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HOTCAST (Moving to Galatea!)

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"Bye, Quinn," he said in a quiet voice, but he didn't immediately move. Instead, he continued to stare at me. His eyes then glanced down at my lips. No, this cannot happen again. My brain was screaming at me, but my body made no effort to move. Before I could gather the mental strength to finally move, his lips were on mine. My body immediately responded by wrapping my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He practically carried me to my bed and threw me on it without our lips breaking. This time was different. I was completely sober and completely in control of my actions. I had no excuse for what I was doing, and I had no intention of stopping. All I wanted was him. *** Quinn Braxton didn't expect to be spending her free time podcasting with her long-lost childhood best friend, Jace. She also didn't expect having a drunken hook up with their first celebrity guest, Hollywood-heartthrob Sawyer Ellis. And she definitely did not expect said celebrity to keep coming back for more. Who knew podcasting would be so...hot? **Please only read this if you're of age. There is mature content that starts very early in the story.

Romance / Erotica
CEO of Hoes
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Chapter 1

hello hotties! Welcome to Hotcast, a little story i’m writing for funzies! The first couple chapters are slow for important background reasons. But it will get steamy soon. Thanks for reading!!


If you had asked me a year ago what I would be doing now, I would have never had guessed filming a podcast with my childhood best friend. After graduating from college six months ago, I hoped to secure a job at a big corporation in Atlanta. And I did after a couple of grueling months of job searching. I thought I would love the corporate life. TV shows romanticized the high-rise buildings, high heels, and coffee breaks. But it is nothing like what you see on TV.

Sitting in a cubicle for nine hours a day just to work for a company that didn’t give a shit about me was awful. My boss was creepy, and my coworkers were so boring. I desperately wanted to do something else, anything else. My life had become an awful routine of just going to work, coming home, and then going to work the next day. That was until I ran into Jace.

“This is a good piece of advice for all my lady Hotties out there. Well, I guess it could work for men too,” Jace spoke into the microphone with a serious tone. “If a boy breaks your heart, the best way to get back at him is to hook up with his best friend.”

“Actually, I disagree,” I replied into my mic. “Hooking up with his best friend will hurt him, but what’s even better is hooking up with the person he hates the most.”

Jace, and his twin sister Delilah, were my two childhood best friends. Our parents were family friends, so we grew up together. We were basically inseparable until my mother decided to move us from Southern California to Georgia right before I started high school. I was so heartbroken and mad that I didn’t even talk to my mom for months after we had moved.

We tried to keep in touch with each other; but after a couple of years, our contact dwindled down to the point where we would only text each on our birthdays or holidays. I moved on with my life, but it felt like some part of me was missing. That was until I saw Jace and his father meeting with my boss after I had I got back from my lunch break at work one day.

It had been almost eight years since I last saw him, but I still recognized him immediately. He was quite taller, almost too tall, and he had grown into the lanky body he had as a kid. His golden blonde hair was neatly styled in a fringe, and he was nicely dressed in a form-fitting suit. He was cute as a kid, but he was even more handsome as a young adult.

I waited until they were leaving before I tried to get their attention. “Jace?” I called out. Both his father and him turned around to look at me. I could see that Jace instantly recognized me. He gave me a wide grin and immediately ran over to my desk to hug me.

That evening, me and his family had dinner at their brand-new mansion they had just bought a couple of weeks prior. His father, Thomas, owned Phoenix Records, a majorly successful recording studio in Los Angeles. He had recently moved to Georgia to open up a headquarters in Atlanta. Jace moved with him to help with the startup, and Delilah, or Del as she likes to go by, followed because she was forced to. Even though it had been years since we had last seen each other, it was like nothing had changed.

Two months later, Jace and I were sitting on the living room floor of our apartment, giving dating advice into the cheap microphones we got off Amazon. Del, Jace, and I decided to move in together about a month ago. They wanted privacy from their parents and I just wanted to live in a nicer place.

