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Was life ever simple for Cassie, it seemed every waking moment something seemed to go wrong. Two years ago she and her siblings lost their parents to a car crash, a drunk driver whom they knew. Her mind is overflowing as she tries to make it through her days with her best friends by her side. But what happens when an extremely hot ex best friend of her brothers comes crashing back into her life. Can she make it through college unscathed? Are all her friends really there for her or along for the ride? What happens when family matters get complicated? Warning this will contain sexual scenes, self harm, mental health issues. ©️ copyright - Charly James-Matthews Cover Created by chloenchicken :D

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Chapter One

“Cassie! Hurry up or we’ll be late for college! I have a job to do you know!” my older brother shouts as I hear his keys jingle in his hand, he always swung his keys on his finger when he was nervous.

I roll my eyes as I grab my phone before hurling myself out of my room and down the stairs.

“Don’t blame me that you got a job at my college, I told you not to,” I grumble grabbing my rucksack.

“Oh, I am sorry that I embarrass you so much that you can’t stand to have such an amazing teacher at your college, while all your friends look at me like I’m the best thing on earth,” he smirks.

“Don’t tease her Callum, try not to embarrass our little sister,” Ivy, his twin smirks at him, throwing me my lunch.

“Thanks, Ivy,” I smile at her, the twins were older than me by six years, they were twenty-five and my brother was a smart ass that managed to skip a year at school, he had worked so hard to get through his degree in university and go into teaching, but why did he have to come to my college, in my last year too!

My friends were obsessed with him, Rosie, Steph and James were all in love with him and I hated it. He was my brother, why did they have to fawn all over him…

“Come on,” Callum rolls his eyes.

“Bye Ivy!” I smile as I make my way out to his car. I couldn’t wait to start driving, I had been working a part-time job at the local café to afford lessons and I almost had enough for a block of at least ten hours…We have to start somewhere right?

“I honestly don’t want to embarrass you, Cassie, I just needed a job and this was the best option for me right now, you only have to put up with it for a year,” he smiles at me before continuing to concentrate on driving.

“It’s fine, but no getting involved with my social life with my friends, they are off-limits, no getting involved with my love life either,” I say as he chuckles.

“Can’t promise that I won’t look out for you when it comes to your love life or lack of, but your friends have always been off-limits…Do you really think I would go for Rosie or Steph? James is definitely not my type,” he chuckles.

“Rosie is SO your type, she’s bubbly, beautiful, busty and a red-head, she’s everything you go for,” I laugh.

“I…Can’t argue with that, but I won’t be going after her anyway,” he shrugs.

“Plus you could get in trouble for shagging a student,” I smirk.

“I…Well…Yeah, didn’t think of that…” he grumbles.

“Oh, the disappointment in your face Callum!” I laugh.

“Shut up twerp,” he ruffles my hair with a laugh as I smack him, fixing my hair in the mirror as I check my make-up quickly, having gone for a darker look this year. Steph had given me a make-over, alternative/emo style and I had to say I liked some of it. I loved the smokey eyes and deep brown lipstick. I had stuck to my favourite black skinny jeans and put a red crop top on underneath my favourite leather jacket which used to belong to our mother, it still smelt of her perfume as I occasionally sprayed it back on so I could feel her comfort without her actually being around. I missed her and Dad so much.

Callum pulls up to the college and parks in his reserved space.

“You ready for this, teach?” I smirk.

“How hard can it be?” he breathes deeply before grabbing his bag. I knew he was nervous, this was his biggest job since our parents died two years ago when our lives turned upside down.

He and Ivy had to slave away in any job they could to keep us afloat. Our family weren’t rich, we got by most of the time. It wasn’t until a year later they let me help by getting a part-time job, then Ivy got a promotion in her office and life got a little easier. I had only just turned eighteen when I got my job but I had to say I loved working in the café, though my boss could be a jerk sometimes, the others were fun to hang out with and Steph worked there too.

