The Panther's Claw

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Chapter 4: Run

"You still want to go for that run?" Scarlet asks.

"Only if you're up for it. I dont want to push you."

"Thats sweet but im good. And I really want Amethyst and Rose to meet." She smiles.

"Twist my rubber arm. Lead the way." She giggles as she jumps up and drags me out to the trees. "Whats your brother's name? I cant keep calling him asshole." I ask. She laughs again as a big grey wolf comes up beside me. He smells like redwood. Speak of the devil.

"His name is Reid." She chuckles.

"Away with you Reid. Im getting naked." I say shooting him off with my hands. He lets out a huff but walks away. Balls of brass this guy.

Scarlet and I shuck off our clothes and Amethyst surges forwards eager to be out in the lush forest. I stretch letting out a rumbling purr.

Scarlet is still naked and human staring at me. I nudge her hand with my nose which causes her to make a nervous chuckle sound. Did we scare her? Nope. She's grinning like a maniac now.

"Good lord, you are beautiful!" She coos scratching behind my ear making me purr. No ones ever really touched Amethyst. It feels so nice.

I watch her shift into a small grey wolf with a little bit of rust colored fur on her back. I nuzzle her neck and slink down her side. She's so tiny. Probably about a third of my size. She jumps and runs begging me to play. I leap down from the trees to follow her where I see about ten very startled wolves. Oops.

One starts growling at me followed by another and another. This is bullshit! Rose growls back at them and maybe one stops. I dont see Reid anywhere so I guess its up to me. I let out a scream for them to back down as my tail twitches. Everything is silent until Reid finally saunters in. Then the wolves start whining. Tattle tales.

Reid freezes when he sees me. Then bows his head. I bow mine in return and return to playing with Rose.

We play and run until the other wolves get a bit more used to me. Then we are all running and playing. I find a tree with the perfect perch. Oh I love climbing! I climb up and watch the wolves play as I lounge on the thick branch. This is the best place.

We eventually run back to the packhouse where the doctor is outside grinning at me.

"May I take a look at you? I've never met a panther shifter before." Whatever. I stalk closer to her and she makes the same nervous chuckle as Scarlet did earlier. She strokes down my spine which starts another purr. She chuckles as she looks into my eyes and lifts my paw in her tiny hand.

"May I see your claws?" I release them and she scans them so closely it makes me nervous. "And your teeth?" She asks eagerly. I huff a laugh and open my mouth the crazy woman almost has her whole head in my mouth! What do I do?!

"Mom! Youre freaking her out!" Scarlet laughs back in human form. Doc straightens.

"Sorry, I got a little excited." She blushes. I nudge her to tell her its ok before walking off to my clothes. I shift back feeling much better in my skin having finally shifted and start putting my clothing back on.

That was such a good run! I make my way back to the house as a black SUV pulls up beside me. I smell more trees so I know its just more wolves. I ignore it and make my way back to Doc and Scarlet on the porch. A large older man who smells like oak trees with grey hair and blue eyes walks up to us and gives the girls a great big hug. "And who is this?" He asks.

"Dad this is my friend Lena. Lena this is my dad Alpha Wyatt." Scarlet introduces us.

"Hello Alpha Wyatt." I smile offering a handshake. He chuckles and takes it.

"Lena is new to the community. Shes a Panther shifter." Scarlet continues.

"A panther! Well I haven't met a panther in a long while." He muses. "Youre still pretty young have you started your Claw yet?"

"I dont know what you're talking about." I say blankly.

"How new are you?" He asks with a laugh.

"Scarlet is the first shifter other than myself that I've ever met." I admit.

"Oh jeez. Come in to the library. There are things you need to know." He says leading me inside.
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