Love With A Twist

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The bakery

"Arghhh!" she groans

Both Rex and Craig smirk at their victory getting out of the car. While Amanda wonders inside her car furiously confusing about where she will pull over.

"Next time drive faster. But I'll give you a little advice unto it...use a better car when doing that." Rex mocks then matches away with his friend living Amanda trying to control the urge to punch him in the face.

<< These dudes are daring with the wrong girl. After all, they got money. So I will help them spend it rightly >> she thought

Amanda's strategy of quick revenge against both of them.

She gets down of her car, moves towards Craig's, and smiles mischievously. She calls some people to come and carry his car. Giving an excuse his car doesn't start. That's why she has no other option to use this method. Instead of living it here when other students need the spot.

Her plan went successfully and she matched to her department.


After lectures, Amanda walks out of her department peacefully but someone stands and fences her path.

Raising her head, she notices the stare Craig has at her. It was a furious one. That which she couldn't run from. She knits her brows...just when he yells

"Where the FUCK is my car!?"

"Are y.o.u okay?" she plays innocent

"Don't you dare pester me crazy bitch! I'm going to give you two minutes to go get my car before this day becomes your worse terror!" he warns

"OMG! Do I need to be scared? What did you say happened to your car again? Oh! Sorry... I forget a lot. It developed wings and flew away. That is so unfortunate... Maybe it disliked the strategy you used to earn it a spot. We can all imagine how traumatized it is if our owner to steal space for us."

Craig is about laying hands on her when Rex holds his hand tight from behind. Craig rolls his head towards Rex and looks at him in dismay.

"Common man, don't tell me you intend to let her go after what she did to my car! We need to teach her a bitter lesson. One which she will live to remember all her life."

Amanda rotates her eyes hearing Craig's words.

"Calm down dude. No one says she's getting on free. I will privately rectify her case. And for the car, I'm going to compensate you dual. So, chill!" He reassures

"Just hope so... And you, don't think it's going to end this way because I'll be coming at back you!" he threatens his last statement at her and departs.

Just as she was about sauntering past Rex, he tugged her arm, yanked her inside a desolate cottage by their side, and locked it before she could formulate a move.

He slams her against the wall and clamps her hands above her head.

"Do you know what I do to girls like you? I make them look unbearably ugly so much so that they decide to execute suicide. Other than living with such remorse and loneliness. Because no man gets enticed by their blemish. So, I recommend you behave yourself if you don't want this little polished face of yours to become the roughest surface on earth."

Amanda chortles at his phrase. Rex tapers his eyes at her thinking of a better way to validate his message. Perhaps she thinks he is joking.

"Is that all you can do buddy? I'm confident your kid brothers or sisters are envious of how your parents cuddle you. But here you are swaggering in this institute and jeopardizing everyone you come across! That's not the way things work here dick head. Secondly, I'm not a little accidental girl you fiddle with. I'm different and will put you in your place if you cross my alley. I'm not intimidated by you, Rex. Just push to the limit and you'll understand what I'm talking about." She pointed out

"I see you have gods. But I'm going to exemplify I got extra" he responded then fastens his grip on her hands with his left hand which is still above her head. He fires his other hand passing it behind her shift after unzipping her robe and unclasp her bra.

She gasps at the feeling

"What the fuck-... Rex STop-"

He robes her bud looking at her facial expressions.

"Stop what exactly?"

Amanda shuts her eyes unable to formulate words as desires rush her veins. She crushes her lower lip in between her fangs trying to control her moans as her head goes back against the wall.

"Is this what it takes to shut you up? If so, I will love doing this every day"

"Asswhole!" She spits out in struggle.

After making her feel weak, he entirely pulls out her bra and lets go of her. Rex mutters...

"Now, you will step out there like this"

She folds her fonts still recovering from the feeling and trying to make out what he says. Still, before she knows it, Rex pulls her out of the compartment lifting her breast fabric.

Instantly all sights stumble on them. She feels sheepish like a cheap slut.

Rex smirks at his achievement...

"I always have my ways sweetheart. This is nothing however but a beginning"

He hands her bra in front of these watchful students, and lecturers who babbled amongst themselves, then, takes off.

Amanda feels like evaporating

She tries re-entering the same room they left some seconds ago but it was shut.

She scourges with gritted teeth. "Damn it!"

She is compelled to turn around, which she does grinning faintly like everything is normal. However, the reverse is authentic.

Striding past all those gossipers to where she loaded her car, her mouth falls open in alarm. Her car wasn't in its position. She clenches her jaws and constructs her hands in a fist, only to see Rex propelling close to her with a satisfying smile on his face, granting her to join him.

She can't decline such an invitation and he is very much aware. She closes her eyes, takes a deep whiff, then opens it. Proceeding around, she hoops into his car and they drive off.


The is complete stillness all through their way. Rex keeps glancing at Amanda, expecting her to ask relating her car but she doesn't. She keeps her head straight with a gloomy look on her exterior.

Rex smirks then chuckles at her nature before letting out...

"You don't seem intriguing in getting your car back. Do you?"

She keeps quite not flashing an eye

"When you would be inclined, I'll be set to give a helping hand"

After saying that, she angles her head towards him in disgust then rolls her eyes looking back forward.

Rex just gives her a sweet smile then keeps his head high on his spins. After a moment, Amanda's cell phone buzzes. She takes a look and sees a message from her dad telling her to pass by a bakery and get something for her grandma.

She thinks of the probability of asking for aid from Rex to escort her to the bakery then worries about what she would tell her dad when she arrives home without h,er car. She slowly drops her phone then glimpse at Rex who is very concentrated on his way.



"Uhh...I'll need your help with something...very important"

"Much more important than your car?"

"About that, I wish to know where it is. I can't arrive home without it."

Rex keeps silent for a while then rolled his head to her side, furrowing his brows.

"I believe I signaled you about this some seconds ago but you sheepishly decided to listen to that evil spirit in you by shutting up"

Amanda can't comment because she needs his aid right away. She just sits there taking every insult and mockery from him.

"Please... I'm sorry. I didn't feel like replying because you made me look like a hoe back there. So just bear with me for now and help"

"Did that just leave your mouth!?"

He turned his car at a junction and takes off towards the bakery Amanda needs to go to. Amanda crisis her brows in confusion.

"How- did you know I had to run this direction?"

"I perceived" he replied shortly

"What!? Does that even make sense right now?"

"You should be asking yourself that question dump skull. Everyone in my position would have seen the message your dad sent."

"Oh!" she exclaimed

"I thought you were like...a ghost. Like how could you have possibly sense such? Because actually, you look like one..." she doesn't look at him saying this

"You what? You're right because I'm about to cause an accident and you...will end up like me"

He accelerated and she opened her eyes wide... "Are fucking serious right now!? You're high you know that"

"Someone is scared..." he mumbles

"I heard you loud and clear. You better slow down before I call the cops" she threatens

"Don't worry they're right behind us"

"I was kidding damn it! Stop this play!" she yells and he slows down

Looking at her with amusement and satisfaction he confesses "When I saw the mess you got yourself into, I paid a friend of mine to get your car off before Craig uses his method to get rid of it"

Amanda blinked her eyes at his words. But she didn't show it off so, he doesn't taunt her afterward.

She kept silent and he didn't expect her to say anything because he knew her already.

They arrive at the bakery and he waits for her in the car while she gets whatsoever it is she wanted to get.

To be continued...

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