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"Oh you are talking about that...listen Lucas I will do what ever I want to.Who the fuck you think you are to control me?you are not my Dad for fuck’s sake”.He smirked at me.That smirk!"you are mine and only mine,get that through you thick skull and about the dad part, we’ll see about that”with that he started coming close to me.”I am not yours and I will never be”I snapped at him but he totally ignored it. I was backing away from him.I felt like his prey who was trying to go run away from him. _____________________________________________ Selena is a strong girl.Her mom died when she was only 10. And since then her dad start to abuse her. But she didn't ran away since she was all her dad had seft. But then she was sold by her father to an unknown man who told her to call him dad. And he happened to be one of the most dangerous mafia family's head. With time she turned into someone else , someone very strong and she caught not just someone but the capo of Italian mafia Lucas DiCaprio's eye. And he refused to let her go. What will happen next? Let's find out 😉

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I was sitting in my room and doing my home work. Suddenly I hard a noise from down stairs. It was the sound of door shutting. And I knew from the sound that dad was home. It was late in the night. I looked up in the wall watch and saw it was 10 P. M. I just hoped he wasn't drunk again though I already knew the answer. It was everyday's story.

He wasn't like that but since my mom died he turned into a monster. I was 10 when my mom died. At first I thought he would change but he never changed. But I couldn't leave him because he was still my dad. How could I leave him like that.

"Selena, where the fuck you are" My dad shouted. Well I kinda knew I was in deep trouble because he surely was drunk. "Coming dad " I replied. I went down stairs. Before I could say anything he grabbed me by my hair and I groaned in pain."You piece of shit, you are worth of nothing.you are 16 and still you are useless" He shouted on my face still holding my hair in a strong grip. "Dad wh...." Before I could say anything he smashed my head to the wall and he smashed his beer bottle on my head. Tears were streaming down my face. He started to beat the shit out of me. I couldn't hold back anymore. He had never been this violent. I finally broke down in front of him. My whole body was bruised. Suddenly the doorbell of our house went off. I was hoping that our neighbor came for helping me after hearing my painful scream. My dad went to open the door. But when he opened the door, a man whom I have never seen was standing. My dad welcomed him politely.

I was really curious about that man's identity. He was really very intimidating and his face was completely without any emotions. He seemed quiet dangerous. Before dad could say anything the man asked looking at me " Is it her? " I was really scared, why the hell was that man asking about me. "Yes sir, is there anything you ne...." Before my dad could say anything farther the man said "No that's it, you know I am here just for business" He said. "Yes sir, you can take her" I widened my eyes as I was very scared." Wh...where are you taking me? "I wisper asked. "You are going with them and you will stay with them from now on and you will listen to their every command" My dad told me with a polite voice which surprised me but at the same time scared the shit out of me.

"Fine your all debit is cleared and you will never contact with your daughter,now she is completely under me" The man said with a cold voice. Realization drawn to me"Dad you are selling me? "I said in a sad and angry voice. Tears were streaming from my eyes. Before he could say anything I said in a broken voice"How could you, I tolerated all your shits because I thought that I was all you had left and you sold me, how could you, you asshole,you....."before I could say anything farther the man in suit said"Enough Selena you are coming with me, Mike,Luke take her to the car"

Two man in black suit caught my hands from each side and started to drag me out of my house. I was feeling numb with pain. I couldn't believe my dad sold me. All these years I put up with him and he sold me. God, what had I done to deserve this?

Those two man who's name I assumed was Mike and Luke took me out of the house and as soon as I got out of the house I bit both of their hands and started to run. I could hear them shouting and probably coming after me but I didn't bother to look back. All I could think was that I had to run to save my life. But suddenly a black shine car overtook me and blocked my way and five other black car circled me completely blocking my way.

The man to whom my dad sold me came out of the car which blocked my way. Though he was intimidating but I wasn't intimidated by him a bit. The only person I was scared of was my Dad. "Now now we got a tigress, I have to say I was quite shock with your bravery"the man said coming close to me. I didn't actually couldn't move from my place in fare. "I won't hurt you Selena and I want you to remember for foreverthat your dad sold you and I saved you from him and from today on he is no one to you.you will call me dad from now on and I didn't really buy you your dad gave you to me and from now on you are my daughter " The man said in a soft voice. Before I could say anything a large hand with a piece of cloth in it held my mouth and nose tightly and everything went dark.

Hey guys... Well it's my first novel and it'd be really helpful if you guys comment about if you like it or not... And if you like the story them please support me... Thanks.

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