Love With A Twist

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The party

*During Lectures*

Xena matched confidently like a celebrity to her seat. All eyes were on her except Roy.

This was her first “class” in this department just because she wants to see him.

He doesn't look in her direction until the class ends. When he rose to go out, she followed

“Hey, wait up” she tried catching up with him

Landing by his side and moving in synchrony made him irritated.

He stopped his pace facing her

“I believe I told you to stop stalking me!” he said with gritted teeth.

“Yes, you did, but that was in the past. Today is another day” she replied

“Said who?” he altered furrowing his brows

“Said me. Hahaha… but the truth is, I am attracted to you and I want you to give me a chance to prove I am better than your imaginations” she let out confidentially.

“It takes me a second to lift you and flick you away. Hope you won't mind me doing that” she gulped speechlessly

“Nice. Now fuck off!” he ordered, however, she stood still.

“Give me a chance to know you for a day. After that I won't bother you ever!” she proposes

He considers her words then replies

“A day you say?” he repeats questioningly


“Alright… deal” he accepts, and she grins noddingly.

They visited the city but not for so long. Throughout their journey, she didn't stop talking. While he just nodded to everything, she said.


Roy Wilbur POV

“Uhh… you said, you're from…”

“France” I reminded, and her brows lit up

“Yes, France… Sorry, sometimes I just talk a lot and forget essential things. Ok, let's talk about it since you don't know so much about California.” She said eyes focused on the highway.

She proposed showing me around so we took her car. She took over the ride while I was reclined on the passenger's seat.

“What do you want to know about it?” I asked uninterested in lecturing to her about my previous home.

“Anything you want to share” she explained

“Unfortunately, there is nothing to share” I replied, and she peeked at me frowning slightly.

“Okay… you seem to have had a tough time there” she concluded looking ahead.

“Maybe… because of someone special. It has nothing to do with France. It's a beautiful country” I added just so she knows my heart belongs to someone and hoping she stops wasting her time trying to get me.

“Oh! I wish to know about this special someone”

“You can't,” I said firmly looking ahead.

“That is ok…if you don't want to talk about it”

I didn't expect her to say that. I've been so mean and hard with her. However, she keeps being funny and adorable.

That pierced through me like a sharp edge sword.

After a moment of silence and some distance of riding, she stopped at a mountain area far away from the crowd.

It was uptown and high that we could see the entire city. The sun was setting so, the atmosphere was peaceful and refreshing to the mind.

The breeze was gentle. But as time passed, it became cold.

We got out of the car and she spoke

“I always come here when I feel stressed and…” she didn't complete her statement as she went forward at the pic of the hill standing inches from the edge.

I was thrilled she wasn't scared to stand so close as though her life had no value. She didn't look like the person talking the whole time on our way.

I walked closer to her and we stood horizontally looking at the revamp of Los Angeles.

There was a moment of silence. She appeared to be focused on something invisible, thus gaining a stare from me. When she saw my gaze, she asked.

“Do you like it here?”

I looked away nodding.

“I'm happy you do… I've never brought my friends here. You're the first. Do you feel silence speaking to us?” she looked at me expectantly.

“No” I responded

“No?! You mean-- Never mind” she silenced what she wanted to say re-facing ahead.

I looked at her with a slight smile on my lips

“You don't seem bad though”

She rolled her head to my side and my eyes met hers. She smiled widely

“Thanks… Roy”

Her eyes looked peaceful and breathtaking. I didn't want to stop staring at them, but I had to at some point.

I didn't want her noticing she catches my attention. I just looked away.

We tarried for a while before heading home.


Rolling over my house, she turned off the engine

“If you liked the trip, does it mean, the will be the next time?”

“The will be no next time. We agreed you were going to quit stalking me after this. So, let us stick to that.”

“Goodnight” I ended hooping out of the car.

“Uhh…wait!” she screamed then followed me.

“Can I at least get your number?”

I stopped my track then looked at her, before replying formally

“Of course…NOT!”

She looked hurt but I didn't get emotional with that as I walked into my house.


“I have a request to make”

“I’m all ears to your request my beauty” the leader of the gang responded

“There’s this girl who has been getting to my nerves lately. I want you to help me order some of your boys to deal with her. But before that, I know you all have been dying to meet up with the lead of the hidden group. So, in return, you could handle him if you want but do not kill him”

“And how do you intend to do that?” he asked

“I have everything planned. A member of their group is not in line with the lady involve and lately, I found out he paid some of your boys to beat her up. Well, I don’t know all of them so well. However, I could search for others depending on the proposal we make in the future. All you need to do is put your guys in place. When they will be positioned, your guys will signal the others to take action. Remember, five of you are minor for Rex to handle. No offense, but that’s the truth. So if you want to get him, you will do as I say”

“Not forgetting the main target here is Amanda. That’s her name,” she added and he thought about it in silence before responding.

“Alright. That’s a good suggestion. One more thing… how certain are you they are going to be together?”

“Just wait and see” she replied confidently


Rex was invited to a school party with his friends. At that same party, was Amanda, Xena, Bridge, and Sammy came with a group of friends.

Roy was introduced to Rex by James once he stepped in.

"I want you to meet Rex. The guy I told you about." James notified above the boom of music.

Roy extended his hands towards Rex but was rather drawn into a boy's hug.

