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Aida turned and looked towards the door watching as Rose pushed a trolley through the doors. “Good morning Miss. Rose.”

The maid blushed and looked down at the floor. She had a crush on the Queen, but everyone in their pack did. Not only was beautiful, but her heart was pure and she did everything she could to get to know people. “I brought you food...well the King had us make you food because he said you’d be hungry.”

Aida suppressed a laugh. “Would you like to eat with me, Rose?”

The maid choked and brought a hand to her heart. “I’m sorry?”

“I get awfully lonely with Adonis off with Catherine and Draco doing King shit. I’m asking if you would like to keep me company and eat breakfast with me?”

Hesitantly Rose nodded.

“Brilliant. Let’s go to the deck.” Collapsing into a chair the Queen leaned back and let out a sigh. “Hmm, this is good. Did you make it?”

“No, My Lady.” Rose shook her head, “Greta made it—she makes all the food here.”

Aida hummed, “I haven’t met Greta yet. Would you take me to her when we’re done?”

“Of course.”

Smiling at her, Aida gulped down her freshly squeezed pulp free orange juice. “How long have you lived in this pack, Rose?”

“All my life,” she whispered, facing the grounds of the castle. “My father is head of border patrol, my mother runs labor and delivery.”

“Would you ever consider taking over their positions?”

Rose shook her head quickly. “There’s no need. My brother will take over my fathers job and my sister will get my moms. I’m the third child—my parents never wanted me.”

The Queen raised an eyebrow and stopped sipping her juice. “What do you mean they didn’t want you?”

“This is the oldest pack in the history of Lycan packs. At the beginning of time, people only had two children. The first born was always a boy and the youngest a girl. It was illegal to abort a child, so if a third baby was due, the parents never really cared for it. That tradition is one that is only practiced with the founding families. My family has been here in the same house for centuries, they aren’t interested in changing their views any time soon.”

Aida scoffed and broke the strawberry stem of the red juicy fruit. “What is it that you want to be?” Aida watched Rose cock her head. “What do you want to do with your life, Rose?”

Rose looked down and fidgeted with her fingers and let out a sigh. “I want to be a mother.”

“Then do it, become a mother.”

Rose sniffled. “I can’t,” she whispered softly. “My parents uh—I had an oophorectomy.”

“Your parents made you get your ovaries removed?”

“I was 14. My body was just starting to develop and we went to Mexico and I got an illegal surgery.”

“Does anyone other than your parents know?”

“My brother does. He hates my parents.”

“And your sister?”

Rose shrugged. “She doesn’t know anything about me. She’s just like my parents—she doesn’t care about me.”

“What are their names? Your parents and sister, what are their names?”

The day had finally come where Aida DeLuca would officially and legally become Mrs. Draco Rivers, the Queen of Greece and Goddess of Lycans. Her chamber was flooded with light, but it felt empty. It was empty because the person she wanted, the person she needed, wasn’t there. The tradition that the Queen would sleep away from the King the week leading up to the coronation was one Aida had come to despise. Slowly she slid out of the silk sheets and padded over to the bathroom; green tea and a warm bath already waiting for her. She sighed, shivering at the sudden warmth of the water. The bathroom was all hers for the first twenty minutes and then it was crawling with people; some for her hair, some for her makeup, and some for her body. The full body wax she got was anything but pleasant, but the massage after made up for the painful experience. She crossed one leg over the other as people poked, proded, and pulled at her face and hair. The dress was gorgeous; a sweetheart wedding dress, illusion long sleeves, lace, and a train that was easily seven or eight feet long.

A few tears pricked the corner of her eyes as she looked at herself in the mirror. “Paul,” she gasped, “thank you.” She turned to her stylist, someone she had grown quite close to over the past few months and hugged him.

He nodded, a few tears of his own slipping out. “I can’t believe you’re going to officially be the Queen now.”

“Papa,” she grinned at her father who stood in the doorway shocked.

He sniffed and looked down at his shoes.

“Dad,” she cried out.

Luciano laughed, “you’d think I would know how to do this, it is my fourth time walking down the aisle with one of my girls but I’m still not okay with it.” He took a step forward, “parents aren’t supposed to have favorites but you are mine.”