“Hmm, that’s a good point. But what’s even better is hooking up with his dad.”

I gasped. “Yes! Fuck his dad and become his stepmom! The ultimate revenge.”

We continued this conversation for another twenty minutes. Discussions like these were normal for us. As kids, we used to stay up all night talking about random things. As adults, nothing had changed except they were often turned sexual.

Before starting Hotcast, Jace thought it would be a great idea to record our talks, just for us to go back and listen to them later. Talking to Jace was natural. I was usually a really shy person. But when it came to talking to him, I knew I could say anything without him judging me.

Eventually, this idea turned into a podcast. Jace had the idea to add more structure and start publishing our recordings on YouTube. I came up with the name ‘Hotcast’ because of our steamy conversations and hot takes. We only had two episodes out, but we already had almost 100 subscribers. They were mostly Jace and Del’s friends, but it was still an accomplishment.

“Thank you for listening to this week’s episode, Hotties. Make sure to tune in next week for another super serious episode about super important things.” I said and then stopped the recording.

“So, I have some super exciting news,” Jace said with a grin after we were done packing up our equipment. He sat down next to me on the couch, where I was completely sprawled out and eating out of a family-sized bag of chips.

“I told my dad about our podcast,” he started off and I immediately stopped chewing my chips. Oh no, I can’t imagine what his dad thought about Hotcast. Jace and his father are a lot alike, very laid back and not easily offended. But he was still over twenty-five years older than us. He wasn’t exactly our demographic. “He listened to some of it. And he doesn’t quite understand everything we talk about, but he thinks we have potential.

“The grand opening of Phoenix Atlanta is this weekend, so a bunch of artists from other Phoenix headquarters are going to be there, including Sawyer Ellis,” he finished with a wide grin.

Sawyer Ellis. That name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t tell from where. “Who’s that?”

“Come on, you know who he is. He’s only like, the biggest singer right now.” He looked at me dumbfounded. “He sings like alternative rock, indie stuff. He sings that song ‘Crème’.”

“Oh, yeah. I think I know who you’re talking about now,” I responded. I remembered ‘Crème’ playing on the radio every time I turned it on. “So, what about him?”

“My dad said he thinks we can get Sawyer on our podcast, which would be great for our channel! Can you imagine the exposure we would get?”

“Oh.” I bit my lip. “I’ve never done something like this with anyone but you before, much less a celebrity. I don’t think I would be very good at it.” I was just getting comfortable recording with Jace and he already wanted to invite other people on?

“You’ll be fine at it, Quinny,” he assured me. “Plus, my dad kind of already asked him and he said yes.”

I lightly slapped his arm. “Come on, Jace. You didn’t even ask me first!”

“Because I knew you’d act like this. It’ll be fine! I’m sure you’ll do great at it. We can even practice together.” He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and gave me a little shake of encouragement.

I give him a dirty look in return. “Fine, I’ll do it,” I relented. “When are we supposed to film with him?”

He gave me a sheepish look. “Tomorrow evening,” he replied quietly.

My eyes widened at his answer. “Tomorrow? I have until tomorrow to prepare for this? You’re joking, right?”

“It’ll be fine, I promise. We’ll just spend the rest of the night preparing.”

I checked my phone for the time. It was already 10 pm and I had to be up early tomorrow for work. “No way. I won’t be ready by tomorrow!”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It would be good for the podcast, for us.” He was almost begging at this point. “Please?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, but I couldn’t resist his puppy-dog eyes for long. “Fine, but you’re buying me dinner.”

He immediately gave me a big hug. “Thank you, Quinn. You will not regret this.”

Half an hour later I was eating takeout from my favorite Chinese place while doing research on Sawyer Ellis. I learned a lot from his Wikipedia page. Sawyer was twenty-five and originally from Northern California. After listening to some of his songs, I realized I recognized a lot of them. His music was a mix of rock and alternative pop. I could only describe it as a mix between The Neighborhood and Lana Del Rey. He was actually really talented, and I was surprised I didn’t know who he was until now.

