The Stains Beneath Our Skin {mxm}

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Bad Behaviour

Grinning, Casper nuzzled in against Cain’s side and stretched all the sleep out of his muscles, lithe and feline. Well, he liked to think it was lithe and feline, probably he just looked like an insect struggling to get off it’s back, but Cain kinda made him feel like that anyway. The heat beneath the covers sunk right into his bones, and the thin light that came through the blacked-out windows cast just enough brightness to sink sallow into the ghoul’s skin. Like gruesome twins, they curled up either side of Cain, heads pillowed on his shoulders.

“Should I wake him up?” Casper whispered to the ghoul.

With a pouty gathering to its thin, bloodless lips, the ghoul shrugged and tugged down the covers until it exposed their hips. The ghoul slept naked, swollen member poking out past the leg he had bent up on Cain’s chest, its foot tickling against Casper’s in the middle, but Casper and Cain still had boxers on. Not that Casper was any less engorged than the ghoul.

Damn, he’d been spending too much time with this prick. Since when had he even thought shit like engorged? How much would Jack laugh at him if he came out with that?

“Am I not going to be here when he wakes up?”

That sounded poetic, but the ghoul wagged its finger and lifted its leg, a lewd display of its cock and heat-heavy balls. Its long, ragged nail scratched along Cain’s waistband and in his sleep, a murmur slipped Cain’s lips and his hips twitched into the touch.

Ah, there it was. The hardness of him, unshielded by the ghoul’s leg. It looked big, and Casper did like big, but he’d also probably throw up if he fucked Cain right now. Plus it still kind of hurt to shit.

Casper shuddered and slammed the memory out of his head.

“I don’t want to fuck him,” Casper told the ghoul, and the ghoul rolled its eyes like he was being a baby but shook its head anyway. “What then?”

Like a ghost, the ghoul’s hand traced over the hardness, so close it tickled against the cotton, but as Cain’s hips pushed unconscious into the touch, it kept away. A refusal to touch. Teasing.

Oh, Casper could tease. Jack really liked that. He liked it when Casper drove him crazy until he snapped and fucked him so hard he couldn’t walk afterwards, and sometimes Casper wasn’t really sure if he wanted to stop or not, but that was exactly why he’d refused to make a safeword for them. There was no squirming out of the way Jack fucked him and failing was part of the game.

Maybe he could make Cain snap. Maybe it’d feel good if he really deserved it.

Heart quickening, Casper slipped his hand under the ghoul’s and grazed his palm over Cain’s hardness. It sure did twitch pretty, and the heat emanating from it warmed him right down to the pit of his gut. While he was still asleep, it was easy to glide over him like that, slipping over his cock and the heaviness of his balls. His legs were parted around Casper’s, and Casper had a good feel down there. Big and sloppy and loose. The kind of balls you wanted slapping your face while someone fucked it. Just the brief image of it while he caressed them had him aching. Maybe it had been too long since he’d had a wank for this. Maybe it had been just long enough.

Sliding his hand onto Cain’s thighs came like a breath of cool air, and the taut muscle in Cain’s hips and stomach trembled as they relaxed. He murmured, sweet and sleepy, and tightened his arms around Casper, rubbing his face against his hair.

Grinning, Casper pulled himself up so he lay out on top of Cain, just tall enough for his mouth to rest against Cain’s throat while their hips pressed together. The ghoul pinched his ass and Casper bucked into it, trapping a moan in his throat.

Maybe the ghoul didn’t know what was best, but the ghoul always knew exactly the best way to get him into trouble.

Slow, achingly slow, Casper began to roll his hips against Cain’s. Hardly took a few goes for his slackening arms to tighten and for him to push up into that pressure, but Casper was good and the way his legs spread around Cain’s hips put him just right to make that pressing the least satisfying thing in the world, so bereft of what you needed that your mind went crazy looking for more.

Didn’t take long for Cain’s eyes to flutter open, a gasp on his lips and his hands tightening like vices on Casper’s sides.

“Wh—” Quickly broken in a grunt as Casper closed his lips on Cain’s throat. Hot and wet and full of slathering tongue. He kept his hips moving just the same, but the pressure from Cain’s quickly got desperate.

Fuck, his hands felt good, bruising tight and dragging with shuddering intensity over Casper’s sides and down to his hips. And that wasn’t even counting that thick pressure against the inside of Casper’s thigh.

He ached for it, something dizzy swaddling his head and heat slithering around in his gut. Fucked. Used. Cain’s growl in his ear telling Casper he loved him while he hurt him. Shuddering, Casper bit down on Cain’s throat and it drew a loud moan, Cain arching his neck and grinding up against Casper’s hips.

