Bad boy (REWRITTEN!)

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3. Him



Time to get up I guess. I get up groggily and go take a shower to prepare myself for the long day ahead of me. The hot water seems to calm my nerves a bit and I get out to do the rest of my bathroom routine.

Once I'm done I get dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans a blue t-shirt and a oversized hoody. I dry my hair and put it in a high pony tail (my default hairstyle that saves my hair from getting pulled by bitches). I put on my sneakers and check my watch.


School starts at eight and it's at least a ten minute walk from my house. No breakfast for me I guess. I'm used to it by now. I quickly grab my backpack and lock the door behind me.

As soon I step onto the sidewalk I see him coming out of his house. My childhood friend. Clayton Blake. The bad boy of our school. He lives right across the road from our house. We grew up together. My mom was his mom's best friend and so we grew really close and after getting to know each other we were as thick as thieves. Always getting in trouble together. Me helping him with his homework and him always getting me into trouble with my dad. We were insperable.

When my mom died he was there for me the whole time. Litteraly holding my hand through the whole thing. On the day of my mom's funeral we made a promise to each other to always be there for each other no matter what and he definitely kept his end of the promise. That is until two years ago, when he met his current girlfriend and school slut.

I'm shaken out of my thoughts by Clayton waving at me and crossing the street.

"Hey babe!" I know what your thinking. Why on earth is he calling you babe? Well it's simple really. He's teasing me.

When we were younger I had a stalker called Richard Walker and one day Clayton thought it was a great idea to play my boyfriend to scare Rich away. It worked perfectly and since then he's been using 'babe' as a nickname for me.

I'm not gonna deny that I love it when he calls me that but it also makes me kinda sad that he doesn't mean it that way...

"Hey Carebear." Yes you read that right. In elementary we got into a stupid fight about Call of Duty and I called him a 'careless jerk'. We didn't talk for a while week. Then he bought me a bear for my birthday and said, "You see I do care babe." From then on out he's been my carebear.

"Walking to school again?" He asked as he walked across the street to give me a short hug.

He smells soooooo good. Like a earthy, fresh rainy day type smell. I love that about him. He always smells good. Even after exercising. He never stinks. It's like he's superhuman or something.

"Yeah, you know me always up for some exercise." I said and smiled slightly in his direction.

"I know." He simply. Yes we used to always run together. Before he became a jock he did track with me. But thanks to his girlfriend (I cringe at that word every time) I didn't get into the track team last year. I'm not even going to try out this year.

"You ready for senior year?" he asks and I can't help but crack a smile to counter his smirk.

"Yeah." I shrug. It's just another year.

We slowly started walking side by side to school in silence. I hate this. We always used to be able to talk to each other but for the past two years talking to Clayton is like talking to a brick wall.

I was about to say something to break the silence when a red sports car pulled up next to us.

I immediately knew who it was.

Brittany Danvers. Clayton's girlfriend and my worst enemy. She's the schools cheerleading captain and the person that hates me the most in this world.

When me and Clayton first started school at Sketchwood we were ordinary. But then he met her. So he became increasingly popular (like he's always been) and when they started dating ... It broke my heart.

But I smiled and told them congrats. It's not like I could flat out say 'Oh hey Clayton please don't date her! Date me!' Yeah right.

Brittany started realizing my feelings for Clayton right after she met me. I mean I am kinda obvious. I stare at Clayton all the time and blush when he smiles. Brittany being the conniving person she is started rumours and now I can't go one day without being bullied or hit or told I'm a burden, nurd, bitch or the latest one a disappointment.

"Hey Brit." he said as he got into the car. She saw me and brought him into a heated kiss (tongue and all) Gross. She broke the kiss and turned to me with a smirk seeing my disgusted face "Hey nurd."

I just stared at Clayton waiting for him to say something, stand up for me...something, but of course he didn't. He just sat there staring in front of him like I didn't exist.

So I turned and started jogging to school. I won't ever cry infront of them. They're not worth it.

Like always.

Ever since she came along two years ago Clayton makes as if I don't exist in front of her. Only when we're alone and no one can see us.

She's like the sun shining bright and always the centre of attention while I'm a mere star in a far off galaxy that he only sees when he passes by me in the dead of the night.

I'm so sad. But I won't let them see it.

"Fake smiles. It's showtime." I whisper to myself as I walk through the school gates and to my locker.

It's just another year.
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