The Panther's Claw

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Chapter 11: a big reveal

Xander's eyes are wide with fear as he pleads with Everett. Apparently Everett has had enough.

"Shift!" He booms. His voice echoes through the office. Suddenly there are two snakes on the ground. A sand coloured rattlesnake where Xander was and a black cobra where Cowboy was standing. Both are on top of a pile of their clothing. Well shit.

Everett walks over to the cowering rattlesnake and picks him up by the head and walks out of the office. He looks over his shoulder at me.

"Arent you coming?" He smirks. Well not yet but here's hoping. I smile and walk over to follow Everett. I stop by cowboy and lean down letting him slither up and curl around my arm. He just stays there apparently content as I follow Everett.

"This is our detention center." Everett says showing what looks like the reptile house at the zoo. The room is filled with glass tanks some with snakes but most without.

Its a snake dungeon!

"Wes, you may shift back." Everett says looking at my snake covered arm with a smirk. Wes however doesn't move. "He seems to like you."

"Ya... we need to talk in your office." I admit. No time like the present. Everett nods and drops Xander in a tank. Xander stares at me and shakes his tail. Hes mad at me. Good. Im pissed off too.

He snaps at me thinking that will scare me. I laugh and let out a hiss of my own that sends him cowering in the corner of his tank. I turn to see Everett grinning like he won something. Whatever.

I motion for him to lead the way. Wes nuzzles my arm affectionately while we walk back to the office. I sit down across the desk from Everett. I look down to Wes.

"You may want to be human for this." I warn him. He slides off me and onto the floor and makes his way to his clothes. I look away much to Amethyst's disappointment. Me too hun. Me too.

When Wes is sitting down next to me I turn to face both of them.

"So... here's the thing. I am a panther shifter." I say awkwardly. They both gasp. I guess they know about us kinky ass panthers then. I look down at my feet and try to figure out the best way to say it. Fuck it rip the bandage off! "And you are both my mates as well as a wolf shifter so far. Scarlet is also part of my Claw but not as a mate." Everett and Wes are up out of their chairs quickly and standing in front of me.

God, Everett has gotta be pissed he's so Alpha male. Oh this is not going to end well.

"I understand if you don't want to... be with me or... be with others. I just figured you should know." I confess. Both men are still silent. I have to know. I look up and see Everett and Wes looking at me with a weird look. "Talk to me this is freaking me out." I admit.

"I will gladly be a part of your Claw. I am honored that you chose me." Everett beams. His eyes are even shining. Maybe im missing something. Im going to have to read more of that book.

"The same goes for me doll. I will gladly be at your side." Wes grins down at me. He offers his hand to lift me from the chair. Then I'm pinned between Everett and Wes. Oh lord. My breath hitches as Everett's hand slowly trails up my thigh taking the hem of my dress with it. "This is going to kill me not to kiss you." Wes breathes.

"Xander's venom didn't effect me at all." I inform him figuring that he was talking about the venom.

"Really?" I nod and soon im captured in a very quick kiss. He looks at me searching for any ill effects. I dont feel any. Maybe a fever because damn this is hot! Everett plants kisses up my neck making me purr. Apparently thats all that was needed for Wes to actually kiss me. His lips are sweet and soft but the kiss is anything but. Its hard and demanding and making me drown in lust. Wes pulls down the straps of my dress and I see where this is heading. For once Amethyst is on my side. She wants to be wooed. We deserve it. I remove myself from the snake man sandwich.

"Im sorry but I'm not quite ready yet. Im not losing my virginity in an office with two men i just met." I state.

"Virginity?" Everett asks.

"Shocking but yes." I grumble.

"Im sorry. That came out wrong." He winces. "You just seem so..." I raise an eyebrow and laugh when Wes smacks a hand over Everett's mouth.

"Dont worry. I know. I seem knowledgeable. I used to work as a cage dancer back home. It helped me get to college." I admit.

"How old are you?" Wes asks.

"Nineteen." I smile.

"How did you save up enough for college doing that?" Wes asks.

"Im really good at it." I smirk. They both let out a groan as they adjust themselves.

"Well, lets get you home before we get carried away." Everett says leading me out to the Shelby. God thats a beautiful car. Everett chuckles under his breath.

"What?" I ask as Wes opens the door and slides in. I sit myself on his lap. Shelbys are not meant for parties of three or more.

"Im just understanding a bit more about the bad girl comment." He grins. I shake my head with a snicker.

"Oh honey, you don't even know." I smirk. We drive back to my dorm where I give them both a kiss on the cheek and thank them for being so understanding. Before I get out Wes hold my hips.

"You said there was a wolf too. Who is it?" He asks.

"Torin. I only met him for a bit last night. There was a bit of a situation at their bonfire so I didn't end up staying." I reply. "Oh, I need your phone number Wes." I say offering my phone. He puts in his number and we say good bye. I text him so he has my number and head inside.

Scarlet is waiting for me in the room with a great big guilty grin.

"What happened?"

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