Love With A Twist

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During lectures, Amanda doesn’t keep her mind of Rex. She was in class but the lectures were not passing through her.

Her lecturer noticed her loss and called her to pay attention. She looked at him grievingly. They are in a damn university! Why the hell will her lecturer care?

Soon after, she made silent prayers for the class to get over so, she gets something to eat. Her stomach groaned as though she hadn't eaten in months.

Before her lecturer could spread specific announcements, she packed her bag and brought out her phone ready to text her friends. They had to meet at a restaurant opposite the school facility.

They planned on having lunch there every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday since none of them are free on the other days to meet up there.

They don't get food from the canteen because of their preferences. Though food is costlier at the restaurant, they sum up their money to get what they want with integrity.

The tone of the bell brought her happiness as she rapidly stood up walking towards the glass door. However, when she was out, a hand-pulled her at the corner of the school corridors where she was caught up by Craig and two other guys. They were ready to shave her hair so she could look ugly.

She went backward at the sight of these guys though her moves were taking her nowhere.

“You damaged my car. Isn't that enough? What do you want?” she stuttered

“Remember I told you that was not over. So, I came to complete my work.” Craig replied and the two lads next to him gripped her arm. Unexpectedly Rex showed up again.

"Get your sticky hands off her!"

“What the hell men! Must you always show up at the wrong time?” Craig exclaimed

“This isn't the way we handle things. What do you expect people to say about this? And who are these guys? Have you started governing a group?”

“Of course not… I paid for them to assist me. That's all. You know I can't let her go so easily”

“But I said you should. I understand what you feel. However, damaging her car was an act of equal revenge enough for your satisfaction. Now get these fellas out of here” Rex ordered

“Who the hell is he ordering?” one of the guys blasted confidently and Rex narrowed his eyes moving towards him.

“If you don't want to leave here paralyzed I would suggest you harken to my order.”

Looking at his dark eyes and sharp cheekbones the guy became fearful.

“Hope this doesn't repeat itself. Stay away from these guys. I suspect they are linked to something dangerous” Rex whispered to Craig and he nodded finally walking away with the guys.

“What was that!?” Amanda questioned breathing heavily

“What was what? I just saved your ass yet you have no aorta of appreciation.”

She rolled her eyes then slightly muttered

“That is not going to happen… By the way, I need my car”

He shook his head then took off leaving her frowning.

She hissed majestically leaving the building. When she was out, her track drop death and her mouth fell in awe at the view of her car. It was brand new and sparkling like the heavens.

She blushed as guiltiness accumulated in her hazardous heart. He prepared everything but behaved as though nothing happened! Why didn't he tell me then? She scanned the campus for him yet, to no avail.


Roy Wilbur POV

Everything seemed set for us as we packed some stuff and matched to our rooms for a proper rest.

I wasn't interested in getting to meet new people or neighbors welcoming us with a special gift as they did in the movies.

While I was taking a little rest, my mom suggested to show me her place of work.

I couldn't refuse her trip to such a beautiful city, but I wasn't interested either. I was just too tired.

She told me she will be working in a well-known authentic French specialty from Croque monsieur to the classic croissant.

We live in Arrington Ave, 22.1km (about twice the cruising altitude of a commercial jet) from Pitchoun, which is equivalent to a 17minutes journey.

On the second street, there is a petrol station ARCO. After accepting her offer, we passed by to refill.

When I got out to refill, my eyes dropped on two girls who rolled by us with music booming in their vehicle.

I was concentrating at the moment until the young lady from the driver's seat dropped her gorgeous legs down and walked to the other side of the refill.

She was damn sexy, with firm curves, butt, boobs.

She had a small square face with mahogany brown silky hair that waved its glamour. I noticed the stare my mom gave her. The young lady was chewing gum and staring lustfully into my eyes. Her brown eyes reflected like bronze.

At the gaze of her lips, they were red and full, I felt so drawn that I forgot what I came down for.

I returned my gaze to what I was doing then dropped it when I was done and lined into the car.

I didn't notice my mum was watching me all this time until she made this comment

“She seemed attracted to you and the reverse is so Undeniably true.”

I acted as though I heard nothing while glancing on my side of the window. She smiled and drove off.


Xena Green POV

All through my existence on this earth, I have never seen such a handsome creation who is unaware of his beauty.

I was at a friend’s party when my car need a refill. So we headed to ARCO while I played music and ran my smooth hands in the air with a friend whom I left the party with.

Amanda drove herself home after our semi dinner at a restaurant alongside Bridget who had plans with some her boyfriend.

Though I spent most of my time with Amanda and Bridget, I was a social girl so I had many other friends.

When we arrived at the station, I lined out of my car and moved towards the tank. And just like I said before, my eyes drifted a guy.

He wasn't familiar with the environment. And I have never seen someone like him around.

However, they did not seem from a long distance.

He was so reserved, but something sparked in his eyes when he met my gaze. Something different a reserved person. Maybe has a story to tell. Who knows?

His hair looked messy but fell very sexy on him.

As the sun reflected, so were his eyes put together with it. He had thick eyebrows like that of an Asian. His lips were not full but were not thin either. It was just-perfect.

My eyes rolled to his casual ware and damn, how could someone look so muscular in this type of dress? He wasn't shaded completely I-I could feel his muscles.

I just couldn't take my eyes off those...molded arbs. He stopped what he was doing and lined into their car.

It was then I noticed a woman positioned in the driver's seat. Which I presume was his mom. They looked so alike. With the same eyes and dark hair.

He was about six fit tall and had a square face just like mine. I must get him. I hope I meet him at school. That will make me so delighted!

They drove off and I re-joined Clara.

“Do you know him?” Clara asked

“Not yet” I responded confidently and she laughed.

“He doesn't look easy get” she added

“I know right. What you see is nothing but a reflection” I replied

“And how do you know that?”

“I am a warrior remember… I read beyond the human sight” I said dramatically while driving towards my home and we all laughed at my joke.


Roy Wilbur POV

My mom spoke to me about the college I will attend which is, California state university long beach.

I did some research and preparations for the school. I love their insides and

got to communicate with a few people on the school forum during my analysis. I think making a step is all I am left with.

My first day of school was great.

I'm not a school fan but considering my lessons, most times I don't study at home because I do work out of school. That's why I grip mostly at school.


To be continued…

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