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16. Terror

Me and Clayton have been dating for four months now and it's been great. He takes me on dates for every anniversary and we spend almost every waking moment together.

Summer break is coming up in a month and we decided to go somewhere together. I'm so excited. Clayton said we would chose where to go when the time comes and I couldn't agree more.

School has been so much better since we started dating. No more bullying or beatings. No more name-calling. And I started dressing more comfortablely. I wear what I want to and I don't wear oversized clothes anymore.

Jacob, Katie, Matt, Caleb, Stephanie and I have become super close over these past four months.

The girls and I would constantly have sleepovers and the guys basically turned into my big brothers. I'm so happy. It feels good to be accepted.

Clayton and I have also gotten so much closer than I could have ever imagined. Our relationship is strong and he makes me happier than I have been in years. I love him so much.

Tristan and I haven't gotten closer at all. He creeps the shit out of me. Always staring at me and he makes inapropriate suggestions. So I try to stay as far away from him as possible.

Clayton and him have had alot of arguments because of this very reason. Clayton even got suspended for two days for punching Tristan, after Tristan said I looked 'delicious'.

So we stay far away from him.

I still have this feeling that something bad is going to happen. I just can't pit my finger on it. It's like this knot in the pit of my stomach. But I ignore it. I'm happy now and that's all that matters.


It's Thursday night and I'm alone at home. Clayton left about an hour ago to go home, after he dropped me off at home.

I'm busy sketching.I've got a huge project for art class that I'm super stressed about. We have to draw our dream school, house, life partner and dream job.

I decided I would draw Harvard, a beach house, Clayton and me with a white coat on. (Doctor) I decided on becoming a doctor after my mom's death. I've known since I was little that I wanted to help people who are suffering like mom did. So that's what I'm drawing.

Somewhere between finishing up the project and chatting to Clayton on my phone, I fell asleep.


I'm awoken up by the sound of something breaking. I look at the alarm clock on my bedside table to see it's 2am.

I try to hear anything else but I don't. So I try to go back to sleep but then I here something else.

So I get out of bed with my phone and turn on the flash. So that I don't fall I'm the dark.

I quietly walk out of my room and climb down the stairs. Pointing my flash to the ground.

As soon as I do I feel a sharp pain on my right arm and I immediately move away.

I look up and pale.

Shit run Angela. But my feet won't move. I'm frozen in place.

Standing infront of me with a very sharp pocket knife is Tristan with a sinister smile on his face.

I slowly look down at my arm to see that he had cut me. It's bleeding alot.

Run Angela. Get help! I scream and somehow manage to move again but as soon as I try to run up the stairs Tristan pulls my foot and I slip and fall.

There's more pain but this time it's on my left leg. I look down and see Tristan carving me with the knife.

"Ahhhh!" I scream in pain.

Shit that hurts. Tears start forming in my eyes. I mange to kick him in the face and run up the stairs.

I run to my bedroom and quickly close and lock the door. I push a chair under the handel and step back. I hide on the other side of my bed.

"Anggelaaa!" he sings. I hold my mouth closed with my hand trying to keep my sobs under control.

"I've wanted you since the moment I saw you. I think blood looks beautiful on you skin." he says in a sing-song voice.

I gag. Call for help!

I suddenly remember I have my phone.

Who do I call? 911?

There's a hit at the door and it's slowly breaking the more Tristan throws his body into it.

They won't be here quick enough. I'll be dead by the time they get here.

Clayton. He lives right across the street.

I quickly search for his number and press 'call'. After a few rings he picks up.

"Baby watsup it's like two in the morning?" he asks clearly still half asleep.

"Clayton he's here! He's in the house! I don't know how he got in and I'm bleeding! He has a knife! I'm in my room but he's breaking down the door! Please get here!" I whisper and sob into the phone.

I'm terrified.

"What!? What do you mean? Is someone breaking in? Your bleeding!? Who's he?" he asks frantically and I can hear shuffling in the background.

There's another hit at my door and I sob.

"It's Tristan! He cut me on my arm and my leg. He's breaking down the door. Please hurry Clay-" before I can finish Tristan breaks through the door and I scream.

He walks up to me with a sadistic smirk on his face.

I'm terrified.

"Ahh here you are... Finders keepers." he says and walks up to me. I drop the phone and scream as he grabs my leg.

"No! No! Why are you doing this!? " I scream and manage to throw myself over my bed and run into my bathroom.

Before I can close the door he pushes it open and pushes me up against the wall holding me there.

"Because you look beautiful drenched in your blood. I wanna see more." he whispers into my ear.

My eyes go wide as I feel a sharp pain in my stomach and look down to see that he stabbed me. He pulls the knife out and I cry out in pain.

"No! Please stop!" I sob uncontrollably.

In the back of my mind I hear running footsteps.

And then he stabs me again. Pain. Blood.

Drip. Drip.

He stabs me one more time. Pain. Blood.

Drip. Drip.

He steps away with the knife in his hand looking at me with a sadistic smile. "Beautiful." he whispers as I look down.


That's all I see as he turns and runs out the bathroom.

I put my hands on my stomach and slowly fall to my knees.


I suddenly hear shouting and running footsteps.

"Clayton..." I whisper helplessly as my eyes slip shut.

That's the last thing I remember before it all goes black.

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