Love With A Twist

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Her grandma likes him

After she got what her dad asked of her, Rex drove her home though she denied his assistance.

Throughout her journey, she ignored the fact that she was heading home without her car and that she will be scolded by her dad. However, she kept marveling why Rex seemed so nice to her to the extent of proposing to drive her home.

Because of her silence, Rex's wondered what was running through her mind. Well, he knows her to be talkative so, it was strange for him to see her so calm.

He didn't want to question her timidity because he was not prepared to carry on any fight.

Firstly, he is the leader of his gang. And yes, she doesn't know about it. So, he has things to sort out at school about some bad groups of boys and girls who keep harassing new students on the campus and spoiling the schools' name by joining forces with another bad group of gangs from different institutes.

As a leader, he has to make sure all these manipulations disorders stop before it spreads beyond control. That is why he cannot afford to get into a fight with her with he has all these going through his mind.

They arrived at the driveway and she hooped out unto the pavement with a grin of gratitude. She didn't notice his follow until she stepped into her house.

It was already too late to drive him away when her grandma exclaimed

“Who is this handsome young man you brought home!?”

Walking towards Rex, her grandma gave him a soft gaze and, extended her hand to touch his cheek.

He humbly gave into her touch by lowering his head.

“I am Rex” he replied

“Amanda’s Friend” he added

“Really! Just friends?! Amanda has never confined me about you. I doubt you are just friends” What an irony her grandma commented. Amanda's eyes almost bulge out at her statement while Rex chuckled

“Excuse my manners. I have not officially introduced myself. I am granny Judith, Amanda’s grandma. The mom to her Dad.”

“Yeah. I heard of you from her. Nice meeting you” he complimented

“Uhh-” Amanda tried speaking for the first time since they got in but her words were caught by her grandmom.

“Oh really! Meaning she must like you a lot. She doesn't talk about me to just anybody. I'm a gem to her eyes. I guess she doesn't mind you stealing me from her. But trust me… you have already had me in your cage because you are the most adorable young man I have come across after my late husband”

“OK. That is enough-” Amanda was silenced by Rex this time around.

“Thank you. I appreciate. And… sorry for your loss.”

“That's ok. I believe wherever he is, he will be happy to meet you. I hope this friendship upgrade soon” Amanda doesn't make it this time

“Grandma!! Could you please not embarrass me for once… just once I plead”

“Do not mind her. She always scolds me like this” her grandma reported to Rex and he played along like he was shocked and embarrassed at the same time.

“What!? NO!” she disagrees instantly

“Here you are doing it again” Rex complimented and Amanda rolled her head towards him so quick with a frantic stare.

“Just SHUT UP!” She yelled

“Oh My God! Baby what is going on here?” her dad questioned walking down the stairs towards their direction.

“I keep hearing your voice from my office. Are you alright?” he added

Everyone was silent. She turned facing her dad, just as his eyes met that of Rex. He kept looking at the side to see who he was. His face looked familiar.

He was stunned by his view but there was something more. He kept searching to discern if he was what he didn't want to think of.

“Uhh…Dad, meet…” she angled her head to look at Rex then back to her dad she continued

“Rex. He is… the guy I was talking to you about” she whispered her last comments to her dad.

He gave Rex a terrible look but Rex wasn't moved by that, as he kept looking at both of them, wondering what she just whispered to her him.

“Nice to meet you Sir” he saluted forwarding his hands for a handshake.

Her dad looked at his hands for a long time before nodding his hand still not taking Rex's in return.

Rex pressed his lips together slowing withdrawing his hand.

Amanda felt a little disapproving about what her dad did yet she couldn't do otherwise since that is how her dad has always been.

“You can join us for dinner…if that is ok with you” her grandma proposed.

“That is a tempting proposal but sorry I have to decline. I was caught up with something before heading here. So, I have to handle it ASAP. However, I could join next time”

“No!” Amanda declined with gritted teeth to his hearing alone.

She fought back a smile as her grandma smiled understanding his excuse.

“That is ok Son. I will make sure you attend dinner or why not breakfast with us next time.” Her grandma responded

Amanda grunt her brows at her grandma's words

“I will be pleased to” Rex responded making sure he does not look at Amanda. Because her gaze alone could kill.

“I don't know how long you have been friends with my daughter, my little innocent flower but I wish to remind you her dad is here and will smash anything that would try harming her. Trust me I mean every word” her dad warned

“It is quite unfortunate that I'm not a thing. Nevertheless, I get it. That is why she so sticks to you” Rex quickly backfired.

Amanda cleared her throat at once trying to distract her dad’s feeling after Rex’s response. Her dad slightly clenched his jaw chuckling.

“Son we have unfinished business. Our time is up here. Let us live the kids to themselves” Judith spoke moving towards her son and cutting the weird silence.

On living, her grandma winked at Rex which he responded with a grin.

Amanda just buried her face in her palms frustratedly. Rex shook his head at her dilemma.

On lifting her head, she frowned greatly at his presence. Why is he still standing there?

“What are you waiting for? Move already. I thought you told my grandma you had something to take care of”

He smirked at her for some time and Amanda raised her brows waiting for him to reciprocate.

“I love your grandma. And I will come back to see her” he said then pivoted to leave not waiting for her to mention anything to his hearing and she did.

“In your dreams! I do not want to catch your feet here! If I do, I will personally cut it off before my dad takes over.”

“Daddy’s daughter” he mocked heading towards his car and she froze behind him fisting her hands.

He chuckled at her twisting face before jumping into his car and driving away.

After a long stare at his vanishing car, she realized her car was with him. She began debating about what to explain to her dad or call Rex to bring it.

She swore she won't call Rex knowing he will only mock her. But then, she cannot think of a good excuse to give her dad.

She sighs at the mess she inputted herself in. She started regretting why she let him drop her home. But it was already too late. Sadly, she walked in joining her dad and grandma in preparing dinner.


During dinner, Amanda’s dad was talking to his mom, while she uttered her mind on her car and Rex. Unexpectedly, something lit up in her dad’s mind and he instantly questioned concerning her car...bringing her to the consciousness that she doesn't have it with her.

He looked at her narrowing his eyes then woke up from his seat while her heart pounded the more.

“Where is your car Amanda?” he questioned once more and she still kept quiet.

He left the dining table and she did the same following him from behind. Before she could rush to him to explain and apologies, without thinking of the consequences, she froze meters away from him with her mouth slightly open as she saw her car parked in front of their door.

Her dad was confused as to why she was so silent and nervous. He thought her car was stolen or some other thing happened to it.

He just turned around and looked at her just when she immediately positioned her face not to make him suspect a thing.

Though she knew, it was not there, and still confused how it found itself here so sudden. Like, how could Rex possibly bring her car without anyone noticing or hearing the sound of the engine? And more to that, it was less than 15minutes when they began eating.

He walked past her and went back to the dining table. She breathes out a sigh of relief thanking Rex in her mind.

Looking at her packed car outside, she sweetly smiled biting her bottom lip. A thought came to her to text Rex and appreciate him. However, she rapidly shuffled it aside knowing he will ramble about it. She just gladly went back and dined with her family.

To be continued…

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