The Panther's Claw

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Chapter 14: hunters

The fear in the room sets me and Amethyst on edge. I feel the fear from scarlet and my strong mates too. Amethyst is ready to tear these humans apart.

I look around and none of the shifters are moving. Like they're frozen. I watch as the humans move through the shifters trusting that they are the predators here. Guns make people brave... and occasionally stupid.

Amethyst comes to the front of my mind letting us blend into the shadows. I've had to do this before with an old foster dad. He threw a party where a few of his buddies took a liking to a fourteen year old me. It didn't end well for them. It won't end well for these guys either.

A man who smells of death crosses in front of me and I slit his throat with a clawed finger. He doesn't make a sound as he drops into a puddle of blood.

I move through the shadows until im at the next rot smelling human. I slit his throat too. I do the same to the next three and head outside leaving my friends and mates frozen behind me. I find a dark van with blacked out windows in the parking lot.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

I wait by the back doors knowing eventually someone will come out to check on their dead friends. Amethyst lets me keep silent as we wait.

It doesn't take long until the back door opens revealing three more men. They looked shocked to see me. They look scared when smile at them. I shift in mid pounce and all of a sudden they are trapped in a van with a pissed off panther. Two are dead within seconds blood spraying over my fur but amethyst hesitates on the last man. Not human. Not a man either. He can't be more than sixteen. He is tall and gangly with a shock of red hair. I look into his silver eyes and know he's terrified. I shift back and stare at him.

"Why are you with them?" I ask.

"I... um... you're naked." He blushes.

"Sorry. It happens. Please answer my question." I press looking for a shirt or something.

"They needed someone to freeze the bar. I didn't have a choice." His voice breaks making my heart break with it. I see his eyes watering.

"How many were there?" I ask.


"Theyre all dead. Can you unfreeze the bar?" I smile when he nods letting out a shaking breath. "Youre not a shifter are you?" I ask.

"No. Im a shaman." He says softly as he raises his hands form a circle and his silver eyes glow brightly. I immediately hear a roar, a few howls and a scream. I think those belong to me.

"Come on." I say offering him my hand. "Im Lena by the way."

"Finn." He says taking my hand. His eyes are wide. "What are you?"

"Im a panther shifter." I smile. "Come with me."

"I know about panther shifters." He confesses as I find a jacket so I'm not flashing the kid.

"Well to be honest i don't know much about shifters in general so...I only know what I feel." I shrug.

We make our way into the club and I am faced with a giant green anaconda making its way to me. He practically fills up the bar. I smile and let him wrap around me as poor Finn has a heart attack beside me. I see three wolves and a bear run to me as well as a Cobra slither up my arm.

"Im ok. I took care of it. This is Finn. Hes a shaman. Be nice." I smile. Immediately they all shift into some mouthwatering nudity.

"Where were you?!" Everett demands taking my face in his large hands.

"Everyone was frozen so I took care of the issue." I reply.

"You took out all of them?" Sawyer asks.

"Well someone had to. They didn't smell right. And everyone was scared. I had to do something."

"No I didn't mean it like that." Sawyer frowns.

"He just doesn't know you're a badass yet." Says a voice from behind me. I turn to see Reid with a ridiculous smirk on his face.

"Youre hilarious." I laugh.

"Im mean... I saw you with that Xander guy. You were pretty badass." Tripp agrees. I feel my cheeks heat.

"Ok enough of this. We need to get rid of the bodies." I say stepping out of the crowd thats becoming my Claw. I bend down and grab the arm of one of the dead humans and drag him to the door. Reid walks over to help. "Finn! Can you back up the van to the door?" I ask.

"Sure! Be right back." He shouts jogging to the doors. We keep dragging dead bodies to the door and Reid tells everyone to go home. Only my Claw stays to help everyone eager to get home to their loved ones. I get it.

"Im sorry you had to deal with this at my bar." Reid mumbles.

"This is your place?" I ask dragging another body over to the door.

"Yep. As far as the eye can see." He grins. "What do you think?"

"I had a really good time before these assholes."

Finn comes back and a few people start helping Reid and I throw bodies into the back of the van.

"Oh! We need to delete any and all recordings of this." Everett suggests.

"Good idea." Scarlet says. "I'll take care of the cameras here."

"I'll deal with the van." Finn says walking back to the little laptop in the van.

"How are we dealing with the bodies?" Torin asks quirking his lips to the side.

"I'll handle that." I smile.

"Oh I am coming with you for that." Reid grins widely.

"Fine. You can be my getaway driver." I chuckle.

"You know... for someone not very used to the shifter community you are doing remarkably well with all this." Scarlet smiles as she comes back.

"This isnt my first time hiding a body." I shrug.

"See? Badass." Reid says pointing to me. I shake my head and head to the front of the van. I wish it felt badass. Last time I was scared shitless. "Oh! We will need the cameras from across the street too. Anyone want to call Harmon?" There are a few groans which make me chuckle.

"Ya I'll do it. You ok sweetie?" Scarlet asks taking me into a hug.

"Ya I'll be fine. Just lost in thought." I assure her with a hug back. "Can you keep an eye on Finn. I need to keep him safe." She nods and takes him to the the kitchen.

"Can someone stay back and clean up the mess?" Reid asks. Torrin, Finn, Everett, Tripp and Scarlet volunteer for that job. Reid, Wes, Sawyer and I are on body disposal.

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