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I had my whole future planned, from university, study teaching to living my own life, well boys were never in the picture. I had my fair share of relationships in high school, I did some things but it was time to leave all that behind and actually focus on my future but life took its turn. We don't always have our way, life tends to be a bitch sometimes. I wasn't ready and they didn't want to listen to me, I made my choices until I had no choice but to try what they thought was best for me

Romance / Humor
Phindile Nqoko
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Chapter 1

" Congratulations Nana, we're so proud of you." she attacked me with a hug. That was my older sister, Lizzy, she came with her husband to celebrate my results. Apparently my mom had organised a suprised party to celebrate - I wonder what would've happened if I hadn't passed.

" Thank you sis'Lizzy." I said hugging her back

" Listen, we'll go for a girls night out to celebrate, okay?"

" Did you talk to mom?"

" I'll tell her you're going to sleep over at my house."

"Ok then." I left to greet other guests. A lot of them congratulated me and gave me gifts but my cousin Leon didn't, he hardly said a word to me since this whole thing started.

" Leon! "I called out, trying to get his attention but I didn't. I went up to him, tapped him on his shoulder and that'se when he turned to me.

"what's wrong Leon? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!"

"But you don't look okay, what's..."

"I said I'm okay!" he shouted, turning everyone's attention towards us... "Just leave me alone." he said softly

"I was just checking, sorry..." I said walking away. He called me, I turned

"Sorry." he mouthed. I walked straight to my room, I've had enough of pretending and smiling.

I must have dozed off, cause i was woken up by a knock and my mom calling for me.


"Baby, Lizzy wants you to go sleep over at her place. Do you want to?" she said making her way to my bed.

"I'd love to, it's been a while." I said with the biggest smile on my face

"Okay, pack your PJs. Shes waiting for you."

"tell her I'll be there in ten minutes"

"ok baby, and I'm so proud of you." she walked out...

I washed my face and packed my PJs into my bag. There wasn't much to take, I just took my toiletry bag and left.

" I'm ready, let's go." I said as soon as I got to the living room with the biggest smile on my face.

" Ok. Bye Mama." She said closing the door, as we made our way to the car. We got to her house and it was amazing, she had made a few changes and it worked.

We were going to some club near the area and I had to look good. I had a black jumpsuit on, revealing all the necessary places - call me a hoe, I don't care - and navy block heels. Had a smokey eyeshadow and a red matte lipstick, I was on point. The club look amazing from the outside, to the inside. It was my first time in a club and I loved the vibe. Everyone was having drinks and looked gorgeous while at it. The music was really good, the DJ was very good. I couldn't help but to look around and I loved the place

" Here's your drink ." Lizzy screamed so I could hear her on-top of the loud music and gave me a glass.

" What's this?" I said loud enough for her to hear me.

" Just gulp it down." I did as told and I regretted why I did.

" Aah, what the fuck is this? I need some water." My chest was literally on fire.

" Stop being so dramatic, it's just a shot. It's vodka, here's another one."

" No Lizzy." I pushed it away from me

" It's either you drink up or you walk home. choose."

" But Lizzy..." she looked away. " Ok I'll drink it "

I drank the second, third and fourth shot. Lizzy kept them coming with some ciders and after a few minutes, I wasn't on my normal state. There I was dancing like no one's watching, next thing I knew I was on the stage with the DJ and the mic on my hand. I was having a great time, I even forgot where I left Lizzy and some cute guy came and offered me a drink, I couldn't say no - easy, I know but don't blame me, blame the alcohol.

"I'm Kevin." he said handing me my cider.

" I'm Raylene." I took it and took a sip

" What a beautiful name, it suits you. I mean you're beautiful and hot." he said checking out my body as he came closer to me.

" Thank you." I couldn't help but to blush, and that was the beginning of an amazing conversation. Drinks were flowing and I was getting drunk by the minute.

" I wanna kiss you." he said unexpectedly, taking his lower lip in between his teeth - fuck.

" Then what are you waiting for?" I heard my self ask. He smashed his lips into mine and I had to kiss him back. I could taste the beer in his tongue, mixed with the taste of the cider that I was still in my mouth. After a few minutes, he pulled out and whispered " Let's get out of here." I didn't waste time, I took off my heels and we left.

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