The Stains Beneath Our Skin {mxm}

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47 Spoilt Brat

“I’m bored.”

Cain glanced up from his paperwork, the hint of a smile on his lips. He’d gotten ink on his cheek, a splodge up by his hairline where he always tapped the tip of his pen while he chewed over something with his cheek resting on his closed fist. Cute. God, he hated it but everything about Cain was unbearably endearing. Even the indulgent turn to his smile as he set down his pen and leant back in his chair.

“Do you have anything to read?”

Casper leant back over the arm of the armchair Cain had put in here for him, a huge one set right in front of the fire that cradled him like a cloud. He arched his back and smirked at the way Cain traced the slice of skin that opened up between this too-small, too-short top and the way too-tight jeans that were kind of crushing his balls. Cain had been eying him all day, especially when he bent over or spread his legs or arched like this. Good, because that was exactly why Casper had put this on.

The ghoul had strutted out the room with him in exactly the same clothes, and how it looked rolling around on the floor told Casper just how good he looked.

“I don’t feel like reading,” Casper said with exactly the degree of cute petulance that put that helpless smile on Cain’s face, the one he hid with the back of his hand because he must know how sappy it looked, but it didn’t matter because it shone in his eyes anyway.

Finding the range had been easy. Any ounce of cuteness got Cain googly eyed, but Casper had put a lot of effort into finding the sweet spot of spoilt behaviour to get his own way.

“Well...” Cain crooked his finger and his coffee cup floated through the air to him, its shadow bobbing against the mahogany wall in the slanting sunlight. “Do you want to watch something?”

Casper shrugged. “We watched everything I want to watch.”

“You’re just too indecisive to decide on all the other stuff and you well know it.”

Arrow to Casper’s heart there, but not the point at all. “I want to play a game. Can I use your laptop?”

The easiness stiffened a touch and Cain’s lips tightened as he tapped his nails against the surface of the desk. The sip of coffee was too long to be anything but deliberation.

“I’m not sure, Cas...”

Casper gave a huge sigh and slithered out of the chair to his feet. Cain didn’t take his eyes off the roll of his hips as he sashayed up to the desk. “Come on, it’s not like I’m going to send out a distress signal.”

Cain sipped his coffee and rubbed at the bridge of his nose. “Cas—”

Please. You can turn the internet off when I’ve downloaded it. I know you don’t use it and I have no clue where you keep the router.”

Still hesitating. And he didn’t even know the things Casper could do with a computer. Once without the internet would turn so easily into unsupervised use, and he’d found the router weeks ago.

Cain was a pushover. It was adorable really, and it made Casper feel that spoilt kind of indulged that made wiggling his hips and dressing pretty and batting his eyes feel all fuzzy and warm. The kind of nice that got him horny without feeling dirty.

It took sitting himself in Cain’s lap, stealing his coffee from his hand, and drinking it slouched against his shoulder with his legs hooked either side of Cain’s all nice and wide for Cain to give in.

Fine, you little brat. But you can piss off if you think I’m giving you the password.”

Casper grinned and pressed a kiss damp with coffee to Cain’s jaw. His strong arms snared Casper around the waist and pulled him in tight, up into Cain’s lips pressed against the crook of his neck. His breath as he nuzzled into Casper’s throat was warm with the heat of the fire.

No part of Casper had to fake the way that made him giggle and squirm. The only bit he had to push down was how badly he wanted to twist around and kiss Cain properly.

Maybe soon. This mug had signed his death warrant letting Casper into that. Emails. Documents. Passwords. Secrets. All of it right at his fingertips. There had to be something to help him out of this place and he’d fucking well find it. Just one sliver on some mundane fallibility of sorcery and he’d have his freedom.

If not, there wasn’t anything Casper couldn’t find on the web if he looked hard enough and deep enough.

And if it was really a dead end, at least he could play Dark Souls and cause some chaos somewhere.

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