A Sterling Silver Love

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a trip downstairs

AIDA PARKED HER CAR, heels clicking along the ground as she walked into Draco’s office building. The inside was gorgeous, decorated with whites, grays and blacks. She smiled at everyone who went by her, some smiled back but most just bowed.


A hand rested on her slightly protruding belly when the doors to the elevator shut and the gears in her mind were finally set in motion. Everyone working on the first floor was a part of the pack, that’s why nobody questioned her. It was a big pack, the biggest in the entire Kingdom and she was new, so no one was upset at the fact that she didn’t know everyone’s name. When Aida stepped out of the list, it became apparent to her that she had no idea where her mates office actually was.

Guess I’ll just have to follow my nose.

“Ma’am,” a voice called out to her. “Ma’am you aren’t allowed in there.” A blonde girl who looked to be a little older than Aida stood up from her desk. Her lips were badly overdrawn, making one side a little bigger than the other. The shirt she wore made it hard for her breasts to stay inside the thin cloth, and her nipples were poking through. What she wore definitely wasn’t work appropriate.

“Could you call him and let him know I’m here?” The girl looked her up and down a disgusting look on her face,

“No, Mr. Rivers doesn’t have any meetings scheduled for right now and even if he did he wouldn’t meet with you.”

Aida gritted her teeth, feeling one of her sons kick with anger.

Draco needs to fire this bitch.

Draco stepped out of his office and looked between the two females. A smile on his face when he saw his pregnant mate, yet his eyes were filled with concern at the fact that she had driven herself and the babies all the way to see him.

“Mr. Rivers this lady is here to see but she doesn’t have a meeting so I didn’t let her in.”

“Sarah, this lady,” Draco pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. He had never liked Sarah, she was too...pushy. Always forcing people to do what she wanted them, abusing her power as his assistance, and she flirted with him. “Is my wife, she doesn’t need an appointment to see me.”

With a small smirk on her face Aida fell into the open arms of her mate.

“Always send her in, even if I’m in a meeting.”

Sarah’s face fell and then a feeble ‘yes sir’ escaped her lips.

“Sweetheart, I wasn’t expecting to see you,” he pulled Aida onto his lap, her stomach small enough they could sit chest to chest.

“I thought maybe we could get some lunch?”

He smiled and kissed her slowly, loving the feeling of her lips on his. “I know just the place, come on.” His hand extended out for her to take.

Sarah watched her boss and his so called wife walk out and hand in hand jealousy rolling off of her body. She hated Mrs. Rivers because she was everything she strived to be. She was beautiful without even trying. When she first came in, Sarah was awestruck by her beauty, her hair was perfectly wavy, her lips were naturally plump, freckles dotting her nose and cheeks. She was curvy, but it was obvious she worked hard to stay in shape.

Aida woke up to someone shaking her. With a grunt her hands flew out trying to connect with the person who was disturbing her sleep. A deep chuckle flowed through her ears. She squinted, trying to look for Draco. She glared at Draco, but he just leaned down so their lips were brushing.

“Get dressed.”

Pushing him off she walked over to the closer, Staring at his retreating figure she opted for monochrome black outfits and slid into her red bottomed heels. Brushing her hair into a slick back pony she fixed her gaze on the reflection of Draco, his all black suit wasn’t completely all black, instead it had been paired with a red tie. “Well,” she smirked, her lips pressing against his own. It was quite the needy kiss but she couldn’t help herself. “Don’t you look dashing. So where are we going?”

The ding of a hidden elevator brought his attention away from her backside. “On a journey,” he lightly pushed her into the lift, careful to not disrupt his sons. “Have a seat my Queen.”

Only then did she see the plush red chairs situated on either side of the mirrored box. Sitting in the chair she stared at Draco, his eyes flashing an even brighter silver.

“Your shirt is a little low, Sweetheart,” he adjusted his pants but his gaze never left her perky round breasts.

Ignoring his comment she crossed one leg over the other. They had been together for almost two months, but she felt like she didn’t know much about his early life. Well, she knew he was centuries years old, but the multiple lives he had led, she knew nothing about. “Do you have siblings?” Aida felt a wave of sorrow pass through the bond and immediately she wanted to retract her question.

“I do,” he unbuttoned his suit jacket clearing his throat, “I’ve got my fifty half-sisters.”

Aida rolled her eyes. “Siblings from the same mother and father, doofus.”

Draco raised an eyebrow. “Did you just call me a doofus?”

