Never Thought I'd See You Again

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Chapter 5

Present Day (2020)

When the school bus pulled away I turned around and walked toward the house. He followed me through the front door and to the kitchen before he said anything.

"I've been looking for you for years. I never knew that my father was the only one to know where you were or how to contact you."

"He and Jamie were the only ones important enough to have to know."

"You didnt even tell your parents where you were."

"Because they disowned me when they found out I was pregnant and would not be going to med school because I decided to become a nurse instead."

"They disowned you for that?"

"Yes, they told me I was a disgrace and kicked me out of the house."

July 29, 2014

"Jason, where are you?"

"I'm in the kitchen."

As I walked to the kitchen I began preparing myself for having to change his entire life.

"Are you alright? You look pale."

"Yeah I'm alright, well at least I will be when I tell you what I found out from the doctors this morning."

He didn't say anything he just narrowed his eyes at me like he was skeptical at what I could possibly tell him.

I couldn't find the words so instead I pulled the sonogram out of my bag and gave it to him.

"My due date is March 13."

"Are you going to tell him?"

"Do you think I should?"

"I don't know that he would be super thrilled about this and I don't want to create any problems or distractions while he is away. I think you should tell him when we fly out for his graduation."

"Yeah, I think you're right. I will have to tell him, I couldn't keep something like this away from him."

"What did your parents say?"

"They kicked me out, they were less happy about me not going to medical school than they were that I'm pregnant."

"I've never understood your parents."

"Yeah, me either. I told them that I notified the college I chose that I would be living off campus and I already have a lease signed. I am however moving to Arizona for school, I plan on moving there permanently and raising the baby. My parents do not want me to come back here in case it tarnishes their reputation with their patients."

"Will you stay in contact with me?"

"Of course I will, you are welcome to be a grandpa whether or not your son is apart of the baby's life. You were like a second father to me so I would love to stay in contact, you could even come to visit if you'd like."

August 5th 2014 moving day
"Welcome to Arizona, baby" I said while rubbing my not quite yet showing bump. I am almost 8 weeks but I am already so attached. "I found us a small 2 bedroom apartment that we can stay in until I graduate school and get us a better job and better place."

September 12 2014
Today is the day I fly out to see Derek, my flight isnt until this afternoon and I have my very first doctors appointment today.
At the Doctors office -
"Miss Francis?"
"Yes that's me" I say while standing up and walking over to the medical assistant that will be bringing me to my room.
As I get ready for the ultrasound technician to come in to begin, I send Jason a quick text *first ultrasound today. Should I get you an extra copy?*
*hell yeah, I wanna see my grandbaby!*
*I'll show you at brunch tomorrow, you and I have a reservation at a restaurant there, Derek is supposed to be meeting us. I'm hoping that telling him will go smoothly*
*stop worrying, it's not good for the baby*
Just then the ultrasound technician knocks on the door "come in" I say, trying to mentally prepare myself to meet a new person that will be getting up close and personal with me.
"Hello my name is Daniel, I heard you are new to the area"
"Yes I just moved here, I'm starting nursing school and I wanted to choose a new doctor."
"Awesome, well why don't we get started with the ultrasound and we can see how far along you really are."
"Would you like to know the gender of your baby?"
"Yes, please."
"It looks like you are measuring at twelve weeks with a healthy baby boy!"
"That's fantastic news."

*Hey new grandpa, I know you are getting ready to board your plane, but I just wanted to let you know that we're going to have to make the nursery dinosaur theme instead of unicorns.*
*It's a boy? Really? That's the best news I received all day.*
*Doctor says he is healthy and growing just how he is supposed to.*
*That's awesome. Don't forget my copy of the sonogram.*
*I didn't forget. You don't even want to know his name?*
*You already have a name picked out?*
*Yes I do. I think it's perfect for him.*
*No, I want to wait to find out. I think my son should know first.*
*Okay that's fair, turn your phone off now. You should be boarding soon.*

