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Zion has always wanted to be a famous singer since he can remember. His family always supported his dream, his father less than the others, but still showed support. That is until he turned 15 and decided to come out to his family. Ever since that day everything at home took a turn for the worst. Zion not only is treated like shit in his home but also at school he is considered an outcast, total nobody. Then one day at the small music cafe where he does gigs and works at with his band mates he runs into Drake the most popular guy at his school. Follow these two on a somewhat boring, dramatic, funny, and romantic adventure of what we call life and living.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1- Prolouge

Zion POV-
I look around and see everyone dancing, jumping up and down, or just doing whatever while I'm singing. The music is loud and the lights are dim everywhere except for on the stage. I can't believe I'm finally a famous singer just like I've always dreamed of being. After we finished our song the crowd started cheering my name..
They get louder and louder while chanting over I try to get them to quiet down, but no one is llistening anymore.
They all yell, even my friends. I look back to see why they are also yelling my name.
"Zion, wake up!"
"Wake up!"

I wake up with a jump to see my little brother about to suffocate me with my pillow. I quickly push the pillow away from me to show that I'm awake.
"Mom, finished breakfast an hour ago!!" he whines.
"Sorry Zacky" I say while yawning. Then it hits me. My mother always starts breakfast at six so she finishes at seven so Zacky and Zahnae aren't late for school and if she finished an hour ago then that would mean it's eight right now.....
"SHIT! I'm going to be late for school!" I start rushing around my small room tripping on everything while trying to get ready fast enough while Zacky is standing near my bed laughing his ass off. I rush into my bathroom and quickly shower while brushing my teeth. When I finish with both I don't even dry off and just slip on some boxers and start running around trying to find clean clothes for me to wear. I found some black skinny jeans and a light blue shirt and slip them on. I look into my mirror in the restroom to try and fix my wet hair to look somewhat decent for the fisrt day of school. The first thing I see once I look into the mirror are my white eyes, I don't know why they are white. The doctors say it was a mutation or something like that honestly I didn't really bother listening to them. I start trying to fix my dark curls for a while before giving up and leaving my hair alone.
I get downstairs to find an empty house. I start walking fast towards the door and grab my black boots that have a small heel so I can at least look taller than I really am. I start running the two miles to school so I'm not too late on my first day of my senior year.

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