Bad boy (REWRITTEN!)

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7. Tuesday

I woke up early today due to my stomach rumbling cause I forgot to eat yesterday.

So I stood up took a shower and changed into some blue skinny jeans with a black T-shirt and my hoody over that. I slipped on my socks and sneakers and decided to do my hair quickly.

I dried it and put it in a high pony tail like yesterday. I suddenly remembered last night and how Clayton liked my hair lose so I took the hair tie out and straightened my hair.

After I finished I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich for breakfast but I was still hungry so I ate some cereal too.

Finally done I grabbed my book bag and went outside. I locked the door and started walking to school. As I walked I decided to put in my earphones with some music.

The song that played was Sorry by Halsey one of my favorites. I started singing along to the song and a few more songs later I was at school.

As I looked through the people in the parking lot I saw Brittany climbing out of her car in what must be the sluttiest outfit I have ever sent.

Short skirt (barley covering anything), tank top (you could see her bra) and high heels (that Lady Gaga would be jealous of).


How does Clayton deel with that slut? I ignore her and continue to walk to my locker.

Speaking of Clayton. I wonder where he is today. Usually Brittany is hanging off of him like a monkey from a tree.

I almost giggled at my own comparison. "I'll just stop by after school to make sure he's alright." I muttered to myself as I walked to homeroom after taking my books out.


The day went by pretty quickly. As we were in music class doing a music lesson, the bell rang and school was out.

I quickly went to my locker to get Clayton's work from math and science (the only two subjects we have together) that I made extra notes of and started walking home.

As I walked passed the school I could see Kacey walk up to me. oh boy here we go. I thought to myself. You see Kacey is Brittany's 'best friend' or Frenamy or whatever.

"Hey there loser." she sneered at me. I just looked up at her . I'm not gonna fight you idiot.

"Hey talk to me you bitch!" she yelled I bit my tounge and tried to walk past her but she grabbed my arm. Hard. Ow!

I took a deep breath and spoke. "What do you want Kacey?" I asked. She still didn't let go of my arm but smirked and came up close to my face.

"I want you to never talk to Clayton again. Do you understand me you little dissapointment?" she said and punctuated 'dissapointment' with a sneer right in my face.

I can't believe this. I thought to myself. She's so desperate. The only reason she's 'friends' with Brittany is to get closer to Clayton. But I know for a fact that Clayton hates her guts. He can't tolerate Kacey for this exact reason. She's a stalker.

"..pathetic." I unintentionally muttered and realized my mistake when there was a stinging pain on the right side of my face and I realized she just slapped me. I can't believe this.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME!?" She screamed and my mouth responded before I could stop myself.

"PATHETIC!" I shouted and once again only realized my mistake when it was too late.

She hit me hard on the right side of my face. Damn she hits like a dude. I almost fell back. She sneered and said, "A loser like you can't tell me what she thinks of me. Your pathetic." She laughed in my face and turned around and walked away.

More bruises for me I guess. I sigh. I held the right side of my face as I started walking home.

Once I got home I walked to the freezer and took out a ice and put some in a plastic bag and put it against my face. As I stood there I looked up at the wall and saw a picture of me and my mom that she hung there.

I love that picture. We were in Canada for vacation and my dad bought my mom a necklace the night before. She was basically glowing the whole day while she wore it. We were at the beach and my mom asked my dad to take a foto of me and her. Our smiles were so bright.

As I remembered that day I couldn't help but remember what my mom said the week before she died. We were visiting her at the hospital and I was crying and my mom pulled me into a hug and told me, "Honey, when life gives you depression make depressionade."

I smiled. She was such a wonderful person.

I miss you mom. I'm trying.


Later that afternoon I made my way to the Blake home to give Clayton his notes.

I didn't even bother to walk through the front door but went to around the house to the back door instead.

When we we're little we always used to go in through the back doors of our houses. Don't ask me why cause I don't know. Kids are weird.

I immediately walk into the house to see Clayton's mom, Luce, in the kitchen. She's just like my mom and loves to bake.

As soon as she hears the door she turns and as soon as she sees me I'm engulfed in her arms.

"Ang! How have you been, honey? How's your dad? Are you okay? I haven't heard from you in so long!" She rushes out and I can't help but giggle at her cuteness.

Jip. Just like my mom.

"Hey Luce, I'm fine. My dads fine. How have you been?" I ask her with a polite smile.

She returns it tenfold and starts babling on and on about what I've missed for the past two years.

"Oh honey are you here to see Clayton? He's in his room." she says after a while of catching up.

I smile and nod. "Wait. Take these with you he's probably hungry." she says and thrusts a plate if cookies into my hands.

As I make my way upstairs I remember all the times we used to case each other to his room.

I knock on his door and there's a muffled 'come in'.

I slowly open the door to see Clayton laying in bed with a cold compress against his head. So that's why he wasn't at school today. The bad boy was sick.

"Hey Carebear." I greet him and his head immediately whips in my direction. I guess he's surprised to see me judging from the look of shock stuck on his face.

"Hey babe. What are you doing here?" he asks as I take a seat on his desk char and hand him the plate of cookies.

"I brought you the extra notes from the math and science you missed today." I say and show him the papers.

He smiles and takes them. "Thanks babe. You didn't have to do that."

I shrug and steal a cookie.

"Hey!" he he exclaims. I just giggle and finish it.

There's a knock at the door and we both look up to see Luce.

"Are you going to stay for dinner Ang? Andy misses you so much." she asks and I can't help but think that I miss Uncle Andy (Clayton's dad) too. I haven't seen him in years.

I nod. "That would be great. Thank you."

She smiles. "Okay great. I'll call you when dinners ready."

Me and Clayton nod.

She closes the door and I turn my attention back to Clayton to see him frowning at the notes.

"Do you want me to help you catch up?" I ask him. He turns to me and immediately nods his head.

"Okay let's get started."


A few hours later Clayton walks me home.

I helped him with his work and he caught up quite quickly so we played a bit off Call of Duty until dinner.

Uncle Andy and me talked throughout dinner and caught up on what we missed out on the past two years. I missed him so much.

After hugging Clayton's parents he offered to walk me home and I agreed.

So here we are standing on my porch.

"Hey... Uhh.. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me on a little trip this weekend." Clayton said and I looked at him sceptically.

"What kind of trip?" I asked.

"Look babe, we haven't hung out in years and I just...I just want to spend some time with you to catch up a bit." he says and scratches the back of his neck nervously.

I smile up at him and shrug. "Sure I don't have anything better to do."

He smiles. "Awesome. I'll text you the details."

I nod and wave at him as he walks back home.

I can't wait for this weekend.
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