Our parents had died in a car crash two years ago and nothing had really been the same since, the twins had felt they had to take care of me, even though I was seventeen, I was capable of looking after myself. They treated me like a baby for months before I finally snapped and we had a huge family discussion between us and things changed.

They made me promise that I would continue to study and get a decent job, but not letting work take over my life, they wanted me to live my life and have fun. I understood that and I promised, but I couldn’t help but feel like their own lives had been struck down as neither of them would go off, live their lives as they were too preoccupied with mine. They said they only cared about family but I knew they both craved to go travelling like they had been planning to do together when Mum and Dad were alive. Their plans were still drawn on their huge board in the office at home.

“You’re going to be fine Callum, chin up, eyes forward and knock them dead,” I smile saying Dad’s phrase as he smiles hugging me.

“They’d be proud of you kiddo,” he whispers into my hair.

“They’d be proud of all of us,” I smile kissing his cheek.

“CASSIE!” I hear Rosie squeal happily as Callum rolls his eyes.

“Have fun, I better go, see you later…Oh, are you working tonight?” Callum goes to walk off before turning to ask me.

“Yeah straight after my last lecture until ten tonight,” I nod.

“Ok, make sure you eat and call me if Steph can’t drive you,” he says.

“I will. Love you, bro, knock them dead,” I smile.

“Love you too Cass,” he says before rushing into the building to start his day.

“Oh, I can’t believe your gorgeous specimen of a brother is working at our college,” Rosie bites her lip as I roll my eyes.

“Close your mouth dear, wouldn’t want to catch flies,” I put my finger on her chin as she laughs and smacks my hand away.

“Have you seen James or Steph yet?” she asks.

“Of course I haven’t, I just got here, are you blind do you see James’ bike?” I laugh.

Just then I heard the rumble of his bike, we both smiled as he rode into the car park, lifting his helmet off and ruffling a hand through his hair, cut short at the sides and longer on the top in a man-bun, streaks of deep blue through it. James was gorgeous and he knew it, but he was the sweetest guy ever, he was an old romantic too, though he didn’t swing my way… He was gay.

“Good morning gorgeous girls,” he booms in his deep voice that could make anyone quiver.

“Hey James,” I grin kissing his cheek as I always did as he hugged me.

“What’s up? You look fucked James,” Rosie laughs at the bags under his eyes.

“That’s because I was fucked little Rosie, all night long,” he grins.

“Ohh, was he cute?” She grins clapping as he laughs, grabbing his phone from his pocket as my eyes glance around, feeling like I’m being watched.

“Met him at the club last night and his cock, I’m not kidding it was HUGE, like this,” he says showing a gap between his hands.

“It’s so not fair, you get all the hot guys,” Rosie huffs.

“Perhaps we can persuade Cassie to come out this weekend and be a wing-woman for once,” James says as I ignore him as my eyes meet another.

“What the fuck is he staring at?” I snap as both of them look over to where Dominic is standing, he winks at me before going back to his friends.

“Why is he even here? He doesn’t even go to college,” Rosie says.

Dominic was an old friend of Callum’s and he was the typical bad boy, he was tall, his short dark hair styled to sweep backwards in a quiff that he kept tidy all the time, though I had to say it always looked better messed up…What am I saying…Get it together Cassie!

“Did his muscles get bigger? That man is a god,” James murmurs as I slap his arm.

“He’s also an arsehole,” I say.

“A sexy arsehole,” Rosie hums to herself as I shake my head, seeing her eyes gaze over him.

“ROSIE!” I slap her arm.

“Well hello, my bitches, what we looking at?” Steph grins as she rests her tattoed arm on my shoulder. Steph never really stuck to any style in particular, but her style was always more towards alternative or emo, her clothes were always dark and her tattoos matched her chaotic mind too. From superheroes, her favourite band logos, to two angels she got for me for when my parents died, she knew them well too and she had been a godsend, she was like another sister to us.

“Dominic,” Rosie answers.