Aida dabbed at her eyes.

“Come one Princess.”

With a deep breath she linked an arm through his and stepped out of her chambers. The entire pack, both sets of Draco’s parents, and Aida’s parents had come to see the wedding. Luciano sent one final glance at his daughter, kissed her temple and then handed her off.

Draco grinned, a few happy tears spilling out of his eyes. He leaned forward and placed a long lingering kiss on her forehead.

“You aren’t allowed to kiss the bride yet.” Colton, one of Draco’s long time business/Lycan friends who was posing as their officater, pointed out.

The crowd laughed.

Aida rocked from heel to teo as the wedding dragged on. She was typically good at standing still in one spot for so long, but with the twins taking up most of her energy, it was harder now than ever before. Their public vows were tradition, their private vows were well, private. “I do.” Draco said.

Aida sucked in a breath.

Colton turned to her.

“I do.”

Draco grinned, wasting absolutely no time kissing her. An eruption of cheers broke out through the audience. “I love you,” she whispered against his lips. Together the two newlyweds walked down the aisle, faces wide smiles and eyes big with love. “Come,” Draco whispered in her ear. They snuck away from the crowd and towards a breakroom. “It’s not a proper wedding if I don’t fuck you in your wedding dress.”

Aida laughed as she felt Draco pick her up and place her on the counter top. “Fuck I love you so much.” Aida pulled him in for a kiss, his shaft plunging into her core. She moaned at the feeling of his slow thrusts, “faster,” she begged.

“We have two weeks were I can go as fast as you want, but right now just let me love you.”

She gasped at his words and nodded frantically. The only sounds were that of their moans and skin on skin contact.

Draco rested his forehead on hers, watching as she came undone before burying himself even deeper. “Hello Mrs. Rivers.”

She giggled and hugged him tightly, “hello Mr. Rivers.”

He nodded his head in a drunken gaze.

“You look beautiful, Sweetheart” his words got lodged in his throat. “God you look so gorgeous.” His eyes went wide, “oh my god that’s the first time I’ve called you gorgeous all day!”

Aida chuckled, “it’s fine.”

“No! I was supposed to tell you at the altar,”

She shrugged and waved it away like it was nothing. “Come on, we have a dance to get to.”

The ceremony was a few hours away from ending and Zeus had yet to make an appearance. Beside her Draco’s leg was shaking with anticipation. Aida rested a hand on his leg and shot him a look.

He smiled at her gratefully, his mind and body somewhat calming down.

On the other side of the room Selene nodded, a gesture that let them know the God of Lightning had indeed arrived. Excusing themselves from their table, they got up and walked away, hands clutching one another tightly. When they arrived at the forest edge, they did not see a giant with a toga but instead a regular looking man. “Ah Draco,” the middle aged man smiled warmly. “And you must be Aida.” The couple stood anxiously.

“This process is quite simple; all that’s needed is for your inner God to be awoken.”

Draco raised an eyebrow, “how is that done?”

Zeus grinned and rested a hand on Draco’s shoulder, a bolt of lightning rushing through the Lycan male’s body. He gasped as the power surged through his veins. Next to him Aida gasped as well, the bolt that coursed through Draco’s blood, seeming to go through her own. “So that’s it?”

Zeus nodded. “I’ll see you all later,” and with that Zeus disappeared into thin air, leaving the two new Gods alone.

“Are you ready?” Aida asked Draco.

He turned to her and nodded. “As long as I know you’ll be by my side I’ll be ready.”

She grinned and rested a hand against his cheek. “Good thing I’ll always be by your side.”

“Then I guess I’ll always be ready.” He kissed her firmly, his large hands cupping her hips. When they pulled apart Draco grinned wildly, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Turning on their heel they walked back to the party, his hand on her waist. “Talia!” Aida broke apart from Draco to hug her fellow Queen, “I’m so happy for you.”

“I’m scared,” she muttered.

“Nonsense, you were basically Queen for years. It’ll be the exact same as it was, but now you’ll have the official title. Besides, if you have any questions I’ll be here.” Talia nodded tearfully and hugged her again.

“Don’t be a stranger.”

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