The doctor and his patient

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This Second chapter change is Emma’s love story forever and she has a whole heart right now until she find something that breaks it into 1 million pieces but then Dr. Woods there to heal it again if you want to see what broke Emma’s heart they continue reading if you don’t want to find out because it might be too heartbreaking for you then find A different book them because this is going to be heartbreaking news!!!. Also the 23 Hasbrook have a good day or night.

Mafias girl 😎
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The cheater

When I heard a girl laughing with him I asked someone help me get up. Doctor wood helped me up and asked where I wanted to go I politely said “just outside I want to see something”. When I said that I wished

I went back in time and stopped myself. Because behind that wall changed my whole life and it broke my heart.

Luke’s pov*

I helped Emma get up the closer we get to the door the louder the laughing and talking gets louder.I hear nurse Maddie and Marcus talking I turn around the corner and their is Marcus and nurse Maddie making out. Then Emma starts to cry and she says “take me back in my room please” I help Emma lay back down and she cries herself to sleep. Then I go back out and say “Maddie your fired and Marcus you are not allowed back here ever and your not my best friend we are enemies now. After Emma is allowed to go back home she is living with me. Since she lived with you you guys are sick” I go back and Emma is sleeping peacefully then I go back to check if there gone.

Emma’s POV*

I woke up again it looked at least really late out I feel a hand on my arm I look at my side and there’s like sitting there I look at his face and I see how cute he looks like when he sleeps I smile then I hear the door open and there is my worst nightmare stranded I front of me the two people who I hate now.

Hi guys and girls I wanted to say thank you for reading this book I’m so happy you keep reading this far also who do you think walked through the door? Also go check out my friends books and make sure you go follow them as well their name is

make sure you go check them out I love their book called the dog it is a horror story and I recommend it for anybody. Also thank you again for checking out this book I really appreciate it I really wanted to make one of these books for a while but thanks again. Thank you too skallinkeel For reading this book as the first person in this book and also.I get If this book is confusing but also this is my first time so I just wanted to make a book because I thought I saw everyone else was doing it OK I have to make one and I actually write it down on a piece of paper and then I type it because I don’t want to mess up so when I’m writing it I write really fast so it might come out wrong sometimes because I copy it off paper just wanted to let you know. Have a good day or night ladies and gentlemen awesome I will be making more books by the time I have this one took a while at the chapters are taking a while because I actually have things to do in real life like I also have my kitten here and she loves to jump my iPad when I’m working on his book so that messes me up and then she just like loves attention
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