The Panther's Claw

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Chapter 3: The Pack

Tripp gives me directions as he strokes Scarlets long red hair and making some very sad wolf-like noises.

We make our way up a dirt path to a very large log cabin. Cabin, its a damned log mansion. There are four men outside waiting for us. I throw the truck into park and try to follow Scarlet and Tripp but the four men stop me with growls. Amethyst is up and ready to meet the threat but i take a step back this is their home after all.

A large snarling man who smells like redwood storms out the door towards me.

"What did you do to my sister?!" He roars. Amethyst is up and in charge right now.

"I didn't do anything but stay with her until her mate got there. Then I drove them here." I explain maybe louder than necessary but he was yelling at me first.

"Explain." He demands. My god is this guy bossy!

"We're roommates at the college. We went out for dinner. We left and she got all weak and passed out. I called Tripp and waited for him with her. Then drove them so he could pay attention to her. And now im being yelled at by her asshole brother." I explain with my arms folded. I see his lips twitch at the 'asshole brother' part. Im glad he finds this amusing.

"Youre awfully tiny to be talking to an alpha like that." He smirks.

"I call em like I see em." I raise an eyebrow in challenge. His smirk grows into a smile.

"Alright come on little badass. I'll let you see Scar." He says leading me in to the house. I follow him shaking my head this shifter shit is going to give me a headache.

We walk through a few halls and into what looks like a little hospital wing. It smells like bleach and trees and soil. Its a weird combination. I rush over to Scarlet who's lying on a cot looking pale still unconscious.

The doctor taking care of her is a older woman with long grey hair and a kind smile.

Then I see it. Her hand. Its swollen and red with black veins reaching up. Almost like when Marco got bit by that snake at the zoo. That was a fiasco.

The snake guy!

"Tripp! Im taking your truck!" I shout as I turn around. Asshole brother is chasing after me shouting but im already in the truck. I drive right to Jan's.
There he is at a table with his two buddies. Marco had to get an anti-venom made from that specific snake's bite. I hope it translates to shifters. I storm in and grab Xander by the back of his neck and force his face hard into the edge if the table. Hes unconscious but the other two are up out of their seats.

"I need to borrow your friend." I growl. Amethyst is up front and in command right now and they back down. Thank God.

I drag the slippery bastard to the truck. He may have some road rash and I may have ruined his suit on purpose but he's killing my friend. I toss him in roughly and feel eyes on me but I dont give a shit.

I drive back to the Pack with a bloody and unconscious snake beside me. I park the truck in front of Asshole Brother who looks surprised to see me back. I dont even acknowledge him as I round the truck and drag the bastard out and into the hospital wing.

"It was him. He did a freaky tongue thing to her hand at the restaurant." I say coldly as I drop him roughly to the floor in a heap.

"Holy shit." Mutters someone behind me.

"You are incredible." The doctor smiles. "Hold him up. I need to get a saliva sample so I can make the anti venom." I take a harsh rough hold of his hair making him grunt. I bend down to his ear.

"You try any shit and you'll wish you hadn't." I whisper. He lets out a whine that makes me smile. I hold his jaw for the doctor but see her hesitate. I take the swab from her. His saliva didn't seem to bother me.

"Cheek or throat?" I ask.

"Tongue. Please." She grins. I push him to the floor and straddle his arms so he can't touch me. I learned it at The Cage from one of the girls who do the private dances. Sometimes people got excited. I grip his jaw with a snarl of warning now that he was waking up and slide the swab down his gross ass tongue. I give the sample to the doctor who hurries away.

Xander is fully conscious now and pissed. I lean over him still pinning him down.

"Thank you for your donation. If you come near me or any of the wolves again I will personally rip the tongue from your mouth. Do you understand?" I threaten. Im sure Amethyst is showing through my eyes. He pales but still spits at me. Gross.

I feel the wolves tense but I wipe it off and wipe it on his lovely gold suit. I watch as it eats through the fabric but I feel fine. Guess I'm venom- proof. Neat.

I force a black claw from my finger and press it gently against his throat just like I would if it was a blade.

"I said. Do you understand?" I repeat. I see the fear in his eyes as he nods. "Good." I get up and look towards the doctor. "Do we need anything else Doc?"

"Nope. We're good for future bites too." She grins.

"Excellent." I turn to Asshole Brother. "And you? Since she's your sister and your pack." I ask. He grins widely at me

"I guess we'll let him go back to his nest with an aggressive warning." He chuckles.

"Tripp! Im taking your truck again!" I shout as I lead Xander back to the front.

The ride is silent as we make our way to Jan's. I park the truck and turn to him.

"Warn your buddies. This is the only chance you'll have from me." I warn. He nods not looking at me. "Good. Get out." And he does. Magical. I never had this power with humans. My life would be very different if I had.

I make my way back to the pack...again. Good lord im tired. I leave a twenty in the glove compartment for gas before heading inside.

Im attacked by a curvy redhead as soon as I walk through the door of the hospital wing.

"Oh you're ok! Thank God!" I cheer. I push her back to look at her. Shes glowing again. She looks like she's back to her bombshell self. "This shifter medicine is crazy." I laugh.

"You'll get used to it. Thank you for calling Tripp. And kicking ass in my name. I saw the video." She grins.

"Video?" Shit.

"Oh relax its just between shifters. You're safe."

"To be fair I've known about other shifters for half a day and you almost died. Forgive me if I doubt you." I state.

"Thats fair." She chuckles. I bring her in for another hug.

"Im so glad youre ok." I whisper. Soon I am a part of a group hug with Tripp hugging us both.

"Thank you for helping her." He mutters as he pats my back awkwardly.

"So I heard you met my brother." She grins.

"Ah yes. I did. I believe I called him an asshole." I smile. Tripp freezes which makes her laugh loudly as she brings us to what looks like a living room.

We sit on a very comfy couch with Tripp and she shows me the video of me smashing Xander against a table. I look like a tiny biker. Amethyst is preening at our show of strength to protect our friend. I cant really argue there.

Asshole Brother walks in as Scarlet proudly plays it for the fourth time. He glances down at the phone and his eyes go wide. Awkward.
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