The Panther's Claw

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Chapter 13: girls night

Scarlet is grinning like the cat that ate the canary when I enter our dorm.

"And what took you so long? That must have been quite the apology." She giggles.

"Its not like that. He got sick. So I stayed to take care of him."

"Another mate?" She smirks.

"Yes." I sigh. "I feel like this is getting out of hand."

"The book said its natural, especially when you feel safe." She smiles. "Now, lets get sexier and start girls night."

"Thank God!" I cheer. We turn on some music and start getting ready dancing and singing the whole way.

Scarlet picks out a stunning red dress that clings to her luscious curves and matching heels. She looks fantastic so I send a picture of her to Tripp. Spank bank material.

Scarlet picks out a twirling black dress for me and Amethyst is in her element with a strappy black bra and panty set and my ballet flats. We take some pictures of us together and head out.

The club is called The Shift and its exclusively for shifters which is nice. It doesnt smell like The Cage which smelled like sweat, alcohol, urine and other bodily fluids. The Shift smells like forest and alcohol. Much better.

The music booming out of the speakers sinks into my bones and im dancing before we hit the floor. Scarlet and I sway and move to the music laughing and having fun. Scarlet's face breaks out into a wide grin and I know Tripp is here. Shes immediately swept away into her mate's arms and I head to the bar.

"Bottle of water please!" I shout to the bartender. She nods and leaves me to my own devices.

"Well don't you look delicious." I hear against my ear. I tense ready to throw an elbow in some guys gut when I smell hot sand. Wes. I turn to see him no cowboy hat in sight instead his dark hair is falling over his golden brown eyes.

"Hi." I grin.

"Hi. Are you here alone?" He asks looking around.

"No. Im with Scarlet for girl's night." I laugh. "But her mate swept her away."

"Well I can sweep you away too if you want." He smirks.

"That sounds wonderful. I should warn you though two of my mates might be hunting me down." I smile.

"Hunting you down?"

"They wanted to crash girl's night and I said they'd have to find me." I chuckle.

"Would you like me to call Everett too so we can all meet?" He offers.

"Thats probably a good idea." I reply as the bartender comes back with my water. I thank her as Wes pulls out his phone. He sends a text before leading me out onto the dance floor.

I see Scarlet still dancing and laughing with Tripp as Wes and I start moving to the music.

I get lost in the pumping beat of the song swaying and moving until I feel hands on my waist. I see Wes grinning in front of me but not touching me.

"Caught you." I hear in my ear. I turn to see Sawyer and Torin smiling down at me. I lead them to a booth so we can hear eachother better.

"So you did." I motion to Wes. "Most of my mates. Torin, Sawyer, and Wes. Everett might be joining us too." I shout. They all shake hands and start chatting. I smile and Amethyst purrs contentedly seeing our mates get along.

"You ditched girl's night!" Scarlet accuses.

"Excuse me? Who ditched whom?" I ask.

"Fine. Im sorry but you have more of them here." She laughs.

"True. Let's turn girl's night into just a night out. Deal?"

"Deal."she grins. Her grin turns into a smirk as large hands grip my hips. I look up and see Everett smiling down at me.

"Would you like to dance?" He asks.

"I would love to." We head to the dance floor and start swaying to the music. Soon we are joined by the others. Amethyst is so happy she starts purring as we dance.

I quickly lose myself to the music lifting my arms in the air and swaying my hips until I feel the air shift.

The doors are thrown wide open revealing five armed men. Humans. Well shit.
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