Steph grimaces, she hated him with a passion, he had broken many hearts, including hers once. Even though we were just kids she had had a huge crush on him and he loved to tease her, before one day he pushed too far, literally, he pushed her in a pool after saying she was gross, everyone knew she couldn’t swim and she nearly drowned. If it wasn’t for my Dad being there she would have died.

Dominic and Callum got into a huge argument over it and they stopped being friends, I was pretty sure there was more to it but he never told me and I didn’t want to push him either.

“He makes my skin crawl,” She shivers as I put my arm around her waist.

“Well look who it is, Cassandra and her retard brigade,” Dominic smirks.

“Drop dead Dominic,” I snap.

“You wish baby girl, what’s this I hear that your brother is working here? Did he get bored busting doughnuts by the seaside, can’t he get a proper job?” Dominic laughs.

“We can’t all be the son of one of the worlds biggest enterprises, that’s reserved for dicks like you,” James mutters.

“You want my dick Peterson,” Dominic smirks cockily.

“Not in this lifetime,” James snaps back.

“Next one then, perhaps I will come back gay,” Dominic winks at him.

“Get lost Dominic, you’re making me feel sick,” Steph says as Dominic laughs in her face.

He steps towards her as she takes a step back, I push myself in between them.

“Leave,” I say sternly.

“Aww look at you, such a big girl now, in all ways…I’d lose a little weight sweetheart, been eating a little too much at that café,” he smirks. Sure I wasn’t a skinny girl but I wouldn’t call myself fat either, I was just curvy…

“Dominic! Get the fuck away from my sister!” Callum shouts coming back out of college.

“Oh no, the fun police, gotta go,” Dominic smirks before taking a step back and walking around us as he unlocks his car and drives off quickly, but not before giving me a smirk and a wink.

“I really hate him,” Steph says as I nod.
“You girls ok?” Callum asks.

“Hey what about me?” James huffs.

“You’re big enough and ugly enough to deal with your own shit,” Callum smirks at him as James flips him off.

“You should be in your lecture room waiting for students,” I say with a brow raised.

“I don’t start for another fifteen minutes and when I saw that prick near you guys I couldn’t help be a little worried, he’s bad news Cass,” he says.

“Bad news, I know, trust me I get it, I can handle it though, I’m an adult now you know,” I fold my arms.

“I know, I know, I just…I can’t help it, Cass…” he says with a deep sigh looking at my stomach where he knew my scar was.
“Stop thinking about it,” I say as he looks up.

Thing was, not only did our parents die but I was in the car with them that night…I had been in the hospital for a few weeks as my brother and sister stayed by my side the whole time.

What made things worse was that the car that hit us was none other than Dominic’s father, entitled prick, drunk off his head coming from a work party, he swerved off the road and hit us straight on. Yet he was scar-free, he didn’t lose anything, he had enough money to get away with it too and it sickened me.

“They are dangerous people and I won’t lose you too, not to him,” Callum says.

“Callum, stop, I’m fine,” I say.

“Yeah, she’s too stubborn to abandon us anyway, I’m pretty sure she got up to those pearly gates and talked her way out of it,” Steph hugs my shoulders as I lean my head against hers.

“It’s true, I was like no fucking way, it’s not my time yet and I have to make sure my brother doesn’t poison Ivy with his cooking,” I smirk as Callum chuckles.

“Guys, we need to get going or we are going to be late for our first lesson of the year,” James smiles grabbing his bag from under the seat of his bike.

“Yes, sorry, go, have a good day,” Callum smiles as we all head inside, splitting off from him as I give him a wave.

“He’s still struggling with it isn’t he…” Steph says as we take our seats.

“From time to time, especially when it’s coming up to the anniversary,” I sigh grabbing my paper and pens out.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am Mr Davidson, but you can call me Tommy, I am your English lecturer, now how about some introductions as this will be my first year teaching you lot,” our lecturer walks to the front and begins the introductions as we continue to talk.

