Bad boy (REWRITTEN!)

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4. First day

As I get to my locker I feel someone push me against it. It's become an every day acourance I don't even look up anymore. Who cares. I open my locker and take out my math and science textbooks.

I have Math and Science for the first and second period. Then PE, lunch and then my last three classes English Literature, art and my favorite class music.

I go to homeroom and see no one in the class so I take a seat by a desk in the back of the class next to the window. That's where I usually sit every year. Where no one can see me.

I take out my book that I got from the library on Saturday and started reading it.

After a while I hear the bell ring and the students start pouring into the room. I don't even look up. Not untill I hear the teacher walk in.

"Good morning class I am Mr. Smith and I am your homeroom teacher for this year."

I look around the class and see Clayton. I almost get happy untill I see Brittany hanging on his arm from the seat next to him.

Great just... Great

"Okay class I'm gonna ask everyone to introduce themselves I am new after all. We'll start from the front."

Great just. Great!

Everyone takes a turn including Clayton who gets a whole bunch of squeals from the girls and claps from the boys. I just role my eyes at them all. I ignored the rest until I hear my name and get up to walk to the front of the class.

"I'm Angela Wolf." That's all I say and I walk back to my desk and ignore the "Boo's" and "Who's that?". I'm used to it.

I look up and see Clayton staring at me with a small smile on his face. I immediately blush and turn to look out the window as if I didn't see him.

After more introductions, the bell finally rings and I go to my first period. Math. I enjoy it. But sometimes you just sit and stare at the teacher like 'WTF are you teaching?'.


The day goes by quickly for me. When I look again I'm in the girls locker room getting dressed for PE.

I put on my sports bra, a white T-shirt and some sweatpants. All the other girls use PE to show the boys their 'assets' if you know what I mean. Short shorts and tank tops galore.

Not me though. I could never do that. I'm too insecure. I don't like how I look. I'm just not pretty like other girls. They have beautiful bodies and hair and everything whereas I'm so ordinary. So I wear extra long clothes and cover myself up.

Once we're on the field the teacher tells us to run around the field for warm-up. I do that then we stretch and do other field activities till the bell rings.

As I'm walking off of the field something hits me on my back. Hard. I fall to the ground and groan.

I look around me to see Brittany smiling mischievously and Jack ,another jock that she's got under her spell, laughing his ass off.

Very funny. (Read the sarcasm there.)

Next to me lies a football ball. Damn that's gonna bruise. "Not like I care." I mutter to myself as I stand up and walk to the locker rooms to change.

It's lunch time and I ignore the pain in my back and go to the tree just outside of the cafeteria. I never go to the schools cafeteria. Everyone always stares and yells or throws food at me so I sit outside and read or listen to music. It's peaceful and nobody ever bothers me here.

After reading for about 25 minutes the bell rings and I'm off to forth period. English Literature. I love English Let. I love writing so this subject is really a strong point for me.

Once that's done it's art (we had to sketch a still life for today) and then finally my favorite subject. Music.

It's always been my passion. So I sit infront of the piano and play. My mom taught me how to play the piano. I sing a bit too before the students get there. Once the other students start filling the room I move to the back of the class.

The lesson egins and before I know it the the bell rings for the end of the day.

I slowly grab my bag and start walking out the school as quietly as I can. But as I open the door someone hits me in my side and I fall with a wince.

I look up to see Jack laughing at me as he slowly turn and walks away. I roll my eyes at the childish behavior and get up to start walking home.

As I walk into the parking lot I see Clayton and Brittany making out on the front of her car.

I hold my stomach in disgust and start walking the long way home. I wish I was like her sometimes.

She's so lucky to be able to have Clayton. He's an amazing person. Yes he breaks a lot of school rules and gets expelled a lot but he's also super smart and sweet.

Everyday I wish to be with him. To be wanted by him. But I know I'm just kidding myself. I'm not like her.... and I never will be.
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