One thing I did find in my research was that he had a bit of a reputation. An article from Buzzfeed caught my attention. “Sawyer Ellis—Hollywood’s Newest Bad Boy”, the headline read. I physically cringed, I really hated the phrase ‘bad boy’. Despite already hating the headline, I continued to read the article.

Alt-rock sensation Sawyer Ellis is not only known for his incredible musical talent but also his strikingly good looks. And he seems to know it too.

He’s dated several gorgeous women, including models, reality stars, singers, and actresses. None of his relationships seem to last long or on good terms, however.

Pop-singer Allie Avery’s latest song “Stone Heart” is allegedly about their short-lived relationship. With lyrics like “There’s a hole where your heart should be/I just thought you’d be different with me”, you can tell that there’s still some bad blood between the two, even if they only dated for a couple of months.

I ended up skimming the rest of the article. The rest of his ex-girlfriends, at least the ones that publicly talked about their relationship, basically all said the same thing—he was a charming, selfish asshole. He would only date them for a month or two and then suddenly break it off. There was even a slideshow at the bottom of the page that displayed Sawyer with all his past girlfriends.

I stopped at a picture of him and a gorgeous woman I didn’t recognize but probably should’ve. Paparazzi had taken a photo of them leaving a nightclub. He held a tattooed hand up to cover his face, but I could still see the dark, curly hair that hung just past his eyebrow. Tattoos covered his arms and the parts of his chest that his half-unbuttoned shirt exposed. I scrolled through a few more photos of him with various women before closing my laptop. He was hot, there was no denying it. But looking at him gave me an uneasy feeling. I didn’t like guys like him—guys who used women and then just discarded them like they were nothing. Guys who were like my ex-boyfriend.

I groaned and covered my face with my hands. I really almost went a whole day without thinking about him.

“What’s wrong?” Jace turned his head away from his laptop to look at me. I was laying on the couch still with him sitting on the opposite side of me. I had my feet comfortably propped up in his lap. “Are you thinking about Lawson again?” he asked and gave me a sympathetic look.

I nodded my head, feeling my heartbreaking again. Lawson was my long-term boyfriend up until a few weeks ago. We had met our junior year of college, and I immediately fell in love with him. After graduation, he moved to Texas to go to law school. We had planned to do long-distance until he graduated. I thought we were going to get married. But out of nowhere, he broke up with me over the phone four weeks ago. He said that the distance was too much for him, and he needed to focus on school. The distance was hard for me too, but I was willing to do anything to make it work—he just wasn’t. A part of me hoped he would quickly realize the mistake he made and get back together with me. I held on to that hope until he posted a picture of him and another girl on his Instagram about a week after our breakup. His arms were wrapped around her and she was kissing his cheek. It was obvious the long distance wasn’t the reason he broke up with me.

After that, all I wanted to do was stay in bed and wallow all day, and I did just that. I cried myself to sleep, unable to think about anything but him, our relationship, and where it went wrong. I didn’t eat, I barely slept, and I definitely didn’t shower. After the fourth day, Jace and Del held an intervention for me. They gently told me that I needed to get over him. Lawson had moved on and I needed to as well. I reluctantly agreed with them. Although I really didn’t want to do anything else but suffer in my own self-pity, I let them try to distract me.

Hotcast was born after that. I had to admit that it has helped me get over him, but most nights I still cry myself asleep.

“I think we deserve a break,” he said and closed his laptop. He turned on the TV that was hanging on the wall in front of the couch. “Let’s watch an episode of Parks & Recreation.”

“You know me so well,” I replied with a wide smile.

“Damn right. I know you better than anyone else in the world, and you better never forget it,” he warned playfully. Just like magic, Lawson was immediately forgotten as the Parks & Recreation theme song blasted through our speakers.

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