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home again

THE AIRPORT WAS BUSTLING with people and yellow and black cabs. Aida pursed her lips as she and Catherine walked through the air traveling center and towards the DeLuca family jet. “It’s just one week, My Queen,” Catherine squeezed her Mistress’s hand tightly as they took their seats on the cream leather chairs. The takeoff was easier than Catherine, she stared out the window in awe. She had never been outside of Europe before and she was all but buzzing with excitement. When the plane was in the air and at a cruising altitude, Catherine turned to her Mistress, “go to bed, My Lady. You look exhausted.”

With an agreeing sigh, Aida turned and headed for the bed with her slave in tow. “There we go,” Catherine helped Aida into her sleeping gown and under the plush covers, “sleep. You’ll feel better, I know you will.”

“Catherine,” Aida called out just as Catherine was about to leave. She turned around, a questioning look on her face. “Make me cum.” The covers were off and her legs were open, revealing a very pink pussy. “Please,” she added when she realized Catherine had not yet to take a step forward.

“With pleasure.” She was quick to go from standing by the door to on the bed with her face buried in her Mistress’s snatch. Her tongue danced eagerly along Aida’s clit and her fingers pounded away at her g-spot. Caroline watched as her Queen’s back arched up off the bed and her hands kneading her round tits.

Aida’s breath hitched as she felt herself edging closer and closer to her climax. And then she came, legs shaking and all. Catherine kissed her way up Aida’s body before planting a small lingering kiss on her lips. “Thank you.”

Catherine licked her lips, savoring the flavor of her Mistress before slipping out of the bedroom.

With a content sigh, Aida fell asleep.



“Hello little one,” the Moon Goddess sent the young girl a smile. “You have questions about the removal, I can’t tell you much but I can tell you to make a line an inch before the mark, cutting through one hole to the next and end an inch after. There have been repercussions, when the mark is cut Daphne’s true mate is still alive, so she’ll live, Kyle on the other hand won’t.”

“Why is that?”

“Kyle’s true mate already died, and with the mark of his forced mate gone, he won’t be able to survive. And if he does, I’ll just kill him anyways, scum like him don’t deserve another chance at life. That’s all I can tell you right now Celeste, I will see you again soon, but it’s time for you to go now.”

“But we’ve only been here for 10 minutes!”

“One minute on Earth is one hour on the moon.” The cave faded and Aida found Catherine leaning over her, urging her to wake up. As the northeastern view rolled into her gaze she could feel her stomach lurch.

“We’re going to stay in a hotel okay?” Catherine nodded, her gaze never shifting from the landscape before them. “Hi checking in under the name Rivers?”

The front desk lady nodded. “Two bedroom suite with a shared bathroom correct?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“You’ll be on the 6th floor. And your husband already came by so no need to worry about payment,” the receptionist smiled and slid two additional key cards across the table. “Enjoy your stay.”

The elevator ride was quiet, Aida too eager to see her mate for the first time in a week. The lock beeped as Aida slid her key in and out of the slot and then pushed the door open. She could hear the water running and Draco humming, she collapsed onto the bed, breathing in the scent of her mate. Kisses were being peppered all over her face and Aida rolled over a bit to ignore them.

“Celeste,” Draco said with a small chuckle. He watched as she sat up, her hair in a disarray and her eyes tired with sleep. “How was your flight?”

She shrugged and snuggled into his arms. “I’m tired,” she moaned.

“Jet lag and pregnancy will do that to you, Sweetheart. How are my sons anyway?”

“Active,” she said with a sigh. Her fingers weaved through his hair as he leaned down and pressed his ear to her stomach. “Have you thought about a name you like?”

Draco hummed and kissed her belly. “Perseus.” Draco looked up at her, “you’ve thought of one.” It was a statement more than a question and he watched her nod. Pushing up onto his hands, Draco hovered Aida. “Tell me,” he urged.

“Cairo,” she murmured, her eyes gazing at her stomach.

Draco grinned and rolled off of her, but one hand stayed on her stomach. “Cairo and Perseus.” He grinned even wider when he felt two kicks against the palm of his hand, “I think they like it as much as we do.”

Aida knocked harshly on a house door. A faint, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” could be heard on the other side before the door was thrown open. Her grey eyed friend stood wide eyed on the threshold of her home. “Hey Lia,” Aida muttered sheepishly. Talia’s screech made her flinch and then she was in the arms of her friend. “This is Catherine,” she introduced the female standing very closely behind her.

“When did you get here?”

Aida cringed, she thought about lying but knew it would be of no use. “Monday.”

Talia narrowed her eyes at her friend. “You look better than expected.”

Aida flinched and rubbed her hands together. “Can we talk?”

Talia nodded and guided the other two females, further into her house.

She let out a sigh and began to look everywhere but Talia and Jason. “The rejection wasn’t real, it was staged.”

“Because of Kyle,” Talia assumed.

Aida nodded. “I’ve been staying in France with Draco’s brother, but Draco has been with me in the evenings if he’s around. I couldn’t tell you because it wasn’t safe.”

“Wasn’t safe?”

“The palace was bugged.”

Draco smiled at Aida as she walked towards the open field where the removal would take place. Stepping forward he fell into stride beside her, his left hand resting on her back as they stopped in front of Daphne.

“Hi Daphne,” Aida’s voice was soft and caring.

Draco was trying hard to listen to what his mate was saying, but he found himself staring at her red dress. He hadn’t realized he had navigated his body to stand behind hers until he felt her hips back against his. “Sorry,” he muttered, pinching her hip.

“This is going to hurt,” Aida whispered in Daphne’s ear as her fingers wrapped around the silver dagger.

It kissed Daphne’s skin and she cried out in pain. The mark began to burn, the fire coursing through her veins and then she blacked out.

“You’ll need to remark her,” Aida said to John quietly. “That’s the only way she’ll wake up.”

The pack had organized a party for the return of Daphne Simons. Slowly Draco and Aida walked through the crowd of people, greeting old pack members. “Draco look,” Aida yelped excitedly as she pointed to the area where the children sat. Holding a glass of water in her hand she pulled him over to where the kids were. With a smile, Aida hugged the orphanage leader, Grace. “And who is this?” She looked down at the toddler in the older lady’s arms.

“He was dropped off last week, he doesn’t talk much either. But we know he prefers women over men,” Grace lowered her voice.

“May I?” Aida held out her arms for the toddler. His small legs wrapped around her waist and his head nestled in above her breasts.

“Aida,” Draco scolded. “You shouldn’t be carrying him.”

“Oh hush,” she waved him off. “Look at his cute face.” The young boy had dark curly hair and big brown eyes. His button nose and pink lips made tears prickle in the corner of Aida’s eyes. “I want him,” she turned to Draco with a pleading look on her face.

“What?” He choked on his bourbon.

“I want to adopt him.”

Draco looked between his mate and the little boy. “Aida we have two sons on the way.”

“And?” She rubbed the unnamed toddler’s back. “We both want a big family and there’s no problem with adoption. Besides, look at his face and his little chubby cheeks.”

The King of Greece looked at the little boy. As much as he didn’t want to feel anything, he couldn’t stop his heart from swelling or Tobias from claiming him as his own to protect. “Okay,” he caved.

“Really?” Aida grinned. “We can adopt him?”

“Yes,” he played with the soft hairs on his soon-to-be son’s head. “We can adopt him.”

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