Bad boy (REWRITTEN!)

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15. School

It's Monday and I'm kind of stressed about school. I'm not used to having someone and now I've got a boyfriend. Now I've got Clayton.

I'm so stressed about Clayton's fanclub. I hope they don't do anything when they see us together. Or Brittany.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Clayton hooting outside.

I pushed down the stress and went outside locking the door behind me.

Today I decided to wear black skinny jeans and a black tank top with my leather jacket. Socks and my converse sneakers. (Clayton chose the outfit).

I walked up to him with a smile. "Hey Carebear." I greeted him.

"Hey baby. I love the outfit on you. You look hot." he said with a smirk before putting on my helmet for me.

I blushed brightly at the compliment and looked down shuffling my feet.

He lifted my chin up and gave me a long passionate kiss that left me dizzy and my knees weak.

I'll never get used to his amazing kisses.

I shaked my head and got on the motorcycle behind Clayton winding my arms around his waist tightly.


When we got to school we received many strange looks.

I received a lot of jealous glares from Clayton's fanclub, but Clayton just glared right back at the girls and put his arm around my shoulder.

He walked me to my locker and then asked if I wanted to meet his friends. I agreed of course albeit nervously.

We headed to the parking lot and I saw a group of guys standing next to a black mustang. Nice car.

There were also two other girls there.

"Hey guys. This is my beautiful girlfriend Angela." Clayton introduced me.

I blushed at the compliment but waved at the group shyly. They all looked up and gave me kind smiles.

One guy was staring at me like I was a snack. I grimaced. Clayton saw my reaction and put his arm protectively around my waist.

"Don't fuckin' start with this again Tristan." he sneered at the guy. 'Tristan' put his hands up defencivly.

Clayton turned to look at me. "Okay baby. These are my friends. Caleb and his girlfriend Katie. Jacob and his girlfriend Stephanie and finally Matt and that asshole is Tristan." he said pointing to each of them out as he named them.

"Hi guys. Nice to meet you." I said and smiled shyly.

"Hey Angela it's nice to meet you too." said Katie kindly. I smiled at her.

"Yeah we're happy for you and Clay." said Stephanie. She seemed nice. Both her and Katie are really pretty.

"Yeah nice to meet you too Angie. Do you mind if I call you Angie? I like giving everyone a nickname." asked Caleb excitedly.

I smiled and nodded my head. "Yeah sure, I don't mind. Carebear's mom calls me Ang so yeah you can call me whatever." I said with a shrug.

Everyone was looking at me strangely "Who's Carebear?" Matt asked incredulously.

I looked up at Clayton and saw his cheeks dust a light shade of pink. "This handsome man to my left is my Carebear." I said looking up at Clayton who smiled down at me and gave me a lingering kiss on the lips.

"Love you babe. " he muttered softly against my lips. "Love you too. " I whispered back with a smile.

"Ohh man that's like the sweetest thing ever!" said Matt jokingly pulling a funny face.

"Shut up man! You ruined their moment." said Jacob angrily.

We burst out laughing and Jacob blushed a little. Stephanie kissed his cheek.

"You have a nice laugh Angel." said Tristan creepily.

I frowned. My dad used to call me Angel when I was little.

"It's Angela or nothing to you Tristan. Don't start this shit again she's not Brittany. If you mess with her I will end you." Clayton said seriously.

My frown deepened and I kissed Clayton's cheek trying to calm him down. He smiled down at me and possessively held me close.

I looked up at Tristan. "You can call me Angie or Ang but don't call me Angel okay? That's what my dad used to call me.. before.. " I fell silent biting my lip.

Clayton kissed my forehead and hugged me protectively. I smiled up at him. He's so sweet.

Tristan just nodded absently.

"Let's go baby. Class is about to start. You guys coming?" Clayton asked after turning around and walking away with me under his arm.


PE just finished and I'm on my way to the cafeteria. Clayton said he'd wait for me outside and if anyone tried anything he'd 'beat them up'.

I walked up to the double doors to see Clayton leaning against the wall waiting for me.

He looked up once he saw me coming and smiled.

I walked up to him and he put his arm around my waist kissing my lips.

"Hey babe. How was PE?" he asked as we walked in through the double doors.

"Hi... It was fine. I just ran around the track till the bell rang." I explained while fidgeting with my fingers.

I walked with him to the lunch line but didn't get anything even when Clayton tried to persuade me to. He got pizza and a coke. I got a coke for me too.

He guided me to their lunch table and I saw everyone from this morning at the table. Even Tristan.

As Clayton and I sat down everyone greeted us and I was suddenly lifted up and placed in Clayton's lap.

I blushed and looked behind me at Clayton questionably.

"I want you close. Plus now you can feed me." he explained with a shrug.

I laughed and held out his pizza slice for him which he nibbled on while placing his chin on my shoulder with his arms encircling my waist. I relaxed into his chest immediately while opening my coke to drink.

We all talked and chatted through lunch; getting to know each other better. Tristan just kept staring at me though and only spoke when spoken to.

I don't like him. He freaks me out. And I get this vibe when I'm near him that I don't like.


That afternoon Clayton drove me home like he promised and went to football practice.

I guess this is my new normal. I could definitely get used to this. It's amazing being with Clayton. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me and I couldn't be happier or more content with my life at the moment.

Though I had this strange feeling that something bad was going to happen. If I only knew....
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