Never Thought I'd See You Again

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Chapter 2

17 years old (August 3rd 2013)
A tear slipped out of my eye as I hung up on him, but I finally had enough. It's been eight long months of this manipulative jerk messing with my head.
Pulling up the three-way FaceTime call between Jamie, Derek and myself I put the finishing touches on my hair and check to make sure I haven't messed up my makeup.
Jamie was the first one to answer
* Good afternoon birthday girl*
*Thanks Jamie*
*Wait are you crying?*
Derek jumps on the call, in the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Since he moved into town he has been hitting the gym religiously, and you can definitely tell.
*Such a beautiful birthday girl. Woah are those tears? On your birthday? What the hell happened?*
*I'll meet you at Jamie's asap. I'm turning off my phone.*
After hanging up the phone, I put a little perfume on and go to my closet to take the necklace Jacob gave me off, instead I put on the matching bracelet and necklace set that Derek and Jamie got me for my birthday.
By the time I finished that I already had 5 missed calls. Two were from Jamie, probably trying to make sure that I was going to be okay before I start driving, and the other 3 were from Jacob. I turned my phone off, threw it in my purse and left the house.
When I pulled up to Jamie's house I was all smiles. I felt so free, like I didn't have to spend my life taking care of a grown man. He couldn't bother me anymore and I could do what I wanted. If I wanted to go out with friends I didn't need his permission, I didn't have to send him pictures of my outfit every morning so he could tell me whether he thought it was appropriate or not, or report everything I was eating to him. He couldn't tell me that I wasn't allowed to eat dinner anymore because I ate too many calories between breakfast and lunch.
Jamie and Derek exchanged a glance, they definitely thought I was crazy.
"Lets go inside before we talk about this. But we have to get ready to head out, were going to have to take Derek's car since Jacob doesn't know what it looks like."
"Uh yeah sure, come on guys lets go to my room so we can talk privately." Jamie replied, probably running through a million scenarios in her head about what's going on, but I bet she didn't see this one coming.
After taking a seat in the super oversized beanbag chair with Derek I began retelling the story from earlier. They were so mad at Jacob but so happy that I was finally standing up for myself and realizing that I was worth so much more.

Since Jacob knew our plans we decided to change them, we were going to go a couple of towns over and go bowling and grab dinner from a pizzeria instead of going to olive garden and catching a movie. Before the bowling alley opened Jamie Derek and I went to a shopping mall where I bought a new pair of boots and a new sweat suit. Jamie bought a new pair of Nike leggings and a Nike work out top. Derek bought new converse since his old ones were tearing apart.

After the movie we headed home, we stopped at the dairy queen on the way home. While Jamie was in the bathroom Derek finally spoke about what had happened earlier.
"I'm glad you're really starting to see what he was putting you through." He said between mouthfuls of his mint chip blizzard.
" I'm glad too. I think you helped me see that though. You've never been anything like him. You've always been supportive. You're the one that convinced me to apply to the out of state school, you really do care about me, even just as a friend you've always cared more than Jacob has."
"What would you say about me asking you out on a date? When you feel like you're ready of course, no rush."
"I think I'd like that, I'll let you know when I'm ready to start another relationship."
He had the biggest smile on his face when I looked up from my Reese's blizzard. His smile was contagious and we were smiling crazy smiles when Jamie came back to the table.

17 years old (September 2013)
"I can't believe that homecoming is next month." Jamie said. "Were going to have to start dress shopping now!"
"If I don't have a date I'm not going."
"Scar stop it, you know Derek will be your date. And besides, I will be there."
"Yes you're right, you will be there, sucking face with your girlfriend. I thought about telling Derek I'm ready to start a relationship with him. I plan on inviting him out tonight just the two of us and telling him." Just then Derek comes up to the table holding hands with one of the athletic girls from our grade named Aubrey.
"Hey guys, you know Aubrey right? Well we are together now and I am taking her to the homecoming dance next month."
I think my brain needs to be reset, did he just say they were together? I was just going to finally say yes to his date.
"Yes we do, we've gone to school together all our lives." Jamie said while side eyeing me, waiting for me to run.
"Uhh excuse me, I forgot something in my car and I need it for next period." I got out of there so fast, as I dumped my tray into the trash I heard Derek ask Jamie if I was alright because I was acting weird. Jamie knew everything, in fact she was the one who convinced me last night that I should go for telling him I'm ready for that date. Jamie didn't know what to tell him so she just shrugged. The more the days went on and the more he has been showing me how I should be treated the more I fell for him. I'm definitely going home early today, I don't want to be here any longer.

After dinner that night my phone rang, a facetime call between my two bestfriends. I ignored it and went back to reading a book in bed. I don't think I'm ready to talk just yet.

A few minutes later my phone rings, its just Jamie this time. I answer it
*I'm really not in the mood to talk Jamie.*
*Oh I know but Derek is upset and he is headed to your house.*
*Shit, fuck. Call him back, I will meet you two at your house.*
*You're gonna have to allow him to go to your house sooner or later.*
*I know, but I prefer later.*
After hanging up the phone I put a sweatshirt and crocs on to drive to Jamie's house. It's not that I'm ashamed of my house or anything, my family is pretty well off but we do not flaunt it. It's just that my mom does not like distractions from my school work, she will definitely see Derek as a distraction. I just do not want to listen to the lecture.
Derek pulls up right before I do and I'm forced to walk to the front door with him since he waited for me.
When we get settled into Jamie's room, I start telling him that today at lunch I had planned to tell him that I wanted that date now and that I finally felt ready again. He took a deep breath with a sad look on his face and said "I'm sorry but I was tired of waiting. I waited since the day we met almost a year ago. I couldn't wait for you anymore. I had to move on."
"I know, I understand. Just a slap of reality right to my face."
"I didn't think you were ever going to come around. I thought you were just telling me you were considering it so you didn't have to let me down."
"How could you think that? Of course I was really considering it. It was just really soon after Jacob and I didn't want you to be just a rebound. You deserved better than being a rebound. I wanted to be sure that I was going to be able to treat you the way you deserved."
I got up from Jamie's bed and started getting ready to leave. As I got to the front door I turned to look at Derek and he didn't have any expression on his face.
"I'm sorry but I have to go, I'll see you on Monday at school."
"Scar, will you come to my ceremony on Tuesday night?"
"Ceremony for what?"
"I enlisted in the marines. I will be leaving as soon as we graduate in June."
"Last week."
"Did we Distance ourselves that much that I didn't even know you were considering it? Fuck, I have to go."
I've never been happy to leave Jamie's house before, but there was always a first time for everything. As I walked through the kitchen I saw her parents snuggled up on the couch watching a movie. I hope in 30 years my husband and I sit like that, cozy on the couch. At this rate, I'll probably never find anyone to hold me like that.

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