Bad boy (REWRITTEN!)

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5. Home

When I got home it was about three in the afternoon. It's so quiet in this house.

I miss mom's singing. I remember how she always used to sing while making me lunch when I got back home from school.

I walk up to my room and take off my hoody. I wince as I stretch my back. Damn that ball must have hit me harder than I thought.

I slowly make my way to the bathroom and take a nice relaxing shower to calm my aching muscles.

It's been a long tiring day and I can't wait to make myself a nice cup of coffee in my pj's and watch some anime on my bed.

I sigh as I turn off the water and put a towel around my body.

I feel so relaxed that I almost trip as I get dressed. I put on a pair of comfy shorts and a long sleeve T-shirt that's two sizes too big for me. It's actually Clayton's shirt. He used to sleep over here a lot and he's kind of a slob. He just leaves his clothes everywhere and when I saw this shirt I immediately hid it in my closet. He never saw it again. And I wear it a lot.

I'm in the kitchen drinking my coffee when I hear a knock on the door.

I frown. "Who could that be?" I mumble to myself as I make my way to the door.

I open it to see Clayton leaning against the door frame with his usual smirk intact.

"Hi." I say sceptically.

"Hey babe." He greets and casually walks past me and into the living room where he makes himself comfortable on my favorite couch.

I close the front door and walk up to him. "What are you doing here?" I ask curiously.

He smirks and shrugs. "Brittany was busy so I thought we could hang out." he says casually.

I nod my head with a frown. That's weird he actually wants to hang out with me.

"So what do you wanna do?" I ask him.

He smiles. "How about we go for a walk?" he asks.

I nod. "Yeah sure. I'll just go change real quick."

He nods.

I quickly make my way upstairs and put on some sweatpants and a long sleeve T-shirt. I'm just thankful Clayton didn't recognize the T-shirt I was wearing when I opened the door. (That would have been super embarrassing!)

I tie my hair up into a pony tail and slip on some warn out sneakers.

I make my way downstairs to see Clayton already at the door.

He turns to me. "Ready?" he asks and I nod in confirmation.

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