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obsidian darkness

AIDA WAS SURPRISED WHEN the elevator doors opened and she was met with a valley instead of fires and zombies and monsters. The books had it all wrong. There was a long walkway between where the pair stood and the obsidian black castle that loomed in the background. Beside them were dozens of waterfalls that fell into the rushing ice blue river below. To her it was beautiful, because it reminded her of Draco. Latching onto his arm they walked in silence towards the castle. As they approached it, she could see servants and guards running around. Pushing the door open she gasped. Although the exterior of the castle was as dark as the darkest part of the night, the interior was as white as the brightest full moon.

“Welcome to my second childhood home,” her mate smiled down at her as she twirled around in awe. “I spent every summer holiday here.”

“It’s beautiful.” And it was.

“Beautiful isn’t a word that we hear often,” turning around she came face to face with a male and female. “You must be Aida?” She was captivated by their beauty, so the only thing she did was nod. “I’m Aidoneus and this is Kora, we’re Draco’s aunt and uncle.”

“And mine!” A little voice yelled out. Looking behind Draco’s great uncle Aida saw a little girl with caramel skin and brown curly hair racing in their direction. “Drake!” She screeched happily, launching herself in her cousin’s arms.

“Hey Princess,” Aida watched her mate kiss—who she assumed from their previous conversation was his younger cousin—the young girl’s forehead. She could tell based on the twinkle in his eye that he loved her. “Zara, this is Aida.” The young girl peeked out from his neck, “She’s my mate.” Waving at Zara, Aida turned her attention back to Aidoneus and Kora but small hands on her arm made her eyes go wide. “Oh no, Zara, she can’t pick you up, it’s not good for her back, but you can give her a hug.”

Her wide brown eyes shifted from her cousin to his mate and then back before jumping down and hugging Aida’s legs.

“I think she likes you,” was all Draco said as he watched the two interact.

“So you’re the one who’s been tolerating my nephew,” Kora asked with a playful look in her.

Aida laughed somewhat uncomfortably.

Her laugh was one of Draco’s favorite sounds, her moans a close second. Often her laugh was classified as her best quality; it sounded like honey. Smooth but rich with joy and happiness, and any nearby being instantly relaxed at the sound of it.

“I guess I am.”

Draco wrapped an arm around his female, and with Zara snuggled into her thigh, and Aida’s budding stomach, they looked like one happy family.

Kora stared at Draco’s mate, her eyes holding a certain look the Queen of Hell wasn’t exactly comfortable with. “Do you know?” Kora finally asked when the four adults sat down in the living room.

Aida’s water glass stopped short from touching her lips, red eyes flicking towards her mate. It was a timid nod, like she was afraid of getting in trouble.

“Know what?”

“I think that’s for your mate to tell you.”

“Did you have fun, Sweetheart?” Draco was sitting up on the bed, hands folded behind his head watching Aida finish up her night routine. He knew whatever she was keeping from him was big, but he trusted her.

“Mhm,” she murmured, hands combing through her thick golden locks. “Did you?” Her eyes tried hard to stay on his but his half naked body was so appealing she couldn’t not take a look.

“I did.” He squirmed underneath her piercing gaze, not because he was uncomfortable but because he was dying to feel his fingers roaming her skin again. It had been a month since he marked her, a month since he last touched her in an intimate way due to the fact that she was growing his children inside her and he was surprised that he managed to wait this long. Her name tumbled out of his mouth in the form of a groan as he watched her plump ass bounce around the room. He used to prefer tits over ass but then he met Aida and he fell in with both equally. Her breasts were a little larger compared to the girls he had been with before, but he didn’t mind. Sure she had her hip dips from years of training and stretch marks but he loved them. He loved her—all of her. The King couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to touch her. He needed to feel the sparks he got when her hands roamed his body but most of all he wanted to taste her. The power in his body shifted as the lust took over his body. Grabbing her by the waist he spun her around, pinning her between his body and the wall.

“Draco,” Aida moaned as he bit her mark.

It was music to his ears to hear his mate moaning his name again. Stepping away from the wall he threw her onto the bed, his claw tearing through the silk robe she was wearing.

“I liked that one,” she panted.

“I’ll buy you a thousand more.” Fire spread across both of their bodies as they came chest to chest.

Slowly his mouth made his way down her chest, stopping to suck and pinch each nipple.

She shuddered when Draco’s claw ripped her thong, his long nail scraping gently across her clit. Her legs locked around his head as his tongue danced expertly across her vulva and into her vagina.

Draco looked up at his mate and watched her back arch up off the bed. A low grown vibrated her pussy and she flooded his mouth with her juices. They shared another kiss, the King getting even harder when he realized she was tasting her own juices on his tongue.

Flipping them over Aida licked her way down his body, causing him to jerk his hips with anticipation. Licking from the bottom up she took him in her mouth.

Since the marking there hadn’t been time to ravish her, so all he had was his computer, lotion and tissues, and he knew he wouldn’t last long. Weaving his fingers through her hair he jerked his throbbing member into her throat. He badly wanted to flip her onto her back on fuck her throat but he held off. Another groan escaped his moist lips, his fingers pushing her further and he erupted. A part of him was ashamed that he finished so quickly but the other part could care less because he got what he wanted.

Falling onto her side she connected their lips together once more. An arm was thrown over her waist, a kiss to the back of her neck and their legs woven together like the grapevines in northern California as they fell asleep.

“Stop,” Aida said sternly to her mate, who had been refusing to let her do anything these days. “I’m fine Draco.”

“No, you’re pregnant.”

Aida turned around and glared at him. “Exactly, pregnancy equals fine. I’m fine! I should be there, it’s my kingdom too.”

“Well I don’t want sleazy people so close to my pregnant mate!”

With a loud huff, Aida spun on her heels and walked away. Her green dress, dragging along the ground gracefully as she strutted through the palace front doors. “I’m going to the Beta’s house,” she murmured to the guards who instantly sat up with a nod.

“So he really won’t let you do anything?”

Aida nodded her head, “it’s ridiculous, Talia. I need to do something other than plan my coronation.”

The Beta Female smiled sympathetically at her friend. “Why don’t you stay here for a while? Help me cook dinner for Jason.”

Eager to be on her feet, the Queen padded over to her friend’s side. They managed to get mostly through making the hot honey chicken burgers, Talia had planned before the front door burst open. Aida stiffened as the scent of her mate flooded through her nose. She watched carefully as Talia greeted Draco with a nod and her mate with a hug and kiss.

“Sweetheart,” Draco took a few steps towards his mate, caging her between his arms and the kitchen counter. “Look at me.”

Aida looked everywhere, but him. A hand traveled up her torso and latched itself around her neck. Her blue and green eyes widened with shock before they swiveled over to his direction. He was fuming, and she knew now that she was in deep shit.

“Listen to me Celeste, and listen to me very closely. I am your mate, your King, and your Master, what I say goes. Do you understand me? Blink twice if you understand.”

She blinked twice.

“That being said, I am willing to take you to the trial if you promise to do exactly as I say. If I tell you to leave, you leave. If I tell you to be quiet, then you’re going to shut up and be a good little submissive. Understand?”

She blinked twice again.

“Good, let’s go—you need to be punished.”

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