Love With A Twist

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He's no lady's man

The following day, Amanda was talking with her friends Xena, Bridget, and Sammy, a guy she met through Bridget. She likes his company but doesn’t have an interest in him.

In the middle of their conversations, some groups of girls showed up in their mist with envy eyes shooting at Amanda.

Amanda adverted her sights to the girls who faced them just when a lady with blond hair and blue eyes, who seemed to be their leader spoke

“I guess you are Amanda Kimber?”

Amanda looked at her confused wondering how she got her full names and more to that, they have never met.

She didn't reply though it was her name.

“Now listen you leech! You better stay away from my boyfriend if not I will peel off your flesh!” the young lady warned

“And…who is your boyfriend?” Amanda inquired with knitted brows.

“Don’t play dumb with me! You know exactly who I am talking about!”

“She was asking a simple question. And by the way, she’s new here. So stop yelling at her” Xena intervened

The girl darted her eyes at her in wrath “I wasn’t asking your opinion slut!”

“You better watch your next words if you don’t want to die like the hen” Xena instructed

The young lady started marching forward to attack when Amanda quickly stood in between them.

“That’s enough!”

While Xena was composedly squatting on her seat, with a half-grin drawn on her lips. The girl stood there puffing.

“I don’t know what you're talking about so please, do not cause havoc here. You must be mistaken-” Amanda’s words were cut

“I can’t be mistaken. You are the reason Rex stop calling me. This is going to be the last warning I'm giving you. If I ever meet you guys together, I will spark something your eyes won’t be able to contain” she finalized taking off with her friends by her side Amanda stood frozen on her spot for some time before repositioning herself.

“He has a girlfriend?” she mumbled

“Rex is no lady’s man. He is a rich kid and could get as many ladies as he wants. So, take that off your mind because he will never be her boyfriend.” Xena advised

“Exactly!” Bridget uttered and Amanda barely smiled.

Later that day, Amanda was packing up her things to leave the hall when Rex appeared next to her.

“I'm here to check on” he uttered playfully

“Have you become my bodyguard?” she questioned raising a brow

“You wished. I'm just making sure you'd not getting yourself into any trouble”

“So you could “SAVE” me as you did last time” she mocked

“Not at all… I will be supervising to make sure you are rightly stroked” he teased and she became furious.

He smiled pleasantly. He loves seeing her moody.

“What are you up to?”

“It’s none of your business” she replied staring away.

“You should make things up with your girl” she mentioned bringing her gaze to him while her hands closed her books.

He narrowed his eyes towards her questioning “What girl?”

Suddenly, the young bitch from earlier showed up beside Rex. She placed her hand on his torso staring at Amanda devilishly.

Rex was disgusted by her and he instantly took her hands off.

“Babe… what’s wrong?” she questioned frowning.

“Babe?! I'm not your babe. And I should be asking you that. What the fuck is wrong with you?” he scolded and she threw herself back.

“You changed so much. Since when did you start moving with cheap girls like her?” she questioned scanning Amanda from head to toe.

Amanda clutched her jaws. You can imagine a slut calling someone who has never known a man cheap. Wow!!

Do they even listen to the shit that goes out of their mouth? I doubt.

“If there is anyone cheap here, that is you and you are very much aware”

“Moreover, what’s your business with who I talk or walk with? I told you to keep your distance. I’m going to give you the last warning. If you come any close to me hereafter, I will make you the next poster of the school” he warned. It misses Xena's hearing as she strolled towards them with Bridget by her side. They both laughed at his statement toward her.

While Amanda fought back her smiles. With that being said, he whispered to Amanda “See you later” then strolled away.

“You’re going to regret this,” the lady muttered then hurriedly walked away.

“He seems interested in you…strange from Rex,” Bridget said coming towards them

“I agree. That’s strange coming from him” Xena added

“Please guys I know both of you are evaluators in that aspect but please once again don’t implement it in my life” Amanda uttered

“We are not just evaluating. It’s a natural concept every girl will agree to. Rex is not the guy who will tell a girl “see you later” in presence of another not to talk of, in the presence of many others. That’s a huge sigh girl and you must grip it” Xena expatiated.

