The Ruthless King

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Lilith Barnes is as kind and gentle girl you’ll ever meet but don’t let that fool you she can be as ruthless and cold as The devil. So what happens when she comes across Derek Royal the Devil himself not only is he a psycho he’s incapable of feeling. Will she be able to handle him or will she break He’s 22 years old the most feared man in the world and The Mafia king His mafia is The Royal bloods He is the last member alive of his birth family and has the largest mafia in United States She’s 18 years old the daughter of Ryan Barnes and younger sister to Joseph Barnes the new head of The shadow wolf the largest mafia in the United Kingdom

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


“AHHHHH” I yelled my father and older brother came running into the main entrance

“what happened?!?” they asked worried guns out ready to shoot

I laughed and hugged them “I got in in, I’m going to college Bitches!!!”

“What the fuck Lily we thought you were dying” Joseph said as they were putting there guns away

“Shut up Joey” I hissed at him

“That’s enough children” dad chuckled we stopped while giving each other death glare

“What do you mean college?” Joey staring at me with confused eyes

“Well you see I applied to Stanford I didn’t think I would get in so I didn’t tell you” I gave them an innocent face

“Your not going” my father said sternly “I agree your not going it’s not safe” Joey said

“Please dad I will do anything I just want to go to school I’ve never been to a real school” I cried

“When do you start?” Joey said

“I have a week till it starts but I want to arrive there in a few days so I can adjust with the time changes” I mumbled

“Wait where is Stanford ?” My father asked

“California around Redwood City” i replied

“Redwood you say” Joey smirked at dad and he smirked back

“Why what are you planning” I stared at them

“I going to make a call to a friend that lives out there and if he agrees we’ll let you go” Joseph responded

“I’m getting a bad feeling about this” I groaned walking up the stairs to my bedroom

“Goodnight” I waved to them

“It’s 4 in the afternoon Lily” Dad joked

“You two took all my energy GOOD. NIGHT.”and I left I heard the laughing

I walked through the double doors that lead to my room I went straight to my bathroom I took a bath with the jets on. I walked in front of my mirror, stared at my hourglass figure my hair fell to my waist it was a light brown color and my eyes are blue it almost looks white my father said my eyes were the same as my moms she died giving birth to me.

Most family’s would blame the kids but not mine they just became even more protective over me which I don’t mind but I sometimes it’s too much for me

I walked into my closet I put on some loose black & white shorts and a baggy black shirt. I walked towards my window and closed my blinds and jumped on my bed and instantly fell asleep.


“Come on just tell us where the flash drive is” I smirked as each finger nail is being ripped off, he’s crying and screaming “You have nothing left I tortured your family there dead now so I why are you still fighting” I smirked evilly

“Fine” he said crying “It’s in a locker at the bank number 413 the key is in my safe which I know you know the code” he said about to pass out

But before I could say anything I herd Isaac calling me “Hey you got a call from Joseph he says he wants to make a deal with you”he said “ Alright I’ll be right up, you two kill him and go get me that drive” I demand they bowed there heads and I went up in my office

I saw Isaac there he is my right hand man and my best friend since I was 5 I’m 22 now he’s also the one who’s not completely afraid to talk or even sometimes mess with me but he still knows his place

I picked up the phone “So what kind of deal did you want to make” I said sternly

“Typical Derek always straight to business”he chuckled over the phone

“Yes now down to business or I’m hanging up”I said coldly

“Alright I need you to look after my little sisters while she goes to Stanford” he asked

“You have a little sister?” I asked
“Yes her name is Lilith and she 18 but if you do agree then I’m willing to give you a favor no matter what it is I’ll do it” he replied

“I’ll do it but I Why is it that no one know she exists?” I replied

“Were just overprotective and since you said yes I’m going to warn you now do not underestimate he” he warned me before hanging up

Not even a minute later he sent me a picture of a girl who I assume is Lilith. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen with her pale blue eye which remind me of ice, her rosy-ivory skin, she had plump full lips with red lipstick on

“She’s probably some stuck up brat”I thought to myself


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