“Yes. What are you going to do about it?”

Draco crossed his legs and stared at her. “I have a younger brother, Stefan, he lives in France with his mate, Liam. My aunt and uncle had a daughter, Melody, and she passed away during childbirth. So they adopted their granddaughter, Zara, she just turned 5. Melody was like a sister to me, I try to be there as much as possible for Zara but it’s not always easy.”

“I’m sorry.”

He shrugged, not really caring to talk about his feelings. “The pain of losing a sibling is something no one should go through—even if Melody and I aren’t biologically related.”

“I know,” Aida whispered.

“You lost a sibling?”

“Sort of. I have four siblings; three girls and one boy, biologically and one sibling who we adopted—in a way. Millie, Alessia, Saffron, Jock, and Tyler. When Ty was 8, his father stabbed his mother 27 times and drowned his little sister in the bathtub. My mom was Tyler’s emergency contact, so when the school called and got no answer they sent my mom to get him. She found him in the living room, staring at his mom’s dead body. He knew something was wrong, but he was still too young to understand the magnitude of what had happened. My parents became his legal guardian after that. Everything was fine until my thirteenth birthday. Jock had just gotten his license and wanted to take me out for ice cream, but I refused to go anywhere without Tyler, he was the first guy I ever had a crush on. Being the nice guy that he was, Tyler came with us, but I knew he wanted to hang out with girlfriend.

The two of them had been going through the I can’t be away from you phase. I told him that I would make it up to him and that after we got ice cream she could come with us to our birthday dinner. She was practically family at that point, always around so it didn’t matter. I still remember jumping out of my brother’s Ford Explorer—a big smile on my face because I couldn’t wait to get my usual cotton candy and vanilla with white chocolate chips and sprinkles; but we never made it. Everything happened so fast. Shots rang through the air, people were screaming and crying and there was blood everywhere. Jock was running around the car, his arms stretched out towards me like he was trying to shield me. I hit my head hard when we fell to the ground, cracked my skull open, but that wasn’t what made me scream. It was Tyler. He was laying there on the ground, blood seeping out of his body.

He had at least ten bullets in his body, maybe more, I don’t really remember that part. My head was pounding as I crawled towards him. I knew CPR, I knew the chances of it working were less than 10%, but I tried it anyways. And when he didn’t wake up, I just held his head in my lap crying. Screaming actually as I felt his soul leave his body.” Aida paused, she never liked retelling the story, she felt like she was reliving but her therapist said it was good for her, so she did it. “When Jock finally got up off the ground he just stared at me while I cradled his best friend’s head. Tyler’s death changed my entire family. Jock’s life was taken over by drugs and alcohol and sex. Tyler’s girlfriend, Halle, killed herself three days after the funeral. My parents were rarely home, they started traveling again for work because they couldn’t be in the house. Alessia started calling me a murder, saying I was the reason Ty died and technically she was right.

We found out later that the people who killed him were aiming for me, their goal to eliminate the next leader. Saffron and Millie were the only ones who didn’t treat me differently, but it wasn’t enough. For years I battled PTSD, anxiety and depression, alone and on my seventeenth birthday I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to live in a world where my brother hated me, Halle’s family blamed me, and my own parents couldn’t even be in the same room as me. So I walked into Jock’s room and I swallowed every kind of pill I could find. I thought that I would make it back to my room and die peacefully but I never made it off his bed. One of Jock’s friends found me in my brother’s room. Apparently the sight of a teenage girl, half dead and half naked turned him on, when Jock walked in, wondering why his friend was taking so long, he found me at the mercy of his friend instead.”

“He took advantage of you?” Draco was having a hard time containing his anger, his nostril flaring waiting for her answer.

“I missed the first month of my junior year.” She didn’t answer the question, but she knew she didn’t have to.

“I’m so sorry, Sweetheart.”

Her eyes glistened with tears and she walked over to sit on his lap, needing the comfort of her mate.

“You didn’t deserve any of what happened to you, but you are the strongest person I know. You’ve been through so much and you don’t let it dictate your life.” He kissed her softly, and her hands cupped his face while he secured her waist. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She said just as the elevator dinged. She went to put a little distance between the two when they stood up, but he pulled her right back into his hip.

He had never been a touchy man but when he found her all he wanted to do was touch her. The feeling of her skin on his kept him calm.

“Draco...” Her voice trailed off as she stared at their reflection in the mirror, only then did she realize, she had no idea where they were actually going.

“Welcome to Hell sweetheart.”

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