"I heard a lot about you" Rex quoted

"Same here" Roy responded exiting the hug

"Come on. Let's have a seat" Rex directed him towards a private section with James pursuing behind.

They squatted and ordered a drink while Roy scanned the environment of students rubbing against each other and stumbling all over the hall.

"This is a hell of a party" Roy commented and they brought their attention to him.

"This is nothing compared to the ones ahead" Jame replied

"Just a school re-union" Rex added

"You leave around?" Rex questioned

"No. Just here for the party"

"I see"

"Let's get this straight. Do you own the G3 Mercedes on the driveway?"

Rex chuckles "Yeah?"

"'re damn rich" Roy muttered almost in a whisper.

Rex smiled sipping his drink but as soon as his eyes snatched Amanda’s presence with Sammy by her side, he hurriedly gulps once his drink

"Excuse me," he said to the boys and sauntered towards her.

Once he got there, he fastens Amanda’s arm and pulled her against his trunk.

“May I dance with you?” he requested gaining an unbelievable look from her.

“NO” she formally responded and his hands cupped her butt squeezing it gently gaining another look of shock from her.

“Are you crazy?!” she growled with gritted teeth

He chuckled “Wait until you reject my proposal for the second time then you will know if I am or not”

“May I dance with you?” he recited

She didn’t dare to refuse this time.

She nodded a little and he smirked “Good girl”

All the while, Sammy was irritated by Rex's possessiveness. However, he could do nothing about it.

"He just left us for a girl. Is she his girlfriend?" Roy questioned staring at

Rex was leading Amanda to the dance floor.

"Not yet" James replied and they chuckled at his response.

The music was changed to a slow one. Amanda became happy she didn’t have to swirl her waist and butt against his groin. However, she missed the worse scenario.

He held her tight unto him with his hand gripping her waists while her hands snaked his neck.

She had to stare into his eyes because of their closeness. Nevertheless, she couldn’t keep on for long due to his alluring gaze which contained the deem light's reflection.

He wore a long-sleeve white shirt that wandered out of his black pants. Unto it was a buttonless suit which had no tie. He looked a little rough with his unkempt hair. However, none of these made him less attractive.

All eyes were stuck on them as they led the dance floor with the romantic song of the year.

The restless ladies around became jealous of Amanda. They kept gossiping to themselves concerning her.

Nonetheless, Rex and Amanda danced in their world staring into each other’s eyes with less notion about their surrounding.

“You’re not beautiful” he complimented and she restrained her stare

“I meant the word beautiful is not enough to describe your beauty” he clarified receiving blushes from her. She looked away so he doesn’t notice how affected she became.

He grinned pleasantly then whispered.

“Who was that guy you talked to earlier?” he inquired and she revoked her gaze to him.

“A friend” she responded shortly

“I doubt he sees you as a friend”

“What do you mean?” she questioned

“Don’t be ignorant. Most of us dudes will never come to a lady just for friendship and talk with them at a great occasion like this instead of banging other ladies or being with friends”

She shrugged

“By the way, he was flirting with you earlier” he added and she just looked at him speechlessly.

“You always flirt with me. Does this mean you like me?” she questioned after a while

He was pulled to the present by her words for a second before responding “We are not friends. That only applies to a guy friend. So, our case is exceptional”

“If we're not friends then what are we?”

He smirked releasing his hands from her then holds her hand, and swirls her around before repositioning her unto him

“Addicted” he responded

“Addicted?!” she fused her brows

“Yeah. We’re addicted to one another”

“What does that even mean?”

“I don’t know. You should find out” he said and the music stopped.

He winked at her then walked away living her stunned.

“Oh my gosh! What was that?” Xena inquired

“Yeah what was that earlier? I saw the look you gave each other” Bridget added

She glowed at them blankly.

“N- Nothing” She became scared of repeating Rex's last words

“Are you sure it was nothing? Is there something we need to know?” Xena pressured

“No, there isn't! Stop interrogating me. Everyone is looking at us!” they all glimmered around and back to her.

“This is nothing compared to the jealous eyes peeping at both of you earlier. You needed to see those faces.” They both laughed.

“This is not funny! Who knows who recorded” Amanda yelled at both of them however, their laugh increased.

“That would be great! It will help tell those dirty girls where they belong.” Xena let out.

Amanda sigh in exhaustion as they walked to a seat.


The party became tensed and lively. But suddenly a problem arose.

Rex noticed students from different institutes. The fact that it was a Long beach party, created into Rex something dubious. He quickly notified his boys to keep their eyes on the intruders.

“Where is Amanda?” Craig rushed furiously

“Where the hell did you go? I’ve been searching for you for a long time now” Rex questioned

“I was playing video games with some dudes upstairs when I discovered that bastard of a girl drew her fucking name on my brand new car and smash my tires” Craig yelled

“What girl?”

“Who else if not for that crazy bitch called Amanda!”

“She can’t possibly do that” Rex shook his head.

“Don't fucking tell me you're standing for her? Because I won’t sit back this time” Rex sigh fucking his hands in his hair before regaining sights at him.

“Where are they?”

“I don't know what you're talking about?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about!” Rex conceded coldly

Craig guiltily looked away

“FUCK!!” he cursed.


To be continued…

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