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"Be brave, always be brave." Aaliyah Winters was blessed with many gifts at birth. Discernment, however was not one of them. At seventeen she's a beautiful girl with a particularly charming wit. Follow the adventures of this highschooler through her final year, as she tries to protect her heart till the very end.

Romance / Adventure
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Aaliyah POV

Never once in my life had I imagined I would be running after a teacher rather than running away from one. Imagine my surprise when I found myself charging at full speed behind a Ford Mustang attempting to avert an impending disaster, in Disney pajamas.

To be frank, my English essay was due in approximately 23 minutes and Mr. Ives’ driving was putting the entirety of the Fast and Furious franchise to shame. I have been suspecting him to have been sabotaging me- since day one.

Albeit, a calamity of a first impression loosely involving strawberry bubble gum and an ill-aimed paper plane, but I won’t pain you with the details.

After sprinting for a good ten minutes, or what had felt like an eternity, he finally stopped the car, and rolled down the window to give me a skeptical look. Grateful that he took mercy on my aching slipper clad feet, I catapulted the document through the window.

“THANK YOU AND GOODBYE!” I huffed, sitting down on the pavement to catch my breath.

“You could have just emailed me ya know?” He said slowly, looking slightly concerned that I was hugging the asphalt.

“Well ya could have told me that -”I stop, to look down at my imaginary watch”- 33 minutes ago.” I sighed. Track was never my strong suit.

“But I didn’t” He retorted smirking victoriously

“No shit sherlock .” I muttered getting up and brushing myself off.

“What was that?” Ives asked, smirking.

Shit. He had heard me, but luckily for me we weren’t in school so he couldn’t give me detention or take any other drastic measures. I could not afford a strike on my record so close to graduation.

“Oh nothing, just how much your lack of competency reflects in your inability to clearly communicate which will make an appearance on that stupid end of year survey you’ll inevitably have to send out .” I replied in a sickly sweet voice.

“You wouldn’t-”

“Wouldn’t I?” I smirked. I can see this encounter definitely coming to bite me in the behind later on. Majorly. But for now,

Winters: 1 Ives: 0.

Hey lovelies! This is my first story ever, let me know what you think! Thank you for reading!
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