September 12, 2014
As I get ready to board my plane I really think about what I am about to do this weekend. I am flying out to marry the guy that I have feelings for, he is also the father of my baby, even though he doesn't know it yet. This is going to turn his world upside down. God I hope he doesn't have a complete meltdown.
When I land I grab my carryon and head toward the pick up, Jason is going to pick me up and take me back to the hotel room we got together. He's super protective now. When I finally see him he looks so happy to see me I go up to him and give him a hug. I go to put my luggage into the back of the SUV and Derek comes around the corner and takes it from my hands.
"I got it, Wife-to-be." That smirk should be illegal.
"Yeah, uh thanks." Why do I sound like such an idiot? Even after no contact for a few months he still has this power over me.
When we finally get into the car we are about to pull out when Derek gets a call from Aubrey.
*Hey Aubrey what's up?*
*Hey are you busy right now? I just flew into town to attend your graduation ceremony.*
*You did what?*
*I'm here to see you. Are you not excited to see me? I thought you would have missed me.* I could hear the pouty whine in her voice. Honestly, it's so fake it makes me want to gag.
*It's not that I'm not excited to see you, I am surprised. I'm actually at the airport now, I was picking up my dad and Scar.*
*What is that whore doing here?*
*Don't talk about her like that, I invited her because she is my friend.*
*Ugh, I don't want you to be hanging out with her alone, better yet, I won't leave your side the whole time.*
*Actually, I am taking Scar out one night during this trip, alone.*
*Absolutely not, I will not allow it. I see your car, I'm coming.* As soon as she hangs up Derek turns to the back seat to look at me.
"Derek, we need to discuss some things before the big day. Like just you and me. She can't be a part of this."
"I have no idea how were going to pull this off now."
"You could always tell her, she could be my maid of honor."
Jason makes a deep belly laugh while Derek is very uncomfortable.
"Derek, baby! Help me with this, it's really heavy." Aubrey screeches in the pick up line.
"Shoot me now." Derek mutters under his breath, earning a chuckle out of me.
When they finally get her bags loaded in the trunk of the SUV she slides into the back seat beside me and gives me a dirty look.
"If you think you are making any moves on my man this vacation you are dead wrong. I flew out as soon as I heard you were going to be here."
"Listen, I was invited here because you weren't sure whether or not you wanted to be with him. So instead of being alone this vacation he invited me. I do not plan on stealing him from you. If he wants to be with you then he can be. If he wants to be with me, he can be. That's his choice. He has made the choice before and it wasn't me. I doubt it will be me this time."
Derek turns around and stares at me horrified that I'm being so blunt with her. But the bluntness must have worked, she's been quiet ever since.

Later that night at the hotel restaurant
"Derek baby, when are we going out on a date? I'm only here for 3 nights."
"I'm not sure, I'm going to have to see if I can fit one in between my busy schedule. Scar, Dad and I have a brunch tomorrow that we have to go to and tomorrow is the ceremony."
"Oh a brunch? That sounds amazing. I will definitely be there."
Hold up, excuse me? Did she just invite herself to the date I had planned?
"Aubrey that wasn't an invitation for you to come." I finally spit out.
"Scar! I can't believe you'd talk to her like that. " Derek has some damn nerve siding with her.
"No, she deserves it. I planned that brunch because we need to discuss something between the three of us. It is very important and it cannot be discussed in her company."
"Scar is right, it is extremely important that it is just us three." Thank god for Jason, he's trying to deescalate the situation.
"I dont care, whatever you want to discuss with me can be discussed in her company. We are back together and were not holding any secrets."
I narrow my eyes not really believing him. I know he is not going to spill this secret. If he did he would have to admit that he doesn't trust her and is asking me to marry him. She wouldn't allow it and she would throw a fit and manipulate him into marrying her regardless of the lack of trust.
"I think I've had enough for tonight. Jason I'm headed upstairs to rest. Derek I will see you for brunch tomorrow. I scheduled our date for the 14th at 3 pm. Don't be late. And please come alone." I suddenly feel very tired and I don't want to argue here.
On my way up to my room I get a text from Derek
*Hey, everything okay? What do we need to discuss?*
*It is not a phone conversation, just make it to our date alone. I don't care if you have to lock her in a shipping crate, do not let her manipulate you into letting her go with us.*
*Can we talk about it tomorrow at brunch?*
*No, if Aubrey will be there I don't feel comfortable discussing it. It's not any of her business, and I'm not being petty about it. It really just doesn't concern her directly.*
*I'll try to come up tonight after she goes to sleep so we can talk about it.*
*Probably not going to be worth it, I'm always exhausted these days. I will most likely be asleep.*
*I'll try anyway.*
Why does that give me butterflies and bring a smile to my face? Oh shit. This isn't good at all. I have to protect my heart or I'll be going home in a few days with a broken heart.

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