Love With A Twist

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The start of a new beginning

Roy Wilbur POV

Due to the tragic incident that happened within these days, I have been unable to eat nor go to school.

I just can't believe she is gone! I didn't know what It meant by losing someone precious till then. It feels like drowning in an ocean. No one to rescue you. It's more than losing all breath.

Everything you ever loved to achieve, or do becomes shaft in your eyes. You lose anxiety for everything.

Whenever my mom calls to check on me, she knows I never go out but stay indoors and that I don't care about myself even if I tell her I am ok.

She decided I come over and leave with her for some time so, she could take care of me. She was right. She didn't want to lose another precious being. Moreover, I'm her husband (that is how she calls me), her heart… you can name them. I'm the only person she has.

I don't intend to lose her too so, I avoid making her worried. Everything she asks of me, I do.

Weeks have passed yet, nothing has changed. I haven't been hanging out with my friends and I'm glad they understand perfectly well. They sometimes come to visit and condominium with me. That's what friends are for. Sharing one another's burden.

I was sitting in the garden this evening when my mom walked towards me with a gentle smile.

Her expression revealed more than just what anyone will insinuate. I know her too well just as she knows me.

Her facial expression reported worries about my feelings towards this something, which I was to find out.

I didn't want to discourage her though I felt I may not like what she is about proposing so, I made her the same smile.

The truth is I understood she has been trying to tell me something and specifically based on the statements she makes whenever she talks of her job, I knew something was up.

“Baby…” she mumbles

I pretend I heard nothing just so she could be audible.

“Rex…” she repeats loudly, and I bring my full attention to her raising my brows.

“Uhh… I need to tell you something… it's been tormenting me for some days now.”

I stared at her blankly and she handed me a form.

I gently received it

“Take a look… as you can see, this is a form about my promotion. It was given to me two days ago. I'm not sure how this would sound to you” She expatiated

“Pitchoun! That is in California I guess…” I replied

“…yeah” she stammered

I glanced at her expectantly, waiting for her to complete her statement but she said nothing.

“So, we will be relocating to the states…?” I acknowledge more than I inquired

“left for you to decide. Whatever you want, I will stick to it. Because you are what matters to me”

Those words hurt me, however, I battled in accepting this. Though the proposal was life-changing.

I understood exactly what my mom felt and why she came to me this way. It was not an easy decision for me to live in the place I spent ¾ of my life span.

Moreover, with part of me buried in the ground already decaying. I don't think I can stop missing the love I have for Bella. The area we went and where we grew up.

I keep feeling her every time I close my eyes. Like she is still stuck on me.

“I will think about it” I responded

She sighs

“We do not have much time. Before dawn tomorrow, I have to send a soft copy of this to the bakery. And all that has to be done tonight”

I was speechless and leaned against my sit, tapping the edges of it with my nails.

After a minute of silence, I replied.

“Mum I… love you and don't want to be an obstacle to your dreams. There is no way you are going to refuse this just because I have challenging times. I want to be the reason you are happy and not the other way round. So, go on and accept it before someone else does”

Her face became relaxed as though she was about grinning. However, she forced the feeling so I don't see how excited she was.

“Thanks, so much sweetheart… mum will never forget this!” she gladly embraced me then walked to her room.


The following day, Amanda woke up joyfully with memories of yesterday. Taking her bath, doing her choices, making breakfast was so swift for her as she kept humming a melody.

Her grandma kept watching her with a grateful smile on her faded but beautiful cheeks.

She couldn't notice her stare since she was so lost in her melodies. After doing everything and getting ready for school, she stepped out. Her first sight earned her smile to fade away in a swift time.

Rex was flexed in his Mercedes which was parked in front of her door while her vehicle was nowhere to be found.

She frowned bitterly rapidly walking towards his vehicle making sure her dad does not notice his presence or find out her car is missing.

When Rex saw her running forward, he angled his head smirking at her charmingly.

