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An Orphan refugee who migrated into the U.S entered a competition that will help provide for her and her uncle. Unfortunately, they stumbled upon a plot that is for the downfall of a particular CEO, Jack Rhodes. Jack Rhodes, the CEO of GOULDERS company, is a unique man. He is known to do his things using strange methods that always work for him. Then one day, he finds out that his life and company are in danger. The two end up working together to uncover the plot and in the process they start to develop feelings for the other, despite the obstacles they faced. If they wish to remain together, they must survive all obstacles against them. But as they journey together, they realised that not every thing can go as planned...

Romance / Drama
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Being an Orphan isn't easy. Being raised by only an uncle isn't also easy. Being an orphan and living in another country with only an uncle is also not damn easy. The only easy thing here is the love my uncle has for me.

I am an Orphan. My home country is Iran. I have lived there throughout the first nine years of my life, but we left the country during times of crises. We moved to the US, where our uncle was living in. He is my father's senior brother, uncle Abagtha. He is known as James over here. He has been residing in the United States for years. According to my father, he felt that Iran wasn't for him. He is an adventurer and wanted to see the world, so he moved to the US.

He was the only one in his whole family that migrated to another country. During the time of crises in the country, my father thought it was safe for us to live with him. He didn't want anything to happen to his family while in Iran. My uncle didn't have any problem with it, and we moved over there.

We were there, waiting to be granted American citizenship, something which my uncle already possesses. But on this particular day, on their way back from their friend's house, they had a car crash and died immediately. I was with my uncle at that time. The driver who drove into them was drunk. While he was able to make it out of the situation alive, my parents didn't.

Since then, my uncle raised me as his own, and we have lived a comfortable life ever since.

My name is Esther, and this is my story.

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