The Panther's Claw

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Chapter 12: sick

"What happened?" I ask.

"Why would you assume that something happened?" She asks sweetly.

"Because you look like I caught you raiding my underwear drawer." I reply crossing my arms. "Spill."

"Ok. Fine." She slumps. "Sawyer came up here with flowers for you. I may have told him you were out on a date." She winces.

"What?! Ive never been given flowers before. Thats so sweet. Oh! I have to find him and apologize." I run out of the door but turn around. "By the way, two more mates. Both snake shifters." I inform her before running back out to find Sawyer.

I follow that sweet earthy smell. I find him on the first floor room 125. I knock still not completely sure what I'm doing.

He answers the door in just jeans. My mouth goes dry at all that muscled skin my eyes finally make it up to his honey brown eyes. Mate. Again.

I let out a purr and Amethyst is up to bat because apparently I can't form words around half naked sex gods.

"Hey. I heard i missed you at my dorm sorry." I hear myself say. That sounded better than the vowel sounds I would have made.

"Uhhh..." oh good im not alone!

"May I come in?"

"Ummm..." but he steps to the side and lets me pass.

"Ok. So here's the rub. We're mates. But im a panther shifter. Apparently I have multiple mates. Is that alright with you?" Ok no more talking Amethyst the poor man deserves a softer touch for this topic. She huffs and returns to the back of my mind. "Sorry. My panther can be a bit abrupt. Are you ok?" I ask seeing hes a bit green. I sense it before it comes. Hes going to hurl. I turn him around and push him to the bathroom where he can be sick. I start preparing a damp cloth and some blankets for the couch. Marco says I build the best sick nests. Mates beware!

I notice him watching me as he leans against the doorframe. He looks pale and sweaty. Poor thing. I hurry over and lead him to the nest on the couch and wrap him up properly and set the cool cloth on his forehead. I sit beside him and lay his head on my lap so he's laying down.

I hear him sigh contentedly as I stroke his hair.

"Are you ok?" I ask softly.

"I am now. My bear thought you rejected us." He whispers.

"Never." I smile turning his face to mine. I lay a kiss on his nose making him chuckle.

"Who were you on a date with?" He asks awkwardly.

"Technically it wasn't a date. There was a misunderstanding between me and the leader of the snake shifters, Everett. So we rectified it. Then I found out he and another snake shifter, Wes, were my mates so we had to deal with that too." I explain.

"Wow. What kind of disagreement?" He asks but winces. "Sorry if I'm being nosey." I smile down at him and he relaxes.

"Youre not being nosey. My roommate, Scarlet, and I went out for dinner the other day. We met Xander who is a rattlesnake shifter and he poisoned Scarlet so I handled the situation. Scarlet recovered but Xander told Everett that I insulted or challenged their nest or something so he had no choice but to poison the woman I was with." I shrug still livid at the entire stupid situation. "Then Everett sent me a giant ass snake skin to apologize and now we're here."

"Wow. You've been busy." He chuckles. I huff a laugh and go back to playing with his hair. We stay like that for a while until his bear is calm again and colour is back in his cheeks. Scarlet sends me a text offering a girl's night out which is a whole hearted yes from me. I smile as I card my fingers through Sawyer's hair as we talk about school starting up in a few more days.

The door swings open loudly revealing a wolf shifter smelling like cedar. I smile at him as he takes in the scene before him. Sawyer's head in my lap and his massive body wrapped up like a burrito while I play with his ebony hair. Sawyer grins at him.

"Torin! This is Lena my mate!" He sounds so proud it makes my heart melt.

"Ya man. I know her. Im one of hers too." Torin grins. This is so frigging awkward.

"I thought it was just the snake shifters." Sawyer asks looking up at me.

"Its been a very crowded couple of days." I admit. "Maybe I should have braved the onslaught last night..."

"No." They both say at once.

"You were there too?" I ask Sawyer.

"No but i saw the pictures. You were smart to have left." He says sitting up. I scoot down to make room for Torin. Torin drops onto the couch beside me.

"Oh, I have your underwear in my room." Torrin smirks. Oh for the love of God.

"Thats what that delicious smell was last night? I thought i was going insane!" Sawyer laughs. This just keeps getting worse. They chuckle as my face heats even Amethyst is embarrassed and that never happens.

"Well... it looks like you are feeling just fine now." I say patting Sawyer on the chest and standing up. "I gotta go. Scarlet and I have plans for a girl's night."

"Where are you going? Maybe we'll join you." Torin smirks.

"Not telling. Its a girls night. Nice try though." I wink and lean down and kiss Sawyer on the cheek. "Im glad youre feeling better."

"Well, if you're not going to tell us we'll just have to hunt for you." Sawyer smiles widely.

"Well then. Let the hunt begin." I smile as I saunter out of their dorm. Amethyst may or may not have put a bit more sway in my hips then normal.

The growls i hear behind me make me smile.
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