Love With A Twist

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First week

It is being an hour now and Amanda has not prepared for school. She lays in bed listening to her music instead.

“Common sweetheart, do not play naughty. You cannot miss class today. It is your first week.” Her dad yelled downstairs

Amanda increases her music volume the more, ignoring what her dad said.

After Mr. Roger waited to get a response and did not get one, he matched to her room.

“I tried speaking nicely but-” he shrugs after seeing how comfortable she is in bed.

“I can't believe I have to keep following you around just so you could be responsible and discipline.”

She still doesn’t respond as she presses her headset to feel the beat, completely dismissing her dad.

He walks close to her and removes the headset from her head and stands furiously. Without making a sound, she rolls her eyes and rises to sit upright.

“Can you tell me what is wrong with you?” he added

“It’s good you finally asked” … “Well, I can’t be ok if you keep following me around like I am some kindergarten school kid.” She let out.

He raises his brows at her in disbelief…

“I’ve grown up dad! I’m not in preschool nor high school. I’m in college. And you need to respect my decisions. If I don’t want to go to school today, it’s not your loss. So, please stop being so controlling because it’s only making things worse.”

Mr. Roger stands there speechless for some time…

“Why don’t you want to go to school today?”

Amanda sighs then looks at him dismissively.

“Here you go again with the interrogations…” she complains

“Can we for once have a civilized conversation!? I’m your dad and I need to know why. You don’t pay the school fee here. I do. So, give me a response now!” he insisted

“Fine!” she replies sluggishly

“There is this guy that has been giving me trouble from the first day of school” she began

“He keeps threatening me with vulgar words. Very frightful to say…”


Mr. Roger is dumbfounded after listening to what his daughter said. Something she has never done before.

For a very long time after her mom passed away, this is the first time she opens up to him about something like this.

He is so excited to hear more so he launches close to her, completely forgetting the main reason he came to her room.


Rex car has a breakdown. He is forced to get down and check what’s wrong.

All of a sudden, his brother Jeremy packs opposite the street and quietly hops out.

Without Rex noticing, his brother stands opposite, watching him. Rex turns his head to the side and realizes his brother's presence.

Jeremy slightly grins still watching his brother diligently.

Rex struts straight facing his brother with a pale face, pretending to feel guilty.

“Well well well… who do we have here? Should I say, I can’t explain how overwhelming this is right now?"

Jeremy had everything planned to make his brother feel he is the course of his cars’ breakdown. So he starts matching towards Rex.

Rex faintly smirks playing along.

“I’m impressed, bro. I’ve never felt so much shame.” Rex replies

“We could get this straight. I didn’t only get you about to take my car to school. However seeing my car in an unbearable state, I start wondering if you’ll be able to refund the money used to get such an expensive brand within a day…”

Rex blinks his eyes, but inwardly, he knows the game Jeremy is playing. He looks away portraying embarrassment.

“You don’t have to conceal it, bro. I’ve been here before and I know how it feels to compile ten million without a budget.” Jeremy continues glowing confidently knowing he has won in his tournament.

“Should I be scared of that look?” Rex marvels

“Very very” Jeremy replies

Rex sighs and passes his hand in his hair, making it messy. Seconds have passed and Rex doesn’t seem to have a responsibility.

“Tsi Tsi… Time is money bro. You better think quickly to earn the best decision. Regardless, I don’t think there can be anything better than what I proposed”

“What about we make a deal?” Rex finally reacts

Jeremy narrows his eyes at him.

“Deal! Alright… bring it on”

“Before we get into what I will pay you, we have to search this car and know exactly what's wrong with it,” Rex suggests

Jeremy folds his arm lining against his car, with complete attention towards Rex.

“You and I agreed that, if you caught me using your car, I should be ready for the consequences. In which you made mentioned the probabilities of it getting bad in my care. If I’m not mistaken, that was two days ago.” Rex explains


“It amazes me that, those same words came to pass so soon. Not only that but at the point of me heading to school a few Km away from home, this happens. By the way, what are you doing here? You drove from your apartment just to make sure your plan goes smoothly right?”

"This is not funny. You owe me for this mess?"

"No. You owe yourself for this mess. You played your game bro. So you're going to clean it up"

Rex says pointing at the region with the issue while shaking his head disappointedly. Jeremy follows his gaze and goes blank. He gazes in space humiliated. He thought Rex will never find out his trick. But Rex is wiser.

Rex chuckles trying to bring his brothers’ attention but Jeremy doesn’t glare at him.

“Now, getting to the real deal, you have to pay me for wasting my time and being late for school. Also, you have to find someone to fix this and wipe it out from this space. I didn't pay for it. So you better hurry up before the council assist you. Except you want assistance."

Jeremy finally brings his attention to Rex and is amazed by his brother. Rex winks at him and calls for his friend Craig who instantly drives him to school.


After Amanda had finished discussing with her dad, she got relieved and decided to head to school.

On her way, she comes across this guy she hates the most. The same guy she confounded her dad about.

They met a week ago out of school yet, they are unbearable towards each other.

<< Why the heck do I always have to come across this dude!? >> she curses within her

She drives past Rex who is about to enter his friend’s car.

Due to the sudden traffic, Rex and his friend Craig catches up with her on their way.

She is so focused that, she doesn’t notice their presence. While Rex is looking forwards, Craig taps him on his lap, gesturing him towards Amanda.

As soon as his eyes meet hers, she rolls her head unconsciously only to find Rex smirking at her.

She doesn’t believe her eyes so she rolls down her window to see clearly. And it is exactly what she saw before.

“Hey, beautiful…”

She clenches her jaws and looks away ignoring him. The cars ahead start giving way so she follows behind trying to get away from them as soon as possible.

But Craig keeps moving, following her pace. When she notices it, she sighs then looks at them with piercing eyes.

“Stop coming after me you son of a-” she goes short of words then looks away embarrassed

“I can assist if you want-beautiful”

“Can you stop calling me that? I’m not your girlfriend!” she yelled

“Of course-not Beautiful” Rex provokes

She gets impatient and raises her middle finger towards them, rolls her window up then drives away with speed.

They laugh at her reaction still pursuing her. It becomes a competition. They try driving past her to the campus. But she is faster.

Sooner, they arrive at the campus. All parking lots are occupied except one. Amanda glares at Rex, recognizing only one of them will possibly possess that vacancy.

Without attention, she drives ahead about to invade the area but it becomes too late as Craig pulls over right before she does almost whacking her car.

To be continued…

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