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This is a rewrite of the original. Everything is the same it's just longer and has been edited! He's the type of guy that every girl dreams of. He's got the motorcycle. The abs. The hair that makes you want to run your fingers through it. The money. The popularity. He's the team captain. And he's a genius but doesn't show it. He's got the hottest body you will ever see and he's the ultimate bad boy, the rule breaker. He's also my best friend... and I'm in love with him (though he doesn't know that) ... But he's already got a girlfriend. She's the perfect match. The most beautiful, popular girl in school. And who am I? No one... The nurd, the loser, the nobody. (Based off of the song: Taylor Swift - you belong with me)

Romance / Drama
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1. Family

Hi my name is Angela Wolf and if you think this is a stereotypical book about a good girl falling for a bad boy.... then you're wrong.

The truth is I'm completely and utterly in love with my best friend. But before we get to that here's an introduction into my family...

I'm 17 years old and a senior in Sketchwood High.

I'm currently living with my dad, Christopher Wolf. He used to be an amazing man. Strong. Intimidating. But my mom had him wrapped around her little finger. He was like a teddy bear when it came to her. At least.... that is until tragic struck our little happy family.

My mom passed away when I was 12 years old from leukemia. We were like best friends. We did everything together. I used to bake with her and she taught me everything I know about art and music. We always watched my weird Sci-fi movies together and I would laugh at the cheesiness of the Romance movies she loved to watch.

Her name was Victoria Wolf. If you ask people about her they would tell you she was a brave, beautiful, strong woman who could do anything she put her mind to.

When my mom was diagnosed with leukemia she took it with a smile. Me and my dad were crying like babies but my mom, she just smiled.

She taught me to always face my problems head on and with a smile.

I never understood what she meant until she died and I remembered her words. I tried to smile.

Tried to, but couldn't.

Me and my dad were devastated.

I'm an only child and since my mom died nothing has ever been the same.

My dad is the CEO of a huge sails business called WolfCorp. He has to travel a lot for his clients and would always drag me and my mom with.

When my mom was still alive, we would all travel and have game nights as a family. But since she died 5 years ago he's never been the same.

He doesn't talk to me anymore. It's not as if he ignores me it's just that he keeps himself so busy with work that he doesn't have time for anything else. He basically lives in Amsterdam where the main branch of WolfCorp is and only comes home to make sure I'm alive, two maby three times a month (if I'm lucky).

But the truth is... I can't blame my dad for leaving. He's whole life was ruined when the love of his life died. If that had to happen to me I'd most probably do exactly the same. I wouldn't want to live in the house that is filled with memories of my dead wife or see the daughter who is basically a mirror image of her mom.

I think he's just sad... He's alone and he doesn't know what to do with the pain of losing his soulmate. So he hides in his work.

We all have our own ways to grieve and this... this is my dads way. That doesn't stop me from missing him though.

I love you dad. I miss you.

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