Bad boy (REWRITTEN!)

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18. Heal


That night when they let us in to see Angela, I couldn't help but cry. She was covered in bandages ; around her arm and torso. Her leg was most probably covered in bandages too.

She looked so pale. And she was strapped up to a heart monitor and a ventilator. An IV in her left arm and a blood transfusion IV in the other.

I slowly walked to the hospital bed where she slept. I sat down on her right side and took her cold hand in mine silently letting my tears fall. And just praying that she'll wake up.

Please baby. Wake up.


{Three days later}

Christopher got here this morning and we explained everything that happened. He was devastated and blames himself for leaving his daughter alone in that big house.

Angela still hasn't showed any signs of waking up and I refuse to leave her side until she does. I won't leave her until I get to see her beautiful eyes and radiant smile again.

The doctors and nurses took pity on me and allowed me to stay at the hospital with her even when it's not in visiting hours.

I sleep on a little couch thats in the corner of the room. My parents come everyday and bring me clothes.

I barely sleep at night. Nightmares plague my vision as I see her laying lifeless on the floor in a pool of her own blood.

I miss you baby. Come back to me.


A week passed and still nothing. She's still in a coma and the doctors aren't hopeful that she'll wake up.

Our friends came by to visit a few times this week. Matt says I look terrible and I couldn't agree more. I've barely slept.

I feel terrible.

We haven't heard anything from the police yet but Tristan's trial will hopefully be soon.


Another week and I was past miserable.

Every day she didn't wake up is another day I'd die a little inside. My heart breaking at the thought of her never waking up.

Her dad has asked my parents to let Angela move in with us when she wakes up.... if she wakes up.

He says he'll visit more often and I even saw him crying the other day. He feels guilty and I understand how he feels. If only I got there sooner. I could have saved her.

We're all miserable without you baby.

Come back to me.


It's been exactly two weeks and three days since Angela's been in a coma. Most of her wounds have closed up. The stitches on her arm and leg were removed this week.

The stab wounds on her abdomen still have a few days to go before she's healed. The doctor said to be patient.

I sleep next to her on the hospital bed now. I wanna keep her warm. She's so cold. She feels like she's been laying in the snow and I miss how warm she used to be.

I miss you souch baby. I love you.


It's been three weeks since the incident and it's a Saturday.

I'm sitting next to Angela on the hospital bed holding her hand when all of a sudden I feel her hand tightening around mine.

I immediately look up only to see beautiful brown eyes string back at me.

I smile a teary smile.

"Angela... "



Every night I feel a warmth next to me. Like someone is holding me. Cradling me in their warm, strong arms.

I feel a warm hand in mine every day.

I want to wake up.

Wake up Angela!

Wake up!!!

But I can't. It's dark. I can't see anything. There's a stinging pain in my stomach and I can't move.

But the warmth always comes back. It's the only thing keeping me going.

There's always someone holding my hand. It's the only thing I have to hold onto.

Wake up!


I do. I feel a warm hand in mine and squeeze it as much as I can.

I slowly blink open my eyes only to look up into those beautiful blue eyes I love so much.



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