“Oh, shit…” James says as his eyes go wide to the lecturer.

“Wow…He’s hot,” Rosie bites her lip checking him out as my eyes gaze up, she wasn’t wrong, he was definitely hot, though skinny he wasn’t a complete stick, his jaw was chiselled, I could see the tattoos peeking from under his collar and his skin was tanned, though definitely from a holiday I could see a couple of tan lines on him from what I was guessing a watch.

“Big problem girls, huge, grande problem, of huge penis issues!” James whispers.

“Please tell me that’s not the guy you fucked last night,” I whisper.

“Shit, he told me he was a teacher, I thought it was like…little kids…a teacher, not a lecturer,” he whispers in a panic, covering his face with his hand.

“That’s kind of hot, James and the teach, bent over a desk, get it James,” Steph giggles.

“Can I ask what is so funny over there?” Tommy says up the front.

“Nothing too huge, sorry sir,” I smirk as James kicks me for the huge comment knowing I meant cock size.

I see the lecturers eyes gaze over us as they flick to James and then to the other students before going back to James, a look of recognition on his face.

“Right then, names,” he says looking at me before glancing back at James.

“Oh, I’m Cassandra Henshaw but my friends call me Cassie,” I smile as he nods.

“I’m Stephanie, but if you call me that I WILL scream, I hate it so most people call me Steph,” Steph says as I shake my head with a smirk. Stephanie was what her parents called her and she didn’t get on with them, they tried to control her every move which is why most of the time she spent her time at our house.

“You,” Tommy points to James as he clears his throat and faces our lecturer.

“I’m James,” he says simply as I can see the blush on his cheeks. Looking up at Tommy up the front I can see a small smirk on his face.

“I’m Rosie and can I just say your tie is an amazing colour, is that violet?” Rosie says as I peer around James giving her a ‘what the fuck?’ look.

She smirks and just shrugs.

“Oh, right well yes, I suppose it is. Anyway, continue,” he points to the next row of students.

The introductions continue until everyone had finished and Tommy looked around the room with a nod.

“Great, now we know each other I’m going to play a little game, I’m going to ask each of you to give me three statements, two must be true, another a lie, then myself and the rest of the class will debate on which one we think is the lie, just to get to know each other,” he says as I groan.

“Oh! Me first!” Michelle, the class president of our old high school holds up her hands as I roll my eyes.

“Ok, go ahead,” Tommy nods sitting on his desk.

James: Do you think this will be ok? 1. I fucked the professor. 2. I want to do it right here on the desk again. 3. I’m straight.

James’ text comes through to all three of us as I try to withhold my laughter.

“Can I ask what might be so funny over there?!” Tommy booms.

“Just discussing what points we might include Mr Davidson,” I answer.

“Then enlighten me, Cassandra, what are your three points,” he says.

“But I wasn’t finished!” Michelle huffs.

“We’ll come back to you,” he snaps waiting for me to continue.

“Ok…Well… One, my parents died in a crash two years ago. Two, I’ve had sex with at least one of my friends. Three…I’ve never been in love,” I smirk holding my hand out.

“Well…That’s…A different one, so class, what do we think?” He says as James looks at me with a frown.

“James is gay right he wouldn’t fuck her… and I’m pretty sure her parents did die,” I hear someone mutter near the front.

“Christ Cass, what the fuck…” Steph whispers in my ear.

“It was all I could come up with last-second, sorry, at least the attention is off of James,” I bite my lip nervously as she huffs sitting in her chair. It was true, we had had sex once, we experimented and honestly I loved it, she didn’t mind but preferred the touch of a man, it was that day I realised I didn’t care who I went for, man, woman, trans…

“So, those who think number one is the lie, raise your hand,” Tommy calls as no one puts their hands up.

“It was all over the news, no way you can miss that one,” another girl whispers.

“Number two, hands up for a lie,” he continues as half the class put their hands up as I smirk.

