Bad boy (REWRITTEN!)

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9. Weekend getaway

We ended up riding to New York for the weekend. Since we're only two hours away.

I smiled as we pulled up at the hotel. We went in and booked a room.

We went to the elevator and went to the 5th floor. Room number 323. We got there and went inside.

Wow it's beautiful. There's huge windows that show the beach and a beautiful painting on the wall next to the two beds. There's one on each side of the room.

I pick the one by the window and throw my bag on it. The bathroom it beautiful too. Big hot tub. Big shower.

"Hey babe let's go eat lunch and then go to the beach so get your swimsuit on." he says handing me my bag.

I thank him and close the door getting dressed in my black bikini top with back swimshorts that come up to my middle thigh. I put a T-shirt on top of my bikini top and put black flip-flops on.

I take out a smaller bag that I brought so that we could put our phones and sunscreen in.

I take it and hang it over my shoulder opening the door and seeing Clayton waiting for me. I put my big bag on my bed and tell Clayton we can go.


After lunch at a diner down the road we go to the beach. Once there Clayton takes off his shirt and puts it on one of the towels he brought with him I do the same and he just stares at me for a whole minute before running to me and throwing me over his shoulder and running into the water. I squeal with happiness.


We spent the rest of the day at the beach in the water tanning and talking. We were now at the hotel again.

Brittany called him asking if he wanted to go on a date but he lied and told her that he had plans with his parents.

Why lie?

But I don't wanna ask. So I ignore the ache in my heart and walk to take a shower.

Apparently we're going out tonight. He won't tell me where so I just shrug and get dressed in a black skinny jean with rips in it and a white shirt with 'OTAKU' in big bold letters. I put on my black Nike's and dry and curl my hair.

When I step out of the bathroom Clayton is dressed in blue skinny jeans, a dark blue button up shirt and black sneakers. Wow he's gorgeous. I love how the shirt he's wearing brings out his blue eyes.

"Wow babe you look cute." I blush and look away. He chuckles and we leave the room. I wonder what Brittany would say if she saw us here. I can't help but think as we get on his bike.


He ends up taking me to the Amusement Park.

We go on all the rides and he even wind me a stuffed panda which I said looked like him.

We ate at a hotdog stand and played a few more games while we were there.

At around 11 we decided to go back to the hotel.

Once we got there I told Clayton that he could go shower first and couldn't help but feel guilty about today. Yes it was awesome but he lied to Brittany. And I couldn't help but feel as if it was a date. He smiled so much and I swear my heart stopped every time.

I put the stuffed panda in my bag and went to the window to look outside. I wish I was his girlfriend. This could have been the perfect date. I think sadly looking at the stars.

I hear the bathroom door open and see Clayton in his boxers and a loose black T-shirt. I can't help but blush. His black hair is messy from drying it with a towel and I can see his everything through those tight boxers .

Damn Angela keep yourself together! I tell myself as I walk past him to go take a shower.

After the relaxing shower I put on my pj's which consist of a pair of lose fitting short shorts and and sleeveless shirt.

Before I come out of the bathroom I hear him having a conversation with someone on the phone. I can only make out the last few words.

"No Brittany I won't be back tomorrow. No you can't come with. What's with you? It's my life stop being a bitch. Yeah whatever. Bye."

Sigh. I calmly walk out of the bathroom and over to my bag. I get into bet and turn to Clayton who's looking at his phone with a frown on his face. "Everything okay carebear?"

He doesn't look up as he replies "Yeah I'm fine goodnight."

I mutter a "goodnight" before turning off my light and turning to the window where the moonlight is shinning trough.

You belong with me Clayton. If only you could see that I'm the one that understands you.Been here all along. So why can't you see? Clayton... You belong with me.

A lone tear falls down my cheek as I close my eyes and go to sleep.


The next morning we go to the same diner as yesterday for breakfast.

"Hello there how may I take your order? " the waitress asks. She's blonde with brown eyes, my build and wearing a yellow and red uniform with the name tag 'Roxy' on.

I smile and ask for Bacon and scrambled eggs. Clayton takes the same but with toast. I order coffee with milk and two sugars he orders black coffee no sugar.

She writes it done smiles and tells us she'll be back with our orders soon.

Clayton has been really quiet this morning and I can't help but feel it's my fault. I'm not even his girlfriend and he's wasting he's whole weekend on me.

"You okay Carebear? If you want we can go home after breakfast so that you can go see Brittany. I'm sure you miss her." I mutter the last part but he hears it and looks up at me.

"Why would you think that? Do you wanna go home or something?" he asks with a frown.

I wince and shake my head. "That's not what I meant it's just that well... I just.. " I bite my lip trying to form a sentence.

"You just." he prompts.

Sigh. "When I came out of the bathroom last night I overheard your conversation with Brittany. .. I.. I.. I'm sorry I didn't mean to hear it just... Well kinda... happened. And I think maby you wanna see her instead of wasting your time on me... I guess.. Sorry. " I said softly.

He was about to reply when the waitress came back with our drinks and food. "Food and drink for the lovely couple." she said with a grin.

I almost spat out my coffee. "I... Well.. We.. I mean we.were not. Like... " I stuttered uncontrollably with a rosy blush colouring my cheeks.

"We're not together." said Clayton. I wish we were. I wanted to say but pushed the thought down.

"Oh I'm sorry I just thought,well you guys would look really cute together so I just assumed you were together. Enjoy your meal." she said and left us in an awkward silence.


We were at the hotel packing. Clayton said we could go sight seeing and leave later at around 6 pm.

After packing we left and went looking all around. We went to clothing stores and I bought a pair of vans and a new pair of sneakers.

We went to a beautiful little bookstore at my request. I bought three novels. (Romance but don't tell anyone!). We took photos at the statue of liberty that was an hour drive away.

He posted it on his Instagram account at claytonblake and tagged me on my account at angelawolf.

All in all it was a great day. Pity it all had to end.
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