The Panther's Claw

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Chapter 6: Males

I wake up to sun streaming through my window. Im glad I got here a few days before class starts. I decide to grab scarlet and I some breakfast as its still obscenely early at six in the morning. I put on some lacy black underthings and Amethyst's favorite emerald green sundress. Shes been suffering in sweatshirts and band tees for the last few days. I can look cute for her today. I even do my hair for her. I must admit the extra primping does make me feel better. Maybe Amethyst is on to something. She huffs and I told you so. I slip on my black ballet flats, leave a note for Scarlet and set out to hunt for muffins and coffee.

I find a cute coffee shop on the campus grounds and order from a sweet looking wolf shifter. Apparently I ran with him last night.

"Thanks Brad. I'll see you at the bonfire?" I ask.

"Sure thing Lena!" He calls as I head back. Im trying to juggle coffees, muffins and a door when I smell that fresh earth scent behind me.

"Here, let me help." A deep rumbling voice says. Amethyst is freaking out and so am I. I turn to see a massive dark haired man his eyes are hidden behind dark sunglasses but he has a brain melting smile.

"Thanks." I breath out. God damn it Lena! Panther up! He holds open the door for me so I have to walk past him. My arm brushes against his broad chest as I move through the door and he lets out a rumbling sound that makes me purr.

"My name is Sawyer." He rumbles out.

"Hi Sawyer. Im Lena." I smile. "I would shake your hand but my hands are a bit full." God damn. Stop talking Lena!

"Thats ok. I'll just have to catch you again." He grins. "Do you need help with any more doors?"

"That would be wonderful. Thank you." He walks past me and holds open the door to the stairwell. He rumbles as I pass him again. I could get used to that sound.

We make our way up the stairs him rumbling behind me making Amethyst bask in the attention purring to her hearts content. I stop at my floor and he opens the door again this time he leads me through with a hand on the small of my back. Like a goddamned gentleman. Be still my heart.

"Thank you again." I smile.

"Anytime." He grins down at me. God he smells so good. Like fresh earth after a rainstorm. I swear I can feel myself sway towards him and like a bucket of cold water I apparently desperately needed Scarlet opens the door.

"You are the best friend a girl could ask for!" She cries taking her coffee and both muffins.

"One of those are mine!" I call after her. I watch her wave me off with her regal hand still in her rubber duck pajamas. Sawyer lets out a chuckle.

"It was nice to meet you Lena. I'll catch you again another time." He grins and turns away. Amethyst and I shamelessly watch him walk away. Good lord they did not make men like that back home.

I turn back to my room and wrestle my muffin away from Scarlet.

"So... are you going to call him?" She asks.

"Who?" I ask dumbly.

"The esteemed Mr. Cole."

"I have no idea. How do you start that conversation? Hey there. Thanks for the molt!" I grimace as she giggles. "I mean I guess I could say something like hey that was an Impressive sized anaconda you got there!" I say with a wink. Coffee sprays across the room at that one.

"I personally vote for the second option. But I get where you're coming from. Especially when you haven't even met the guy." She says wiping her face. "Maybe ask to meet him?" I shrug. Its better than my idea which was ignore it until leaves.

"Later." I groan.

"Ok. Then what was with Sawyer? I've never heard him talk so much in my life." She reveals.

"He was just helping with the doors because my hands were full." I explain. I wish it was more. I would eat that man with a spoon.

"Oh. Well, what are you up to today looking all sexy? I gotta run to the pack after lunch to help with the bonfire." Amethyst preens at the compliment. Shes going to get an inflated ego if this keeps up.

"I just figured I'd spend the morning reading that panther book. Do you guys need any help with the shindig?" I offer. I must say I'm pretty damn excited about my first shifter party. Human parties stink...literally and awful things happen at them. At least they do in my experience. Im sure with the half of a days worth of experience with shifters im just looking at a different type of trouble but a girl can dream.

"Im sure we can find something for you to do." She assures me. I smile and walk into my room and open up my new Lena Handbook.

Scarlet joins me half an hour in claiming that if she's part of my Claw then she best know stuff too. We snack and read and joke together. Amethyst is happy. We've never had this. Lila is a bit of a bitch sometimes and doesn't completely understand my need for a better life for myself. Marco is great and one of my best friends but he would never do this with me. Hes very much a guy's guy. There's nothing wrong with that its just we have a different kind of relationship.

With Scarlet it feels like I dont have to hide anything. Its so nice to relax and just be.

We stay like that and learn that my blessed Claw members get superpowers. Scarlet is very excited. We also learn that apparently there is a Panther goddess. Why not?

We read and joke for the rest of the morning until Scarlet's mom calls asking us to pick up a few things from the store before we head to the packhouse. Anything for Doc.

I help Scarlet get ready for the big party. Amethyst is so happy that Scarlet likes her taste.

She is stunning in a violet sundress with gladiator sandals. Her red hair is piled on top of her head and a smile on her face as she checks herself out. After our bombshell best friend is certain to give her mate a heart attack we head out.

Tripp is waiting outside for us at his truck I watch the moment he sees his mate. His eyes glow and he is out of the truck with a growl and kissing her in no time. I giggle at them. They're so cute. I walk past them trying to give them some privacy.
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