Prince Charming thought it sweet to stop his hands on Casper’s waist, so Casper grabbed them and put them on his ass, and those fingers closed on the soft flesh like they were made to be there, palms pressing in from the bottom and his fingers pushing into the cleft, pulling his cheeks apart just fucking right. Casper nibbled his way up Cain’s throat until he reached his ear, and as Casper nipped at it, he groaned. With his hands in Cain’s sweaty hair, Casper forced Cain’s head around so his lips closed on Casper’s throat.

Hot. The skin there sung with that tactile wetness, nerves alight sending static into his veins. Cain’s lips moved there just as smooth as he kissed, nestled right into the crook of Casper’s neck where it just got him – squirming and moaning and god, those lips around his dick would be filth. And that tongue. Fuck that tongue. And he moved his hips like fucking sin and Casper had just been going to tease him but now Cain had him the hot fucking mess. His hands slid down inside Casper’s boxers, touch electric, and his fingers tugged and probed just short of anything just the way that drove him fucking crazy.

Casper wrenched his mind out of the sub-bitch-gutter – get some control of this, Roach – and twisted out of Cain’s grip, sat up, and flung the covers all the way off them. Straddled Cain’s hips with his ass pressed against that hardness. In the dim light, shadows carved Cain’s face to perfection as he devoured the sight of Casper.

Hardly took any false injection of neediness – the pretences and the fake moans – to grind against Cain like he was sliding that cock in and out of himself. Head thrown back like the ecstasy consumed him.

“Cas—” Hands back on his waist and this time they didn’t move with him, they held him back. “Oh fuck, Cas—Cas, love, stop it.”

Casper glanced down, all pouty lips and a flash of those scars, and Cain melted at the look. Shit, he always melted at the look, but this one looked like it turned him into a puddle of goop. “Stop what?”

Cain’s head pressed back into the pillow, desperate gasps breaking from his throat. God, he looked so fucking hot like that. Heat flushed cheeks and slack lips and no more mister perfect with his hair all stringy with sweat and thrown into disarray by the twisting of his head. Casper wanted to see it again and again and again. He wanted to see that face when he came.

This, Cas. Stop—ah—Cas, you don’t—”

Interesting. Casper cocked his head and deepened his pout. “Why? Aren’t you enjoying it?”

“Cas,” Cain hissed between gritted teeth, “Cas, you don’t want me to fuck you.”

“No I don’t. You make me sick.”

“Well, I’m bloody fucking going to whether either of us want me to or not if you don’t fucking—stop.

And on the last word, Casper stuck his hand between them and squeezed the bulge trapped behind silk. Cain surged up to sitting, eyes blazing and the shape of a snarl on his lips that had ice running down Casper’s spine and heat surging up to meet it. Only a glimpse, then he had Casper pressed against his chest and his lips locked on his throat and the hand on the small of Casper’s back grinding his hips down into the inimical pressure of Cain’s against his.

A wanton moan broke from Casper’s throat, and he shoved Cain’s hands down onto his ass and with nails dragging into Cain’s back, clutched himself close – all sweat smeared between their chests and each of Cain’s laboured breaths pushed against his ribs and the only inch of space between them was the inch that kept all that carnal pressure off his aching cock.

Fumbling, Casper dragged down Cain’s boxers, and the touch of his hardness against Casper’s thigh turned to skin-on-skin, rigid heat, thick with dampness brushing the end. Fingers brushed against Casper’s asshole, a dry friction that had him crying—

Cain lifted him off his lap. Enough of a shove in the last bit that Casper tumbled back on the bed. Cain’s cheeks were flushed gorgeous pink and his hair drenched with the same sweat that trickled over the heaving muscles in his back, between the sharp, red lines Casper’s raking nails had left there. Not another look at Casper, he swung out of bed and fumbled himself back into his pants and stalked to the bathroom.

Only at the door did Cain finally pause and look back. Scalding hot arousal pulsed through the tight guilt that slathered his face and he pinched the bridge of his nose as he looked away.

“I’m sorry, Cas. Maybe it’s better if I don’t sleep with you.”

Then he left, bathroom door slamming behind him. Casper sat up, hand already closing around his cock, wet with spit.

Incredible. He actually blamed himself for that.

The image of it not stopping oozed through Casper’s mind as he touched himself, the intensity building with each new level of shuddering heat. Panting and gasping and curled around the aching knot of pleasure, Casper finally came with Cain’s face plastered across his mind.

He left the splattered jizz on the bed. A little kiss on the cheek for mister psycho to find. Maybe he’d scoop it up and put it in a vial. Was he that kind of crazy? The cold air tickled Casper’s skin as he strolled naked through the halls back to his room for a shower. As he passed beneath the vaulted arches and breathtaking snatches of view, he hummed a song he loved but hadn’t heard in months.

Yeah, the ghoul really did always know what was best for him.

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