“I hate you,” Steph whispers as I giggle under my breath, putting my hand on her leg as she laughs slapping it away. Doing it never harmed our relationship, if anything it made us stronger, she truly was my best friend and there was nothing we couldn’t say or do together.

“Ok, number three,” Tommy continues, the other half of the class raise their hands.

“Well, quite the split in the class, huh, Mr Davidson,” I smirk.

“So, which was the lie?” he asks.

“I’ve never been in love,” I answer as a murmur goes around the room as they try to work out who it was I could have possibly had sex with amongst my friends.

“So, you’ve HAVE been in love, had sex with a friend and your parents died. Well, now we know a little more about you, though I don’t think you’re talking about being in love with a person are you,” he smirks at me, arms crossed.

“Well done, how did you guess?” I laugh.

“I’m quite good with reading people. SO what was it? Book? Film? Art?” he asks.

“All of the above, though I can’t say I’ve never been in love with a person either,” I shrug.

“Sir, are we going to do some ACTUAL English work or continue talking about Cassie’s life…” Michelle huffs, she was always such a spoilsport, if the attention wasn’t on her then she would do her best to get that back.

“I was merely trying to work out what kind of person my student is. As I would for all of you. However, if you would like to find a class where it is all work and no play then kindly go to room one zero three where you will find Mr Henshaw…Is that a relation of yours, Cassie?” he asks.

“Yes, my older brother,” I nod with a smile.

“Smart man met him in university, I hope you’re just as attentive as he is with your work. NOW, does anyone wish to move class?” He claps his hands.

“I didn’t know Callum knew him, I’ve never seen him around before,” Steph whispers in my ear.

“Callum doesn’t really bring friends over anymore,” I shrug.

“Perhaps I should move class,” James whispers as I look at him shaking my head.
“Don’t you even think about it,” I say.

“Right, well maybe we’ll do this a little differently, I want you all to work on an essay on who you are as a person, who is the real you, you can talk to your fellow classmates, but I ask don’t just chit chat, this is a class and I want this to show the REAL you, not who your friends see, who YOU are. You can make a start on this today but it will be due in…Two weeks. I want nothing but perfection with your wording people!” he smiles before walking around his desk to sit down as he begins writing on a sheet in front of him.

I see James look down at his phone, gulping.

I nudge Steph as she looks at him before he shows her his phone carefully as I keep an eye on Tommy.

“Jesus, I think James has my god damn wet dreams,” Steph giggles showing me the text as I hold a hand over my mouth.

“Get it, James, christ, he’s going to have you bent right over, that’s kinda hot,” I whisper as I pass his phone back.

“Surely it’s wrong, he’s our lecturer,” he whispers.

“James, you’re nineteen nearly twenty, you’re an adult and we have one year left, who is going to really give a shit?” I whisper.

“Cassandra, come here please,” Tommy says sternly as I sigh, getting up and walking to the front as he gestures me closer.


“I’m not stupid, you guys are close I can see that, so is he a foodie? Artsie? What’s he into?” he whispers as I laugh.

“Seriously, you called me over for what…Dating info on my best friend, you could ask him yourself you know,” I smirk, whispering so the whole class didn’t hear us.

“God, she’s such a slut,” I hear Michelle mutter as I glare at her, flipping her off.

“Don’t cause issues in my class, Miss Henshaw. Come on, give me something,” Tommy says.

“He’s a foodie, but his real love is his bike and sorry about that she gets on my nerves,” I smirk.

“Thank you, now if you don’t mind not chatting mindlessly in my classes I would appreciate it,” he says with a nod.

“Yes, Sir,” I nod as I go back to my seat.

“What was that?” Steph whispers.

“He wanted to know what James liked,” I whisper in her ear.

“Like…a date…Jesus, he’s going to die…” she grins.

“Girls,” Tommy looks over, looking at us sternly.

“Sorry, no more chit-chatting, promise,” I grin as I grab my pen, tapping it on the desk as I really think. Who am I?

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