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He saved her life, once cause that's what he does. But maybe, he shouldn't have. Maybe if he didn't, he wouldn't be dangling from the side of a building. The world of maybe sounds more fun than his reality. And she, was anything but nice.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter One: Late.

• Mercy •

Fuck. Fuck. Fucckkkkk.

Mercy ran up the hill so fast she could feel her legs drag her body. She was late. Not that it was the first time but it didn't help to know who she worked for. The trees by her right terrified her even though it was daylight. Her snicks were getting heated by the second and sweats dripped down her eager face.

She couldn't have lived anywhere besides the fucking forest. But no, she prefers to torture the rest of us.

Mercy paused to catch her breath, wiped off her sweaty forehead and went back to running up the hill. A pink binder fixed to her right arm like it was part of her body, if she lost it she would be as good as dead. Her jean jacket held her phone and her khakis made it really difficult to run but she prevailed. As she jogged with her heart in her dry throat, she could make out the cage black gates of the manor. Her mind did a somerasult in joy. Mercy could feel her knees go numb for a second, not that it made any difference. She needed to get in.

Mercy couldn't pay attention to everything, she was too afriad that a deer might jump out of nowhere and scare her heart to a halt that she didn't hear the sound of a horse racing up the hill behind her. When she did, it was almost as if her legs fell asleep. She fell on the rough limestone path and cussed.

The horse kicked and halt to a stop. Mercy wasn't as scared as she was paralysed, she was just glad it was a horse she knew.

It was Zeus, Vlad's twin brother.

"You alright there?" A familiar voice asked, if came from the back of the black horse.

"I'm good."

"Good. Hiya!" Olivia chanted and Zeus rode through the open gates.

Who still owned a horse anyways.

Mercy watched Zeus' black tail flare in the wind before both him and Olivia met her horizon. She got up, wipped her butt clean of dust and strolled in through the gates before it closed shut beside her, missed her arm by an inche. It was a long walk but at least she was in.

The run left her huffing and puffing.

"You're late, here." Mrs P. helped Mercy take off her jacket, popped in something into her mouth and urged her to walk quicker. Up the stairs that could fit twenty people before she could tell what was in her mouth, she found herself running up to the west wing and straight to her study. Right infront of the door, as she was about to open it.

"HAVE YOU LOST YOU GODDAMN MINDS!" Mercy stopped her hand from turning the knob and let go of it immediately.

"Do you have a death wish? What the bloody fuck is this? Huh?" She could hear Olivia through the ebony doors without even trying. Her voice was that loud.

"Christ." Olivia took a pause and continued. "If you tates come back here with-- whatever this shit is -- I'll have twelve graves dug up for each and every last one of you. Get. OUT!" Mercy quickly moved out of the way, not to get trampled up.

Approximately twelve people in suits walked out the doors with theur head down. One of them, who wasn't among the twelve walking corps ushered them out. A tall fair haired with a huge chest strolled out with his glasses. Mercy wondered the amount of pain his shoulders must be enduring cause his neck was probably dead due to his swollen head. He was Olivia's finance assistant.

Vladmir Presting.

Poor Zeus.

Everyone loathed him but not as much as Mrs P. Hers was on her cellular level.

Mercy cleared her throat, did the sign of the cross then pushed the right door open. Her black hair in a ponytail, she strolled in with her mind regretting every step she took. Olivia had her grimace fixed to her computer, she hadn't changed out of her riding clothes yet and since she never once wore a hemlet, her black curls sat on her shoulders with a top knot.

Mercy thought maybe she hadnt notice her come in. But boy was she wrong.

"If you weren't good at your job Seo, you'd be dead right now. How dare you." She didn't lift her face. The minute her eyes met Olivia's, she immediately she wished she got trampled by Zeus' lovely hoofs instead.

Mercy tried to explain she almost got into an accident twice. One with a lunatic truck driver and another with her horse. Then she thought of the latte and gulped. "Well I--."

"Have Ezekiel pre the car and--." She looked up with her eyes as dull as sleep, raked Mercy's outfit from top to bottom with her face looking as if she swallowed a ball of ear wax. "What in God's name are you wearing?"

Mercy swallowed hard, she forgot to changed. But wait a minute, she didn't remember her saliva ever tasting that good. Like.



"Just get changed. Now." Mercy hesitated then nodded precisely before rushing out and making her way downstairs.

Her breath was heavy and almost very thin so none of stuffs couldn't hear her breath her heart back to normal. A series of slow but Nicky class emerged from her right. She didn't need to raise her head to find out which imbecile made his way into her life by chance.

"Nice one Seo. Way ta go. You literally walked right into that one, didn't ya?" Vlad's voice slipped into her ear like poison.

She seized her heavy breaths, straighten up herself and sighed. She then rolled her eyes and walked away from him. Vlad on there hand just giggled and went the opposite direction. Someone out of nowhere pumped her shoulder with theirs and walked passed without sparing her a glance. After Vlad's cynical smirk, she wasn't about to let whoever that mofo was ruin her mood anymore.

Someone's about to eat DIRT!

Mercy pulled herself, balled a fist and turbed to go after the SOB, but as she was about to call out the guy out for his mistake, someone cupped her lips and pulled her away from the lobby and into the kitchen.

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