She stopped before the car, bend over, and waved her hand.

He pulled down the glass and immediately she yelled.

“Where is my baby and what are you doing here?”

“Those are two different questions. Which one do you need a response before the other?”

“Do not tempt me Rex!” she warned

“Get in” he ordered hovering his hand to her.

“No! You will respond to my questions right now. And forget about me getting into your car because that will never happen again. If you stole my car so I could ride along with you, I am not sorry to say, not in your dreams will that ever happen.”

“What a noble message from you. I just hope you'll be this noble when your dad jugs out. However, standing with me this early instead of heading to school, will not look pleasing to him”

Without reckoning, she opened the door and hopped in uttering

“Drive now!”

He smirked doing as told.

After a long moment of silence, he decided to give a response to her questions…

“For your first question, I paid for your car to be carried away for repairs due to the damages Craig did. Secondly, I couldn't let you trek to school and also didn't want you spending the little money you have. That's why I had to come to your house this morning. I rather bear the risk and pain of taking you to college”

Risk and pain?! That was a hatch word.

She clenched her jaws at the indirect insult. First of all, she felt embarrassed he paid for her car to be rectified. And now, he drives her to the university.

How could she utter a word after this? She just sat silently staring at the moving cars and beautiful city.

“By the way…hope you stay away from trouble this time. I won't rescue you if you do anything stupid”

She felt her temperature rise so she had to cool it before it exploded in the car.

“Just because you decided to step out of your spoiled background to “help” a less privileged like me, does not give you the gods to talk shit of me. I will recommend you to seal your mouth if you want this journey going smoothly”

He giggled, broadly exposing his deep dimples, visible for her to see. His perfect rows of white teeth and his intensive charming eyes were enough for any lady to refrigerate.

The presence of the sun made it look more gorgeous so much so that his full pink lips reflected extravagantly. And the fact that he kept nibbling his lips made it so obvious how elegant he was.

All these descriptions made Amanda stop breathing in an interval. He abruptly rolled his head and saw her staring, which caused her to break out of her thoughts.

He looked confused for some time before recovering his sight on the highway.

When she knew he wasn't looking anymore, she peeped at his hands, body structure, gestures; how his eyes flicker. Everything. Unwilling thoughts started running through her mind. Her chest raised and fell as her breath speeded up. She couldn't believe she was the actual being who was disgusted by him. They are two opposite worlds who never agree with one another.

Rivals are all they are good at. But here she is digesting his nature.

Without her heed, Rex's sight catches her's and in no time, her heart skipped so fast that she felt it moving towards the highway.

She freezes for a while then gently turns her head to its original posture, cursing herself inwardly.

He understood at once what was going on and smirked at her silently.

They entered the school campus and she hurriedly jumped out of the car onto the pavement, running away extremely embarrassed.

“You are welcome!” he screamed and she felt guiltier increasing her pace.

He giggled at the back of her fading into the crowd while he got his things and headed to his department.


Roy Wilbur POV

After some days, I understood that this relocation was necessary for my wellbeing.

Before we left, of course, we told Bella’s family about it. They were happy but at the same time depressed because we were going far away from them.

They gave me Bella's notebook. I did not want to go through it because I felt so heartbroken.

Besides, it was the same notebook I caught her writing within the day she was rushed to the hospital.

When we got on the plane, I ended up opening every page of her book. And guess what! I was right not trying to. It was devastating knowing she wasn't going to survive the surgery but chose not to explain to me.

She played with my LOVE!

I couldn't go further so I closed the book, clutching my jaws. I miss her so much! As though I would never accept a lady into my life.

After a day of our journey, we arrived in California. It is one of the biggest states containing beautiful waters all around it.

I love the sun, its welcoming atmosphere, and friendly zones. It is a productive, progressive, and fascinating environment for both foreigners and those who live within.

I caption this “The start of a new beginning”

Our baggage was transported to a taxi and we took off to Los Angeles city.

To be continued…

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