“Don’t you see he likes you? Why are we even going this far? We all know you feel the same. After telling us what happened at your house, with the other guys… girl trust me he is into you big time” Bridget continued

“Tell her” Xena concluded

“Enough of me. Enough of “Rex” … Enough of us!” Amanda proclaimed

“Oh wow! “Enough of us” Xena repeated her words

“Not like that… Damn it! Both of you are so annoying!” Amanda rebuked walking out and they laughed following her behind.


Roy Wilbur POV

There are so many activities going on on-campus thus, a perfect time for me to relax. I'm not familiar with a lot of people like I was back in France.

However, my friends haven't forgotten me as they call almost every day and we play video games all night. And I love their company.

James, a new friend I have here is the one leading me to another side of college. We have been strolling for about 10minutes sipping some cold drinks under this warm sun.

I just noticed within my first day here that ladies are so drawn to me. I'm beginning to wonder if something transparent has been glued on my face.

We finished our fresh tour and was about to leave the campus when the lady I once met at the station fell something to the ground.

She heads down to pick it up, I stand there impatiently waiting for her to give way.

She takes her time and gently rises with a full smile before showing an apologetic look towards me and James.

“I'm so sorry… I didn't see you coming”

“I don't see any need for you to apologize. Because I know you meant it” I responded and she portrayed amazement then flashed a broad smile.

“It happens right…?”

I didn't respond but rather moved past her towards my car with James following by my side.

She just stood there watching us leave.

While in the car, James didn't stop peeking at me the whole time. I noticed but chose to stay calm.

“Man, I thought I could let this be, but I just do not get it. Didn't you see how attracted Xena was to you!?” James mentions

I saw this coming.

“I'm not attracted to her maybe that's why I didn't see that” I answered

“So, you mean the hot and most famous girl in college does not build any anxiety in you?” he askes

“Yeah” I respond shortly

“You seem to have fallen in love with someone else” he adds looking forward

Flashbacks of Bella and I sitting in the car and laughing at each other’s jokes replayed in my mind.

I didn't respond just so I don't mention her. I don't want anyone knowing about my past yet.

Later that day, I went to my mom’s bakery. On coming back, I passed by the station to give my car some drink when the same young lady walked towards me from a nearby street.

“Hey there! We meet again. Isn't this fate?” she muttered and I chuckled keeping my focus on my hand still not looking her way.

“I'm Xena…the warrior. I'm sure you must've heard about me” she continued

That was a brilliant approach from her but still not enough to catch my attention.

“I understand you don't want to get involved with a crazy girl like me, but trust me I'm not that crazy. I Just…want to know you… that's all” she added

I finished refilling my car and matched closer to her then said

“Stop playing too hard. I am not into girls”

She raised her brows

“Oh! You're into guys?!”

I sigh then turned around to leave

“Not that either. Just stop stalking me” I got into my car and drove home leaving her stranded once again.


Xena Green POV

This was the first guy I approached who wasn't taking away by my appearance.

It seems remarkably interesting and makes me want to deep into him. I should persist for a better result. He won't resist for long.

I have a record to be the sexiest and most beautiful lady on the campus. I get what I want and don't doubt my abilities. However, I am not as crazy as people think.

I have my limits and very professional and responsible in my ways. No guy so far has been able to resist my fragrance.

I had so many fake boyfriends just to pass time, and they were all hot dudes.

However, right now, I'm not bothered by that. I don't think any dude can handle me so far. I'm more focused on hanging out with my friends.

But right now, I'm starting to have second thoughts on this because of this new guy. He makes me feel more certain and confident in myself. I can't let him slip my hands.

I can't imagine starting my second semester with this weird feeling of being close to a guy again.

What is he doing to me?

I strolled to 'Sam’s burger’s take out' to get myself something to eat. On returning, I saw my dad packed then got out of the car. I walked towards him.

“Your mum told me what happened,” he said


“Get in. We need to talk” he ordered

I moved in and he followed behind me patiently.

My dad normally works far from home. So seeing him here right now is facing a serious allegation.

I don't know what my mom reported but I'd not be tolerating shit this time around.

They all need to stop treating me like I was born an hour ago. Life is in grades and those grades vary with individuals.

To be continued…

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