.

He stood there broken before saying "I'll be right"

I looked at him instantly "Where are you going?"

"Not far" is all he said as he walked out of the room.

Rex got short and now Xena is dead! And my dad is walking out of me in this heartbreaking moment. It felt like hell. This feeling took away my ability to breathe.

After a long moment of sobbing for Rex and Xena, I fell asleep next to him.


Roy, Mr. Xenda, and his mom hurriedly landed in the house. As Roy quickly collected his stuff, Mr. Xenda was next to him. When they got their most essential things and was about living, Mr. Rodger appeared in front of them.

Mr. Xenda quickly clenched his jaws while Diana went blank "Sam!"

"Oh my God Sam" she exclaimed again hugging him and he took her in. While Roy was perplexed about his sight as he repeated questioningly


However, no one responded to his unsettled mind. Diana released herself from the embrace staring at Mr. Rodger "I-I can't believe-"

"You don't need to say anything. I came here to make sure he takes you to the right place." Mr. Rodger explained looking at Mr. Xenda

She froze then said, "You work with him?!"

Mr. Rodger nodded "Get in before they find you" and they strode towards the Black Mercedes on the driveway.

"No need to worry Mr. Xenda. I prepared a driver for them. You just need to sit back and relax"

"Who gave you this order?"

"That's not important"

"Well, it is important"

"I know everything" Rodger let out and Mr. Xenda was dumbfounded

"That's what I thought" Mr. Rodger turned around and walked towards the Car while Mr. Xenda returned to consciousness.

They got in and Mr. Rodger told the driver "Make sure you don't stop until you get there. Understood?"

"Yes Sir" the driver responded and he closed the door.

"Why ain't you coming with us?" Diana asked through the window.

"Amanda is with me. I can't leave her"

"Oh! We hope to see both of you over there"

He smiled and they took off.

"Why call him Sam?" Roy asked

"You'll know when we arrive" she responded and he just frowned looking away.

Amanda POV


Rex gently opened his eyes staring at me who was already awake.

We stayed our gazes on each other for long before he whispered “Where are you crying the whole night?”

I nodded still staring at him. He turned to his side facing me “You shouldn’t lay this way…you’re not healed”

“I was healed the moment I saw you lying next to me. However, not anymore looking at how swollen your eyes are” he responded touching my cheeks

“So tell me…why were you crying?” he questioned

I looked away before answering back “Xena died last night”

He raised his brows then blinked his eyes confusingly…

“This shouldn’t have happened…?”

“Yeah…she had a heart problem which she hid from Roy and hid from us too. We didn’t know how severe it was till then” I explained

“Upon that…you were lying here wounded and motionless. I couldn’t stop myself from pouring out tears. This was hard for me you know” I continued with watery eyes

“I’m good now…and I’m going to stay here with you, by my side” he reassured wiping the tears from the corners of my eyes

“You scared the hell out of me, last night…this was not supposed to be your wounds if you left-”

He placed a finger on my lips “This was not supposed to be anybody’s wound. If that bullet got into you, you won’t have survived it. And even if you could, I would never let you do that. As long as I’m alive I will protect you. So if you ever do that again, I will never forgive you even in your dead”


“Shh…you’re so stubborn”

I was silent for a while before he removed his finger from my lips.

“Do you by chance know who did that to you?” I implored

“I'm not so sure. But I think I know who was the mastermind.”

“Why didn’t you want me taking you home last night?" I requested staring into his alluring eyes and he became silent.

“That’s not important. What matters now is I’m safe and you are too”

“No, I need an answer. If you’re hiding something else from me, let it out now. No more secrets”

He became faded as he looked past me. I followed his gaze and saw my dad standing at the door.

“You should let him rest a little longer” my dad uttered

That was strange coming from him because I know he doesn’t care about Rex that much and now he's telling me to let him rest a little longer?!

“I’m sorry but whatsoever he has to say…takes just a few seconds...right?” I regained my posture towards Rex and he was blank

“Rex…I can’t take it if you’re keeping secrets from me. Just look back and see what it did to us. I’m not ready to go through that again and I know you aren't so please-say it already”

“Fine... I will”

“But before I do, I want your dad to tell us everything he’s been keeping from you. Because he is in a better position to do that”

I faced my dad once again with my elbows on either side of the bed “What in the world is going on here?”

His eyes shooted guilt as he looked past me at Rex then back to me.

I brought my gaze to Rex, and they wore the same expression. I brought my feet to the ground ready to listen to someone speak but no one did.

“Dad…Rex” I called


“What do you mean you shut my Son!?” Mr. Laurence yelled and the man trembled

“It-It wasn’t intentional. I triggered for her…b- but Rex speedily pulled her back like he got eyes on the back of his head…And-and I-” the man stammered

“You know what? Good job. You can take your leave” he smiled mischievously.

The man returns it faintly but as soon as he was about to leave his office, Mr. Laurence shot him on the head and he broke down instantly.

Some men came and carried away the man's frigid body while he took off his gloves and watched his hands resuming his work.

To be continued…


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