Bad boy (REWRITTEN!)

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2. Me

I'm currently in my room listening to my favorite band Queen. My favorite song is Queen Somebody to Love and it's playing on full blast through my speakers.

I'm in a pair of black short shorts and a white Skillet T-shirt and I'm laying on my bed sketching.

Let me tell you guys a bit about myself.

I've got long hair and a small build. I have boring brown eyes. I love studying but I sometimes don't do my homework and art and music are my favorite subjects.

I love to sketch and paint. I think I get that from my mom. She always loved to teach me how to mix colours and come up with new things to draw. She used to tease me when I couldn't draw anything but Clayton (my best friend that you'll find out more about later). She said that he was my muse, much like my dad was hers.

She also taught me how to play the piano and I can even play a little guitar but I'm not very good at it.

As I'm thinking about my classes I remember that tomorrow is the first day of school. Christmas break just finished and I'm now going into my senior year of High School.

I can't believe it. I sometimes still picture my mom bursting into my room and helping me pick an outfit for the next day. But then reality hits and the memory fades.

School starts tomorrow. And I'm so not in the mood. Don't get me wrong I love school it's just I sometimes wish I was the only one that went to school.

You see Sketchwood high is a private school for rich kids my dad and mom insisted on putting me in. So of course I went. That and Clayton chose to go there.

But that doesn't mean that I like it. All the kids are such snobs. They think so highly of themselves. Not that I have the guts to tell them that.

Yes you read that right.

I'm shy.

Well not shy nesisarily more like closed off. But for good reason. I'm the school nurd. The loser. The nobody. But at least I don't dress up in slurry cheerleading outfits and throw myself at every hot guy I happen to meet.

So yeah I'm a weirdo. But so what? That's just who I am.

That's just me.
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