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17. Clayton's heartbreak

CLAYTON'S POV : (Thursday night)

I had just left Angela's house after she told me she had an art project she was stressed about and wanted to finish.

When I got home my mom and dad were watching TV. I watched with them for a while before saying goodnight and going to bed.

After a shower I put on some sweatpants and climbed into bed.

I think about the last four months. It's been the best four months of my life. Angela brightens every day. She's so beautiful and I just love kissing her and holding her in my arms.

We're thinking about spending that whole summer together. I can't wait.

I'm so happy. Is my last thought before falling asleep.



I wake up to my phone ringing.

I reach over and take my phone. It's Angela. I answer immediately.

"Hey baby whatsup it's like two in the morning?" I ask her groggily.

She sobs. I sit up immediately. "He's here! He's in the house! I don't know how he got in! I'm bleeding! He's got a knife! I'm in my room! Please come!" she whispers helplessly into the phone.

I'm up immediately throwing a shirt on.

"What!? What do you mean? Is someone breaking in? You're bleeding? Who's in the house!?" I shout frantically looking for my shoes.

Shit where are they!

"It's Tristan! He's in the house and trying to get into my room! He cut me on my leg and my arm!" she says and my blood runs cold.



I finally find my shoes and try to get them on. I hear a crash and here Angela screaming.

I run while holding the phone to my ear.

"DAD! CALL 911 ! TRISTAN BROKE INTO ANGELA'S HOUSE! " I scream and run as fast as I can to the front door.

My dad comes running out while throwing his shirt on and I see my mom on her phone behind him.

I can't hear anything on the other line anymore.

Please please be okay. I pray as me and my dad run over the road.

Once I get there I immediately hear a scream of agony.

My blood runs cold.


Then it's silent. I hear running footsteps and see Tristan coming out of Angela's room with blood all over him and a pocket knife in his hands.

I freeze.

That's Angela's blood!

I run to him and knock him to the ground

"What have you done to Angela!? Where is she!?" I scream at him. My dad holds him down.

"She's drenched in her own blood. It's simply beautiful!" he says with a sadistic laugh.

I go cold and hit him as hard as I can in the jaw.

He's out cold.

I stand up and run to Angela's room. As soon as I go in I see the broken door and blood on the floor. I look right and it feels like I can't breathe.


She's lying helplessly on the bathroom floor in a pool of her own blood. There's blood everywhere. On her body, coming out of her mouth. I gag and feel my eyes start burning.

My dad comes in and sees where I'm looking. He goes pale.

I run to her and drop on my knees infront of her. In the back of my mind I hear sirens.

I check her pulse.


She's not breathing.

I start to cry. "Angela.... " I whisper helplessly as I touch her forehead. She doesn't move.

I pick her up bridal style in my arms and carry her out of her room. I look down at her.

She's so pale. And lifeless. Cold to the touch.

I basically run down the stairs and to the ambulance that just stopped infront of her house.

"Help! She's not breathing! Please! Quickly!" I scream at them. Tears are streaming down my face.

They run up to me and take her out of my arms. They put her on the gurney and immediately start CPR.

My dad comes running up to me and hugs me as I watch them revive her. My mom is there too. Silently crying next to me.

They load her into the ambulance and come up to me.

"Are you family? You need to come with us." he says hurriedly.

"I'm her boyfriend." I say and climb into the ambulance immediately grabbing her hand and intertwining our fingers.

They've managed to get a heartbeat but it's so slow.

I kiss her forehead as they insert a IV into her arm.

"Come on baby. You gotta fight. I can't lose you. I love you." I whisper against her forehead before planting another kiss there.

We get to the hospital and they run her inside. Immediately doctors and nurses are surrounding her.

I watch as they roll her away and I have to let go of her hand.

"Fight baby... " I whisper into her ear.

And then she's gone. Behind the theatre doors where I can't see her.

A nurse leads me to the waiting room and I quickly call my parents telling them that she's in surgery and to remember to call her dad.

They said they'd be there in a few minutes because they had to speak to the police first.


It's been four hours and I've already spoken to the police. Giving my statement and telling them that I'll testify against Tristan.

My dad brought me clean clothes to change into and I handed the bloodied clothes over to the police for evidence.

My mom and dad are now sitting in the waiting room with me waiting for any news from the doctor. None yet.

I called our friends and told them what happened. They said that they'd go to the principal tomorrow to explain the situation. I thanked them and ended the call.


It's been a total of nine hours now and just a few minutes ago a nurse told us that they're almost done and that the doctor will be out shortly to explain what's going on.

A few minutes later a doctor walks out through the double door. I stand up. "Your here for miss Wolf correct?" he asks.

"Yes... I'm her boyfriend and these are my parents. We're her family. We already called her dad. He'll be here in a few days." I say and trying to hold back my tears.

The doctor looks down at me and smiles sadly.

"The good news is she's alive. We had to remove her left kidney and a part of her liver. She almost died of blood loss but we got her just in time." he says.

I breathe a sigh of relief. She's alive.

"But... " We look up at him. He looks remorseful.

Tha dump. My heartbeat quickens.

"What?" My dad asks impatiently.

"But her heart stopped when the paramedics got to her and there was a lack of oxygen to her brain. She also had an allergic reaction to medication that one of the paramedics put into her IV. It was supposed to help her blood flow but it turns out that this medication had some of the same ingredients as morphine, which she's allergic to." The doctor explained slowly.

I took in a painful breath. "What does this all mean? She's fine right?" I asked frantically. A pit forming in my stomach.

"I'm sorry to inform you but Miss Wolf is in a coma and we don't know if she'll ever wake up. The first 72 hours are critical. If she doesn't wake up by then we aren't sure when she will... Or if.. she will." He said looking at all of us with sad eyes.

Tha dump


That's all I felt.

I slid down the wall until I was seated on the cold floor. I put my head in my hands. This can't be happening.

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